Monday, October 26, 2009


As if Mondays arent bad enough, today was horrible!!! I have had some isomnia issues going on lately and I am not sure why? I know I have alot on my mind but REALLY I need sleep how can my mind keep talking!!! I am working six days a week right now because I dont know how to say no and we really do need the money. So Saturday morning the alarm goes off at 630am! Yes I said 630am...Nic had a football game and I had to have him there by 730am RIDICULOUS I know! But whatever I do all this for my kids! his game started at 8 and ended at 9. I had enough time to get home and drop him and Shay off to Grandma's, then rush off to work till 5 (or so I thought) When I got to work (I am a photogapher for Lifetouch located within Target). When I arrived at work I found out we had a 5 oclock appt so I didnt leave work till 630pm! Shortly after leaving B calls and asks me to get some dinner for the kids....McDonalds it is!

I get home and all I can think is....





Well even after all of the sleep for me. To TIRED to sleep???? Can you believe it??? Who has ever heard of to tired to sleep?? Well I now have. I was still up till 1am. I did sleep till 1030am on Sunday but felt completely DRAINED!!!

I didnt think about groceries......

I wake up after tossing and turning all night I actually dont even think I slept at all and got in the shower to prepare for my day of taking care of the daycare kids. When I walk down the steps Shay and Nic are at the table and Bri is in the kitchen she tells me "mom I didnt have any breakfast we are out of milk!" WHAT I said we cant be outta milk I have daycare kids today. I walk over to the coffee pot and turn it doesnt turn on! WTF you stupid piece of sh*t!! At that point I started to food, no milk, NO COFFEE!!! I call B at work..thankfully he is just down the street at the power plant working and I had a TOTAL MELT DOWN!!! I am exhausted, over worked, frustrated, ANGRY, and tired of being the only one with reponsibility of ALL household happenings!.

B realized I was having a out of body pshycho moment and sprung into action. He left work and went to the store...He got all that was needed and even went to Dunkin Donuts and got me a coffee!!! It doesnt excuse the fact that I am burnt out but made me feel better for the moment!

So tonight I will try to sleep! Tylenol PM here I come....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Coffee.....The honesty drug!

In honor of the "Blissful Benefit" here is my Coffee Post!

Have you ever just sat back and wondered what it is about a steamy hot brew in your cup made to perfection has in common with women and honesty?? I cant tell you how many times I have had a wife, mother, friend, neighbor at my table or on my front porch with a cup of coffee and solitude and TO MUCH INFORMATION! I have learned more about people over coffee than I have over Miller Lite...

So this is what I have learned over my cups of coffee.....

Women love to talk about sex....I thought this was a man thing but I have learned more from women and coffee than I have from experience and sex ed! I seriously don't need to know your husbands favorite position. But I do think its awesome that you steal the batteries out of your kids toys and then replace them before they wake up in the morning.

Women are under appreciated....Yes I do believe that husbands and children think there is a magic fairy that puts their clothes in the dresser. yes I do think that husband would fall to their knees and beg if you just stopped doing everything you do. YES, I do often feel the same dang way. This is when coffee helps you not feel so alone in the world. best part Coffee then helps women plot. Those are stories for another day....

Desperate Housewives do exist.....If you are having an affair...keep it to yourself! Especially if it is with a married friends husband! HELLO...Please exit my porch and leave your coffee....Home wreckers are not welcomed here.

Your best friends are formed over coffee.....When you can sit back and relax and enjoy the fresh breeze of the outdoor with your girl friend and laugh till coffee pours out of your nose!!! Those are the moments I LOVE!

The family that you think is perfect...ummm not so much....Have you had the family that seems like the Cleavers. Ask the Mother/Wife to join you over that cup of coffee..You will soon find out her perfection is a curtain over a drug addict son, promiscuous daughter, cheating husband, and anxiety medication. You bring out the tissues and think CRAP....I just wanted to hang out.

The friend you think is a friend is not really a friend..This would be the friend that you invite over that shares in detail all the stories above with names dates and locations of those events. My coffee is not for gossip its for fun and stupid B&t#h now I am up tight because I think I shared some information with you that EVERYONE probably now knows! CRAP!

I do love some gossip but the hurtful things should remain unsaid but for some reason you give a women a cup of coffee and its like the truthometor goes NUTS and you are now sitting in awkward silence....sipping your coffee....wondering ummmmmm when are you leaving exactly!

So to all of you sex addict, under appreciated, Desperate home wreckers, Best friends, One step away from level 5 Mothers and Wives out there raise your cup of coffee, smell it, taste it, enjoy it and know the day will go on and the world will not stop spinning so for that brief moment of pure joy.......drink up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a interesting evening I had!

I seriously couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!!!!

So it all started with Bri (she is 9) telling me this morning about a little girl in her grade who pulled up her skirt and sat on a little boy. She was baffled to why someone would do this (god I love innocence) and I told her that not everyone is raised the same way. I told her all that matters is that she doesn't pull her skirt up and sit on a boy until she is married. She replied, Why? I told her it was "Gods Law" I didn't know what the heck to say I told her that girls should respect themselves and if boys respected them then they would also wait until they got married to let her pull up her skirt! This was by far the most awkward moment of my WHOLE life. I haven't had "The talk" yet I am just not ready.

So the morning progresses and I can see that Bri is pondering on something. You know that look children have when they think they have something figured out and then they just are not sure enough to ask.....Well then here it comes

Bri- Mommy I was born February 2000 right???

Me- yes you were (me secretly shitting myself)

Bri- well your picture on the desk of you and daddy getting married says July 29, 2000

Me-(inside head I'm yelling my holy f*ck ) quietly answering ummmmm yeah

Bri- February is BEFORE July!!!

Me- (DAMN YOU EDUCATION DAMN YOU she was bound to figure it out sometime or another) Yes it is (and here it comes)


Me- I replied- ashamed and embarrassed ----Yes Yes I did!


Me- Yes I have to go to court when I go to heaven and defend myself to the Good ole Lord himself. I may even go to God jail for a bit be he is very forgiving and I already asked for his forgiveness and I am sure he forgave me!

Bri-Ha better you then me

Gosh I love kids

Then into tonight......

Sitting in the drive through at Burger King Nic informs me that the moon is broken! I said buddy what are you talking about....He said look the moon is broken...I looked and tonight is the fingernail moon when I said that Shay corrected me..."No mom that's a crescent moon" whatever moons a moon a moon!!!

Nic was a inquisitive little turd tonight. As we were driving home from Burger King Nic was staring out the front of the van looking at the car in front of me. Just then....

Nic- Mommy?

Me-Yes buddy

Nic-Why are you chasing cars?


Nic-Why are you chasing Cars?

Me-I'm not chasing cars Nic I am driving they just happen to be in front and driving in the same direction! I'm not chasing cars LOL

Never a dull moment with me and my clan!

Then and Now Thursday!

I guess haven't really thought to much and the past life I have been a mom for the last 9.5 years! But here goes nothing......

Here is me 16 years old carefree enjoying my Senior year of High School!! Life was about the next big party, who was dating who, and god forbid..Where you were places in the social standings of your high school cool crew!!


I never at that time thought I would be where I am today. I had no plans for my future. My best friend and I were going to pack the car on her graduation day and move far far away from Maryland. Fate.....had other ideas. One month after graduation I met the love of my life....


Along came the wedding and the baby in the baby carriage. And Now here I am 12 years later. Diapers, car pool, potty training, bras, boys, dance recitals, matchbox cars, and late night house cleaning after everyone is fast asleep....


Same husband, 3 children, two dogs, and more love than I thought I EVER deserved! Some days I may think to myself I didn't plan on this, this was not how I envisioned my life. But I can look at the 3 children I brought into this world and think how could life really be any better than this!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pain is Weakness leaving the body!

So I had no plans tonight except the usual cleaning, laundry, homework, dinner etc.... Well about 5 o'clock my little sister Melissa (17 almost 18 year old cancer survivor!!! YAY) Called me to ask if I would come hold her hand while she got another TATTOO!!!

Recap.....Her first tattoo is a matching one to mine! Its a cancer ribbon with her favorite color that is actually turned into a butterfly. To symbolize her fight...The butterfly wings are carrying the cancer away. We went together and got the same on in the same place.


So onto tonight, I met her at 6 at the shop and held her hand and HOLY COW I think that hurt worse than her tattoo!!!!! Check out her knuckles on the chair and the knuckles on the hand that is SQUEEZING mine.....


That was PAYBACK for the friends who assisted my Births of my children LOL I am pretty sure my knuckles were touching! As I told her about my pain se informed me that Pain was weakness leaving the body!! Well apparently I am strong as shit after all this pain in my hand!

But the finished product was beautiful! ...........

All in all it was a good night but I need to stop typing my hand is KILLING me! i cant believe I have this much weakness that still needs to be let out! LOL

Wordless Wednesday!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My big strong husband is a wimp!

Every Sunday night B and I make sure the kids are in bed by 8 so they are good and asleep so at 9 o'clock we can safely watch Dexter. That is are time and we enjoy it LOL. Well this past Sunday things got very interesting and I found out my husband will be no good if I ever encounter a serial killer LOL.

When the show went off B decided to stay up to check his fantasty football and the scores of the games on Sunday. I told him I was going to bed that 6am comes really early. I proceeded to walk up the steps and half way up I noticed my front door was unlocked, so instead of yelling to B to lock it when he came to bed and risking waking the kids I just decided to lock it myself. i walked down my steps a rounded the corner to lock my door and then ............HOLY F8&K ME......AHHHHHHHHHHH I screamed like a little girl who just had a spider fall in her hair. B was still in the livingroom had no idea what was going on also screamed like a girl and yelled WHAT!!! Hellllloooo arent you suppose to be my knight in shining armour? Arent you suppose to come running to my rescue? Instead you stay where you are and "ask" what happened!!!!

Apparently, my son was never asleep and was being a little ninja in the shadows of the stairway. When I came around the corner he was standing there flush against the wall. He scared me so bad that when I screamed he started crying I scared him just as bad!

All in all I cant rely on my husband and my heart is healthier than I thought and maybe no more serial killer shows before bed!!!

Random B*tch Fest!

So here is my gripe........

The night all 3 of my children were concieved I could have sworn that someone else was there?? I mean I seriously didnt think that I would be chosen 3 different times for immaculte conception, or am I?
Does anyone else have the same problem as me??

I get so pissed off at everytime there is a problem or some one is touching me, she wont stop staring at me, he took my toy, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, they wont get out of my room, and my favorite IM DONE COME WIPE ME !!!!!! The only word that preceded these statements...drum roll please.....MOMMY!!!! WTF?????? Really how can you be sitting right next to your father or come running past him to tell me what the problem is!!!! It is official I am changing my name and I refuse to tell the 3 demon spawns what my name will be!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Swine Flu! Ugh its awful!

So I am 99% sure I had that stupid swine flu!! Can I just say it was horrible!!!!! I started coughing and had a little runny nose on Tuesday, woke coughing even worse on Wednesday and TIRED, same on thursday, Then Friday afternoon I couldnt even get out of bed and thats where I stayed all weekend!!! I never did get the sore throat or the fever but I never run a fever so I didnt think I would! My whole body hurt and I had a horrible upset stomach on top of coughing and blowing my nose. Although my kids were fantastic through the ordeal they still trashed my house! I am sure that I will spend the next week reorganizing and cleaning everything. They didnt fight or bother me or make me get out of bed to deal with dumb little fights, but they did eat all the junk food and pulled out a whole bunch of toys and games. I shouldnt complain about cleaning up when they actually let me sleep and lay in bed all weekend!! I woke up Saturday morning to Nic putting his little hand on my forehead and saying "mommy how are you feeling?" It was SO sweet! Its funny how their compassionate side they learned from me appears when I most need it! If any of you who read this get this flu be prepared to be out of commision for atleast a week. I am just now starting to feel better I am still tired but I can move without pain. Be careful and bleach EVERYTHING when you do feel better (remotes, light switches, phones, doorknobes, toilet handles etc) I kept my self confined to the couch or my bed so I Lysol'ed the couch and stripped my bed and bleached all I could!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trials and Tribulations of Parenting!

This morning Brianna approached me and told me that she didnt feel well and the she wanted to stay home from school today. WELL I am not a push over and told her she didnt appear to be sick and I asked her if she was sick or was she just tired? She replied, I am just tired. I then told her that was not a resonable excuse to stay home. I began to look at her and i thought it was weird that she would lie about not feeling well but had my daycare kids here and just brushed it off. I probably should not have done that. My mother in law takes them to the bus stop for me in the morning because I cannot safely put all my daycare kids in my van. Anyway, a short time later my mother in law calls me and asks me if Brianna was acting weird to me this morning. I responded with "well she was faking sick but I dont think she was different???? Well then she says to me "Oh NO let me tell you what she told me" I am thinking This cant be good???? Apparently a boy that Brianna is friends with told her that two little girls at her school had called Brianna a "Faggot". Brianna was devistated!!!! This has all sparked over the said little boy who really likes Brianna!!! The little boy who told Brianna what had happened also told the girls that he didnt appreciate the girls talking about Brianna....They rolled their eyes and said "WHATEVER". Well, I called the principal and had her speak to all parties involved and the little boy confirmed Brianna's story and then of course........The girls lied and said that they NEVER talk about anyone!!! I know who the one little girl is and I know her mother and it just proves a point I have always said "Children learn what they live" If the mother is a two faced fake person she is teaching her daughter to be a two faced fake person!!!!! I hope you are PROUD of yourself mother of said girl you are #1 MOM in my book. I hope while you are patting yourself on the back you stab yourself with the same knife that is lodged in SO MANY other peoples back. How can a person "claim" to be a AWESOME MOTHER and care about her children teach them to be manipulative and just plain EVIL!! Sorry venting.........But I was very happy to hear the principal talk about how amazing Brianna is and how she ALWAYS shows excellent character and how she was a asset to the school! I am a AWESOME MOTHER and I dont teach my kids to act like a "Mean Girl"

Second Story! ( All in one day)

My daycare kids like to race and rip the race cars around the daycare and everytime I tell them "Please dont race and run at each other someone is going to get hurt!" Well, They dont listen. I had my first daycare injury today!!!! Nic (my son) and the 3 year old boy I have were racing the cars around the daycare and the 3yr old went one way and Nic went the other.......Next thing I know I her CRASH and Crying!! I turn and Nic and the 3 yr old had a head to head collision. The 3 yr old and Nic are crying I am consoling and checking to make sure no one needs medical attention but at the same time I am scolding like this........

to the boy -> "how many times has Mrs. Shannon said dont run at each other with the cars"

the boys -> "(sobbing) every day!!!

to the boys -> "Now do you understand I am not being mean I am keeping you safe"

the boys -> yes cause my head hurts really bad!!!

to the boys -> I bet it does!!! Lets get some ice and we will be all better!!!

I kissed 2 boo boos and everything was fine! Nic does have a really big goose egg on his forehead but he is fine tonight! So if you are reading this thank you for the quick vent and thank you for reading!