Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Christmas lists!

Here they go.....I will also be typing EXACTLY how they are written.

BRI....The OLDEST at 10 yrs old

1. King Arthur Book.
2. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Series
3. Diary of a wimpy kid series
4. Cracker! The best dog in Vietnam (book)
5. The Rest of the Spiderwick Chronicles (I have 1 & 2)
6. Real Diary
7. Wolf Animal Figure (Like the horses I get at Easter)
8. Bunny figure set (Includes 2 bunnies, hutch house and fence)
9. I tunes Card
10. Interactive Globe
11. Origami Book
12. Soccer Video game
13. Vampire Diaries Poster
14. New Lava Lamp
15. PSP Games
16. Art Set ( Includes: Oil Pastels, crayons, pens, and markers)
17. Earrings and Necklaces

Quiet Through I must say!

Shay's.....The Middle at 8yrs old

1. The spy whatch that takes pictures and video
2. A bascetball
3. makeup set
4. Barbie/vet set with puppy
5. Moxie Girl/snow moxin girl
6. A Penguin Pez or iny pez
7. Horse Set of horses in my poket
8. A set of Polly Pokets
9. Monkey earings/Peace sine earing
10. Clairs card
11. Fish Lava lamp with fish in it from target.

Gotta love spelling!

Pickles's....The baby at 6 yrs old

1. An optimus Prime robot fighre
2. A little red car thing
3. DSI
3. DSI games
5. Stuffed Hockey player
6. Tech Deck
7. Criss Cross Crash race track.
8. Coloring books
9. A fake computer game
10. Closes {he means clothes cause he growed out his pants, his words :) }
11. A toy monkey
12. A toy horses

I think this is a dueable list but u sear it makes me laugh

WTH is a red car thing?? This is going to be interesting shopping! I hope Santa can pull this off and hopefully he knows what it is!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


First I have created a slight monster! I really do have a method to my madness and often take a moment to explain to my family the importance of folding my towels in half, then half again then folding 3 times over (they fit in the linen closet better), or how much pretty your bed looks with all the lines straight or how there is a certain place in which all the glasses go in the cabinet so guess what....YOU CAN EASILY FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!! Simple rules of organization and me maintaining my sanity! Well this morning I was upstairs switching the laundry and I heard Brianna downstairs making Nics lunch fussing at Shay for helping her! The conversation went as follows.....

Bri: Shay if your gonna help then you need to do it right! You cant make someone elses lunch and not do it right!

Shay: Bri I am...

Bri: No your not...FIRST you put in the drink then you add the banana but you have to stand it up and then you pack the yogurt and the treat around it! Thats how you do it RIGHT!


Second, why do the schools insist on making me feel like the worst mom EVER! They make us accountable for SO MANY things, sign this, oh and this....wait and this to! Lets not forget were doing Book it read to your kid EVERYNIGHT and keep track of it on this form but dont forget the classroom reading list right it on there too and that oh yeah you should SIGN! WTF???????? I have 3 kids, 3 folders, 3 sets of homework to check, and 3 kids to run all over the god flippin place for sports...wait dont forget dinner, baths, teeth being brushed, clothes being laid out! WHO THE FUCK has time to sign EVERYTHING! Nic is read a story every night....if he doesnt its because I take it as punishment he HATES that! But after I tuck my kids in and read and kiss goodnight I retreat to my bathroom to shower and ready myself for bed. I never go back downstairs and fill out all the freaking reading logs! I look at his list and see that I havent written on them since September therefore making the teacher think I am a piece of shit mother who doesnt read to her kids! Well let me tell you something...I have read to my kids since they were inutero which is why they are SUPER SMART and ahead of the learning curve anyway. I dont have time to record all my daily actions and sign every single flippin piece of paper in the 100 different places between all 3 kids! Judging by the good behavior and the consistant homework being turned in on time and the HONOR ROLL my girls are always ON I think I am doing something right! Please forgive me for not signing and writing every life detail down in the planner or behavior folder! If my son gets in trouble I know cause he hands me his bookbag and says....I dont want you to check my folder! So if he doesnt do that I assume he has a smily face! Also, I am sure you already know who the piece of shit parents are in your classroom but I can assure you I am a busy and full involved mother and lack of attention is not welcome in this house..just know I dont have time to intial this or sign that THANKS!

Third, I have crossed over to the darkside and I am going Black Friday shopping! Wish me LUCK!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

F'ing Socks.......

First, Let me get something VERY clear...I MARRIED A PARTNER! I have been told a couple times I told this story I should be very happy he folded socks....

Sunday morning started out like yet another movie morning! I woke up early (thank you time change) and started making coffee and cleaning my kitchen. One by one my family rose and one by one they all started helping me make breakfast. It was PERFECT! We made this big ole family breakfast and sat down to enjoy it together for the first time in MONTHS (its been busy for us with soccer, and cheerleading oh and LIFE!) We all got up from the table and then the real day had begun! I looked around and saw cobwebs real cobwebs not halloween decorations but real ones and DUST BUNNIES running RAMPED in my house! I start cleaning. B walks into the kitchen and says "I hate when I see you cleaning" my reply "Why?" he says...cause this means I cant sit on my ass and watch TV. I said....Well you can but your a grown ass man who can make his own decisions and you also know you have to live with your consequences (My constant bitching). He looks at me and says 'WHAT are you trying to get done today" I look at him with a look of I may hit you for that comment and say "B look around this house its GROSS I have cobwebs and spots on the hard wood floor look at the tables the dust bunnies are having massive orgies and multiping all over the place I NEED TO DEEP CLEAN!!!!" He says...what can I do? I told him to do the upstairs which consists of our bedroom, bathroom, hallway and the kids bathroom which only gets a chemical wipe down because the kids clean it along with their bedrooms. Easy right???? I had the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, livingroom, hallway which I might add is ALL HARDWOOD!

B and I have had a discussion about hiring a housekeeper to do my grunt work stuff because I feel like I am drowning..running the roads, doing errands, grocery shopping, working 11 hour days, and taking care of the kids where is the time for housework....Judging by the state of my house on Sunday I don't have any! He keeps thinking its not possible instead of trying to figure out how we can make it work and make me more sane and happy! I had told him this before he goes upstairs to "CLEAN" and he did seem to listen to my plea for help and understand how I felt or so I thought!

Two and a half hours go by and I am SWEATING! I am dusting and cleaning and scrubbing...getting eye level with my hardwood to make sure I got all the spots I vacuumed all the way up the steps I am out of breath and sweating profusely and I round the corner to my bedroom and...........

I FIND B SITTING ON THE BED!!!!! He yells..."Look babe look at all the socks matched and folded WOW its alot" I look at the pile and I KIRKED OUT!!! At first I tried to breath and calm myself but then when I looked at the dust and disorganization of my upstairs and the dirty bathroom and the unswept floors I just LOST MY MIND!!!!!!

I turned to him and I Yelled angrily....ITS BEEN 2 AND A HALF HOURS AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS FOLDED FUCKING SOCKS!!!! FUCKING SOCKS B FUCKING SOCKS!!!!!! I just told you I was drowning and if we couldn't afford a housekeeper you would step up and HELP ME and I am BUSTING my ASS downstairs CLEANING and your up here sitting on the bed FOLDING FUCKING SOCKS!!!!! Your the MOST inconsiderate, selfish, person I have ever met! I cannot believe when I practically get on my knees and plea for my life that I need help and I give you the SIMPLE job of upstairs you choose to FOLD FUCKING SOCKS!!!! He says......and I quote....."Folding socks is not simple" I am SCREAMING AT HIM and that is his reply Now I am IRATE!!! Is my husband really THAT simple!

I started telling him about PRIORITY! The basket of unclaimed socks is a LOW priority next to my toilets that are as bad as Texaco (not really but I feel that way). The floors in the bathroom has more hair and dust then this chest! I had to prepare to leave to head and hour and 30 minutes away for a funeral for my best friend though high schools dads funeral I walked into the bathroom looked at him and said..."I cant deal with this right now I have to leave and I shouldnt have to deal with this on a day like today!" and he left me alone

Going back to the first sentence I had a friend tell me if she could slap me she would because atleast my husband even folded the socks????!!!!????? Really???? That may be the life that you chose but I chose to marry a PARTNER not a room mate or sperm donor for my children!! I married a partner/father. We run this marriage on a 50/50 partnership. We need to work together as a team to run this family! If he can cut the grass so can I, If I can dust so can he! This is not 1950 anymore!!! If I didnt have to work I would NEVER expect him to do anything! When I didnt work it was all done! I had 2 small children 2 years apart and always had everything under control! B still helped with midnight feedings, and diaper changes and dishes and laundry when I needed him to which was not very often but when I went back to work its not fair to expect me to continue to handle all that AND a job your household IS a full time job! If you know someone who is a house wife and her husband does NOTHING ask her how happy she really is! Even after this meltdown on Sunday I do know that I can look at B and say....I have had a really bad day can I go take a uninterrupted HOT bath and he will keep an eye on the kids so I can!

I guess this major moment of loss of all reality was a wake up call for him he bitched about how long it took to dust the room and asked if we could downsize he spent the remaining hours before our daughters soccer tournament CLEANING!!!! ..ONE GOOD THING TO COME OUT OF THIS......He agreed to let me get a HOUSEKEEPER! The compromise.....After January 1st and the holidays....I am okay with that!