Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pain is Weakness leaving the body!

So I had no plans tonight except the usual cleaning, laundry, homework, dinner etc.... Well about 5 o'clock my little sister Melissa (17 almost 18 year old cancer survivor!!! YAY) Called me to ask if I would come hold her hand while she got another TATTOO!!!

Recap.....Her first tattoo is a matching one to mine! Its a cancer ribbon with her favorite color that is actually turned into a butterfly. To symbolize her fight...The butterfly wings are carrying the cancer away. We went together and got the same on in the same place.


So onto tonight, I met her at 6 at the shop and held her hand and HOLY COW I think that hurt worse than her tattoo!!!!! Check out her knuckles on the chair and the knuckles on the hand that is SQUEEZING mine.....


That was PAYBACK for the friends who assisted my Births of my children LOL I am pretty sure my knuckles were touching! As I told her about my pain se informed me that Pain was weakness leaving the body!! Well apparently I am strong as shit after all this pain in my hand!

But the finished product was beautiful! ...........

All in all it was a good night but I need to stop typing my hand is KILLING me! i cant believe I have this much weakness that still needs to be let out! LOL

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