Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, Oh Lovely Friday!

Well most people love Fridays I in fact dread them. This is day three for us and our 3 consistent nights of dance classes (But this is the looooong night) Brianna has to be there at 415 pm and Shailyn has to be there by 6pm and they both dance till 9!!! YAY! (sarcasm) I do enjoy sitting and talking with some of the other moms we exchange websites and sale information for anything that has to do with dance supplies. believe me we need all the discounts we can get! This is a expensive hobby!

Tonight is the big "THIS IS HOW SHOW TROOP WORKS" meeting. HELLO, I have been doing this for 3 years I can glue eye lashes on with my eyes closed and have hair/make up down to 45 minutes why do I need to attend jeesh! Most of my friends are hanging out at home decompressing from the long stressful week of work and I am not getting home till 10 because I have to sacrafice my free time for my children ( 18 years right 18 years) no propping my feet up , drinking hot chocolate, watching a movie I am sitting in a building with very little heat and smells like sweaty feet. Okay I sound like I am b*&^ching but I am not whats 5 hours of my time on a friday. Be real Shannon your a mom its all about them.

On a good side my husband is leaving work early and we are going to have lunch together today. I am excited about that we NEVER get any time together. We will have Nicholas with us but one is better than 3! I sometimes wonder how marriages survived 40-50 years ago. The wives stayed home and cared for the children while the husbands worked all the time and they still managed to find time to have 8-10 kids! I cant find time in my schedule to even kiss my husband. We usually wave at each other as we pass each other on the road and when I get home he is sleeping because he gets up at 1 in the morning!! Very frustrating. When we are home together the kids demand his attention and I am usually cooking or picking up around the house. I have to say I am jealous of how much time my kids get with Brian. he can be EXHAUSTED after working a 16 hour day and still get down on the floor and wrestle. I watch them and think.......damn I wish I could wrestle but then every one will starve because dinner wont be ready! Well I am going to cherish this little bit of time at lunch with him. I hope every one has a good Friday!

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  1. shannon! welcome to the blogosphere! i'll link you up to my blog and maybe get you some new readers. you're off to a great start.