Monday, October 12, 2009

Swine Flu! Ugh its awful!

So I am 99% sure I had that stupid swine flu!! Can I just say it was horrible!!!!! I started coughing and had a little runny nose on Tuesday, woke coughing even worse on Wednesday and TIRED, same on thursday, Then Friday afternoon I couldnt even get out of bed and thats where I stayed all weekend!!! I never did get the sore throat or the fever but I never run a fever so I didnt think I would! My whole body hurt and I had a horrible upset stomach on top of coughing and blowing my nose. Although my kids were fantastic through the ordeal they still trashed my house! I am sure that I will spend the next week reorganizing and cleaning everything. They didnt fight or bother me or make me get out of bed to deal with dumb little fights, but they did eat all the junk food and pulled out a whole bunch of toys and games. I shouldnt complain about cleaning up when they actually let me sleep and lay in bed all weekend!! I woke up Saturday morning to Nic putting his little hand on my forehead and saying "mommy how are you feeling?" It was SO sweet! Its funny how their compassionate side they learned from me appears when I most need it! If any of you who read this get this flu be prepared to be out of commision for atleast a week. I am just now starting to feel better I am still tired but I can move without pain. Be careful and bleach EVERYTHING when you do feel better (remotes, light switches, phones, doorknobes, toilet handles etc) I kept my self confined to the couch or my bed so I Lysol'ed the couch and stripped my bed and bleached all I could!!

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