Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trials and Tribulations of Parenting!

This morning Brianna approached me and told me that she didnt feel well and the she wanted to stay home from school today. WELL I am not a push over and told her she didnt appear to be sick and I asked her if she was sick or was she just tired? She replied, I am just tired. I then told her that was not a resonable excuse to stay home. I began to look at her and i thought it was weird that she would lie about not feeling well but had my daycare kids here and just brushed it off. I probably should not have done that. My mother in law takes them to the bus stop for me in the morning because I cannot safely put all my daycare kids in my van. Anyway, a short time later my mother in law calls me and asks me if Brianna was acting weird to me this morning. I responded with "well she was faking sick but I dont think she was different???? Well then she says to me "Oh NO let me tell you what she told me" I am thinking This cant be good???? Apparently a boy that Brianna is friends with told her that two little girls at her school had called Brianna a "Faggot". Brianna was devistated!!!! This has all sparked over the said little boy who really likes Brianna!!! The little boy who told Brianna what had happened also told the girls that he didnt appreciate the girls talking about Brianna....They rolled their eyes and said "WHATEVER". Well, I called the principal and had her speak to all parties involved and the little boy confirmed Brianna's story and then of course........The girls lied and said that they NEVER talk about anyone!!! I know who the one little girl is and I know her mother and it just proves a point I have always said "Children learn what they live" If the mother is a two faced fake person she is teaching her daughter to be a two faced fake person!!!!! I hope you are PROUD of yourself mother of said girl you are #1 MOM in my book. I hope while you are patting yourself on the back you stab yourself with the same knife that is lodged in SO MANY other peoples back. How can a person "claim" to be a AWESOME MOTHER and care about her children teach them to be manipulative and just plain EVIL!! Sorry venting.........But I was very happy to hear the principal talk about how amazing Brianna is and how she ALWAYS shows excellent character and how she was a asset to the school! I am a AWESOME MOTHER and I dont teach my kids to act like a "Mean Girl"

Second Story! ( All in one day)

My daycare kids like to race and rip the race cars around the daycare and everytime I tell them "Please dont race and run at each other someone is going to get hurt!" Well, They dont listen. I had my first daycare injury today!!!! Nic (my son) and the 3 year old boy I have were racing the cars around the daycare and the 3yr old went one way and Nic went the other.......Next thing I know I her CRASH and Crying!! I turn and Nic and the 3 yr old had a head to head collision. The 3 yr old and Nic are crying I am consoling and checking to make sure no one needs medical attention but at the same time I am scolding like this........

to the boy -> "how many times has Mrs. Shannon said dont run at each other with the cars"

the boys -> "(sobbing) every day!!!

to the boys -> "Now do you understand I am not being mean I am keeping you safe"

the boys -> yes cause my head hurts really bad!!!

to the boys -> I bet it does!!! Lets get some ice and we will be all better!!!

I kissed 2 boo boos and everything was fine! Nic does have a really big goose egg on his forehead but he is fine tonight! So if you are reading this thank you for the quick vent and thank you for reading!

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