Monday, October 26, 2009


As if Mondays arent bad enough, today was horrible!!! I have had some isomnia issues going on lately and I am not sure why? I know I have alot on my mind but REALLY I need sleep how can my mind keep talking!!! I am working six days a week right now because I dont know how to say no and we really do need the money. So Saturday morning the alarm goes off at 630am! Yes I said 630am...Nic had a football game and I had to have him there by 730am RIDICULOUS I know! But whatever I do all this for my kids! his game started at 8 and ended at 9. I had enough time to get home and drop him and Shay off to Grandma's, then rush off to work till 5 (or so I thought) When I got to work (I am a photogapher for Lifetouch located within Target). When I arrived at work I found out we had a 5 oclock appt so I didnt leave work till 630pm! Shortly after leaving B calls and asks me to get some dinner for the kids....McDonalds it is!

I get home and all I can think is....





Well even after all of the sleep for me. To TIRED to sleep???? Can you believe it??? Who has ever heard of to tired to sleep?? Well I now have. I was still up till 1am. I did sleep till 1030am on Sunday but felt completely DRAINED!!!

I didnt think about groceries......

I wake up after tossing and turning all night I actually dont even think I slept at all and got in the shower to prepare for my day of taking care of the daycare kids. When I walk down the steps Shay and Nic are at the table and Bri is in the kitchen she tells me "mom I didnt have any breakfast we are out of milk!" WHAT I said we cant be outta milk I have daycare kids today. I walk over to the coffee pot and turn it doesnt turn on! WTF you stupid piece of sh*t!! At that point I started to food, no milk, NO COFFEE!!! I call B at work..thankfully he is just down the street at the power plant working and I had a TOTAL MELT DOWN!!! I am exhausted, over worked, frustrated, ANGRY, and tired of being the only one with reponsibility of ALL household happenings!.

B realized I was having a out of body pshycho moment and sprung into action. He left work and went to the store...He got all that was needed and even went to Dunkin Donuts and got me a coffee!!! It doesnt excuse the fact that I am burnt out but made me feel better for the moment!

So tonight I will try to sleep! Tylenol PM here I come....

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  1. Insomnia is going around the blogosphere today. Hope you get some rest soon.