Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Christmas lists!

Here they go.....I will also be typing EXACTLY how they are written.

BRI....The OLDEST at 10 yrs old

1. King Arthur Book.
2. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Series
3. Diary of a wimpy kid series
4. Cracker! The best dog in Vietnam (book)
5. The Rest of the Spiderwick Chronicles (I have 1 & 2)
6. Real Diary
7. Wolf Animal Figure (Like the horses I get at Easter)
8. Bunny figure set (Includes 2 bunnies, hutch house and fence)
9. I tunes Card
10. Interactive Globe
11. Origami Book
12. Soccer Video game
13. Vampire Diaries Poster
14. New Lava Lamp
15. PSP Games
16. Art Set ( Includes: Oil Pastels, crayons, pens, and markers)
17. Earrings and Necklaces

Quiet Through I must say!

Shay's.....The Middle at 8yrs old

1. The spy whatch that takes pictures and video
2. A bascetball
3. makeup set
4. Barbie/vet set with puppy
5. Moxie Girl/snow moxin girl
6. A Penguin Pez or iny pez
7. Horse Set of horses in my poket
8. A set of Polly Pokets
9. Monkey earings/Peace sine earing
10. Clairs card
11. Fish Lava lamp with fish in it from target.

Gotta love spelling!

Pickles's....The baby at 6 yrs old

1. An optimus Prime robot fighre
2. A little red car thing
3. DSI
3. DSI games
5. Stuffed Hockey player
6. Tech Deck
7. Criss Cross Crash race track.
8. Coloring books
9. A fake computer game
10. Closes {he means clothes cause he growed out his pants, his words :) }
11. A toy monkey
12. A toy horses

I think this is a dueable list but u sear it makes me laugh

WTH is a red car thing?? This is going to be interesting shopping! I hope Santa can pull this off and hopefully he knows what it is!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


First I have created a slight monster! I really do have a method to my madness and often take a moment to explain to my family the importance of folding my towels in half, then half again then folding 3 times over (they fit in the linen closet better), or how much pretty your bed looks with all the lines straight or how there is a certain place in which all the glasses go in the cabinet so guess what....YOU CAN EASILY FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!! Simple rules of organization and me maintaining my sanity! Well this morning I was upstairs switching the laundry and I heard Brianna downstairs making Nics lunch fussing at Shay for helping her! The conversation went as follows.....

Bri: Shay if your gonna help then you need to do it right! You cant make someone elses lunch and not do it right!

Shay: Bri I am...

Bri: No your not...FIRST you put in the drink then you add the banana but you have to stand it up and then you pack the yogurt and the treat around it! Thats how you do it RIGHT!


Second, why do the schools insist on making me feel like the worst mom EVER! They make us accountable for SO MANY things, sign this, oh and this....wait and this to! Lets not forget were doing Book it read to your kid EVERYNIGHT and keep track of it on this form but dont forget the classroom reading list right it on there too and that oh yeah you should SIGN! WTF???????? I have 3 kids, 3 folders, 3 sets of homework to check, and 3 kids to run all over the god flippin place for sports...wait dont forget dinner, baths, teeth being brushed, clothes being laid out! WHO THE FUCK has time to sign EVERYTHING! Nic is read a story every night....if he doesnt its because I take it as punishment he HATES that! But after I tuck my kids in and read and kiss goodnight I retreat to my bathroom to shower and ready myself for bed. I never go back downstairs and fill out all the freaking reading logs! I look at his list and see that I havent written on them since September therefore making the teacher think I am a piece of shit mother who doesnt read to her kids! Well let me tell you something...I have read to my kids since they were inutero which is why they are SUPER SMART and ahead of the learning curve anyway. I dont have time to record all my daily actions and sign every single flippin piece of paper in the 100 different places between all 3 kids! Judging by the good behavior and the consistant homework being turned in on time and the HONOR ROLL my girls are always ON I think I am doing something right! Please forgive me for not signing and writing every life detail down in the planner or behavior folder! If my son gets in trouble I know cause he hands me his bookbag and says....I dont want you to check my folder! So if he doesnt do that I assume he has a smily face! Also, I am sure you already know who the piece of shit parents are in your classroom but I can assure you I am a busy and full involved mother and lack of attention is not welcome in this house..just know I dont have time to intial this or sign that THANKS!

Third, I have crossed over to the darkside and I am going Black Friday shopping! Wish me LUCK!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

F'ing Socks.......

First, Let me get something VERY clear...I MARRIED A PARTNER! I have been told a couple times I told this story I should be very happy he folded socks....

Sunday morning started out like yet another movie morning! I woke up early (thank you time change) and started making coffee and cleaning my kitchen. One by one my family rose and one by one they all started helping me make breakfast. It was PERFECT! We made this big ole family breakfast and sat down to enjoy it together for the first time in MONTHS (its been busy for us with soccer, and cheerleading oh and LIFE!) We all got up from the table and then the real day had begun! I looked around and saw cobwebs real cobwebs not halloween decorations but real ones and DUST BUNNIES running RAMPED in my house! I start cleaning. B walks into the kitchen and says "I hate when I see you cleaning" my reply "Why?" he says...cause this means I cant sit on my ass and watch TV. I said....Well you can but your a grown ass man who can make his own decisions and you also know you have to live with your consequences (My constant bitching). He looks at me and says 'WHAT are you trying to get done today" I look at him with a look of I may hit you for that comment and say "B look around this house its GROSS I have cobwebs and spots on the hard wood floor look at the tables the dust bunnies are having massive orgies and multiping all over the place I NEED TO DEEP CLEAN!!!!" He says...what can I do? I told him to do the upstairs which consists of our bedroom, bathroom, hallway and the kids bathroom which only gets a chemical wipe down because the kids clean it along with their bedrooms. Easy right???? I had the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, livingroom, hallway which I might add is ALL HARDWOOD!

B and I have had a discussion about hiring a housekeeper to do my grunt work stuff because I feel like I am drowning..running the roads, doing errands, grocery shopping, working 11 hour days, and taking care of the kids where is the time for housework....Judging by the state of my house on Sunday I don't have any! He keeps thinking its not possible instead of trying to figure out how we can make it work and make me more sane and happy! I had told him this before he goes upstairs to "CLEAN" and he did seem to listen to my plea for help and understand how I felt or so I thought!

Two and a half hours go by and I am SWEATING! I am dusting and cleaning and scrubbing...getting eye level with my hardwood to make sure I got all the spots I vacuumed all the way up the steps I am out of breath and sweating profusely and I round the corner to my bedroom and...........

I FIND B SITTING ON THE BED!!!!! He yells..."Look babe look at all the socks matched and folded WOW its alot" I look at the pile and I KIRKED OUT!!! At first I tried to breath and calm myself but then when I looked at the dust and disorganization of my upstairs and the dirty bathroom and the unswept floors I just LOST MY MIND!!!!!!

I turned to him and I Yelled angrily....ITS BEEN 2 AND A HALF HOURS AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS FOLDED FUCKING SOCKS!!!! FUCKING SOCKS B FUCKING SOCKS!!!!!! I just told you I was drowning and if we couldn't afford a housekeeper you would step up and HELP ME and I am BUSTING my ASS downstairs CLEANING and your up here sitting on the bed FOLDING FUCKING SOCKS!!!!! Your the MOST inconsiderate, selfish, person I have ever met! I cannot believe when I practically get on my knees and plea for my life that I need help and I give you the SIMPLE job of upstairs you choose to FOLD FUCKING SOCKS!!!! He says......and I quote....."Folding socks is not simple" I am SCREAMING AT HIM and that is his reply Now I am IRATE!!! Is my husband really THAT simple!

I started telling him about PRIORITY! The basket of unclaimed socks is a LOW priority next to my toilets that are as bad as Texaco (not really but I feel that way). The floors in the bathroom has more hair and dust then this chest! I had to prepare to leave to head and hour and 30 minutes away for a funeral for my best friend though high schools dads funeral I walked into the bathroom looked at him and said..."I cant deal with this right now I have to leave and I shouldnt have to deal with this on a day like today!" and he left me alone

Going back to the first sentence I had a friend tell me if she could slap me she would because atleast my husband even folded the socks????!!!!????? Really???? That may be the life that you chose but I chose to marry a PARTNER not a room mate or sperm donor for my children!! I married a partner/father. We run this marriage on a 50/50 partnership. We need to work together as a team to run this family! If he can cut the grass so can I, If I can dust so can he! This is not 1950 anymore!!! If I didnt have to work I would NEVER expect him to do anything! When I didnt work it was all done! I had 2 small children 2 years apart and always had everything under control! B still helped with midnight feedings, and diaper changes and dishes and laundry when I needed him to which was not very often but when I went back to work its not fair to expect me to continue to handle all that AND a job your household IS a full time job! If you know someone who is a house wife and her husband does NOTHING ask her how happy she really is! Even after this meltdown on Sunday I do know that I can look at B and say....I have had a really bad day can I go take a uninterrupted HOT bath and he will keep an eye on the kids so I can!

I guess this major moment of loss of all reality was a wake up call for him he bitched about how long it took to dust the room and asked if we could downsize he spent the remaining hours before our daughters soccer tournament CLEANING!!!! ..ONE GOOD THING TO COME OUT OF THIS......He agreed to let me get a HOUSEKEEPER! The compromise.....After January 1st and the holidays....I am okay with that!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ahhhhhh the joys of Marriage!

We actually had a night of no running around last night and was excited in the idea of a long hot bath (which I got). Early in the night I should have known it was gonna be "one of those" kinda nights! He was grilling chicken for dinner and I had just taken out the trash from the daycare and walked around to the front of the house where he was. I walked in the front door and he was walking out side I stopped in front of him and kissed him for the first time all day! Nothing big just a simple how was your day kiss. Well my hand brushed against his.....well...package....He looks at me and say HA HA HA you fucked up now you grabbed my shit! I busted out laughing and said NO I DIDNT my hand brushed it he argued it was a cupped grab...I am pretty sure he imagined that. Well I guess that incident started a night of vulgarness!

When I came downstairs after my bath I was sporting my nightgown and ready for bed. Brian proceeds to tell me that I had something on the back of my leg, I lift my gown just slightly and try to look for what he was talking about. I didn't see anything and he kept saying "look its right there in the top of your leg" as he says these things I continue to lift a little higher and spin like a flipping dog chasing its tail and after I searched and nothing I turned to him and said..."Your an ASS" he laughed hysterically and says "YUP, and I just saw your BUTT!" SERIOUSLY???? WTF?

After about an hour Brian decided to come upstairs for bed and I was just finishing up a conversation with an old friend via phone and as I climbed into my bed one of my girls fell out of my nightgown just enough for Brian to jump on yet another opportunity! He said "Hot Damn" is that foreplay.....I said "Ummmmm NO" he said 5 play?? (WTF is he R Kelly this isn't 12 play) I repeated NO WTF is wrong with you!!! He again just laughs..... REALLY MEN??? I don't understand!

Brian proceeds to turn on the TV and the movie Role Models was on which is a favorite of both of ours. I can watch that movie 100 times and still laugh hysterically! Brian gets all excited and says.....'Lets take lots of Ambien and stay up....and fuck" (a line from the movie) I laughed and said "Your so stupid" He leans over and says "I love your whispering eye" (If you don't know what that means you have never seen the movie, but lets just say its my "V") I told him he was gross and I rolled over where he then rolls over to me and says "Can I dry hump you butt" SERIOUSLY I like rolled as far away as possible and said WTF is wrong with you tonight can I get 5 minutes without a vulgar comment.....To meet and know my husband you would think that its impossible for him to be this way but believe ME when I say....he's the worst! Yet its a funny story but REALLY???

At what point after 14 years of the same scenery will it become old? I cant take a shower with out his eye balls peaking in the curtain, or him purposely dropping stuff and asking me to bend over to get it, and my favorite all the dumb tricks he pulls that even after 14 years I still fall for!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Love Affair and Ultimate Demise of my relationship with tobacco!


I loved the smell of it, I loved the taste of it, I loved the way the smoke rolled off the end of my cigarette and swirled and moved in the air. I loved the way it made me feel from the first drag to the last. I was calm and I was quiet and solemn in my thoughts. I would put my lips on the end of the filter and suck, inhaling with my eyes closed and feeling it fill my lungs with its goodness (yes I know it was tar and nicotine but whatever stay out of my affair! :). I waited for my days to come to an end just so I could run out to the porch and greet my pack and lighter with a kiss and a hug. It was part of me and I was a part of it. I never thought I would ever see a day where it wasn't a part of my daily life nor did I ever want it that way. But one day as I sat with them and took a moment I realized something had changed with our relationship. The cigarettes seemed to become less and less and when we were together what was once a amazing and loving connection became a slight disgust and nausea. I started to realize at that point the relationship was ending.

Was this a good thing or a bad thing? Was my conscience of my families disgust of our love and nonacceptance of having them around that was triggering such ill feelings or maybe it was standing on my front porch looking in the windows at my husband and children playing and inside it burned knowing that this affair was stealing away time with my family! All I knew was that I loved them and I longed for them and they were always there for me when I needed them, they comforted me in my time of stress,in my time of sadness and my time of anger. No one had ever made me feel the way that the cigarettes did. Then it happened. My husband gave me a ultimatum I couldn't refuse. I am a hypocrite! I rally for Relay for Life and I am a Team captain and raise money for cancer research yet I am in love with a culprit of cancer. Its like I am on the army side fighting it but at nightfall I am sneaking across enemies lines to have a rondezvous of heart pounding proportions! Traitor that's what I am...a stupid TRAITOR! I was taken hostage by my own family and bribed to stop entering the hostel side and join them fully by making sure I never become one of their POW's because then the torture they do to you is horrific, chemical warfare in your veins, loss of hair, and of your strength and if your body weakens....DEATH. As I sat there I realized I don't want that! I never want to leave my family before I should and I need to stop being a traitor to myself and to my family and forget how to walk down the path to the enemy lines and cross them for a little moment of satisfaction. My reward would be money towards the army of recruits that have set up shop to take down all the enemies that have become part of the cancer regimen. How can I not pass that up. The reward going to this army is of great proportions and would help them work towards the defeat of their evil king and the world would be full of people celebrating a lot more birthdays!

This all sounds great right? BUT, How do you break such a intense love? How do you walk away from your comfort and solitude? How do you make this HUGE life change? How do you go about your day every day all day looking outside (from the inside) and see the place you once yearned for and not run to it? It would be so much easier if you didn't see your love everywhere TV, stores, outside of bars, or when you see an old friend and they ask how you are doing since the break up and all you want to do is run to the store where you see them and scoop them in your arms and kiss and hug them.

Well I will tell you.....I look into the eyes of my children and my loved ones and I see a lifetime! Being old with gray hair, enjoying the fresh air not through a oxygen mask. Watching my grandchildren come over with my great grandchildren. All though I am not sure that the temptation will ever subside but I am sure of one thing and just one thing.....I want to go on my own terms and not by the terms of a love affair gone wrong. So for now I will not go borrowing trouble I will enjoy my life and hope that the years of my affair have not already proven damaging to my future. If the enemy lines happen to spill over into my new life free from addiction I will be ready and strong to fight against it. Strenght, Love, Courage, and Hope can mean more than just fighting cancer....its a way to live your life for everything you battle!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

....The stars are stacked against you girl...get back in bed!

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. I am not sure what was going on. I thought it was a full moon or something. It went like this. I woke up at 6:30am which is later than I like to get up but I was tired and didnt sleep so well that night. I immediately showered, got dressed, grabbed my coffee that B makes for me every morning now (I love his new job) and I went right down to the daycare to start my day! I am fortunate enough to have 3 great kids who are VERY self sufficiant! They get up at 6:30am as well and start getting ready for school and take care of each other YES that is wonderful :). The daycare kids start to arrive J & T, Then G, and Then C. Well I look at the clock it is 8:15am and we need to leave for the bus stop! I gathered all the kids upstairs in a line at the door and guess what..I FORGOT to pack Nics lunch!!! I run into the kitchen throw together his lunch (thankful for my crazy ass organization that drives my family crazy, but my snacks for lunches are already pre packaged in containers in the cabinets or basket or fridge)! PHEW...lunch done in under a minute! Run to the basket I keep my keys....NO KEYS! Mind you I have to be at the bus stop by 8:27 to make sure we dont miss the bus! I run frantically through my house! I just had then the night before! I call B....he hasnt seen them! I am now flipping out!!! I call my MIL and she offers me her car (One of the moments having you IL's right next door I am glad for) I get the kids outside...Mind you there is 7 of them! We run next door and my MIL kept the 3 non schoolers and I took my three plus C to the bus stop and we JUST made it! Not even there for a whole minute! I go and pick up the 3 I have all day and we head back to my house!

Shortly, after arriving back at the daycare and settling in my new 2 year old twins arrived D & M and then followiing them was T another 2 year old. I am now entertaining and teaching (4yr old, 3-2yr olds, 2-1 yr olds!) Normal Day so not bad. I am thinking the hecticness of the morning was over and now it was time to enjoy the rest of my day. TOTALLY WRONG!!! I am having a battle royale of 2 year olds right now all stacking after the dominate claim to my toys. What one has the other wants and I have a 1 yr old who cannot communicate so he screetches and screams to get what he wants...This is where my job of learning to redirect comes in handy! So for about an hour I redirected all of the kids atleast 3 times!!! I was done redirecting and knowing that I was gonna be rained inside today I took them all outside and my vocabulary became.....Using the names of the children first......GET DOWN, FEET ON THE GROUND PLEASE, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF, DO WE CLIMB OVER THE TOYS?, PLEASE DONT TAKE, SHARE THE CAR, HOW DO WE GO DOWN THE SLIDE, PLEASE USE THE LADDER WE DONT CLIMB UP A SLIDE, OKAY NOW YOU GO TO TIME OUT, PLEASE JOIN SO AND SO IN TIME OUT! I dont think I actually stopped talking the WHOLE time we were outside. GrantedIi work with children under 4 all day every day but this was NOT like them.

Then the drama unfolds yet again. I called another provider for some back up advice and taking a quick moment to get a grasp on the situation and some clarity and cheerleadding (we need that sometimes in this line of work) and when I placed the call it was 11:30.....Well after giving her the OMG I am having a bad day speal...I looked at the clock...11:53!!!! I have to be at the bus stop to get C at 11:50....I am now in a FULL FLEDGED Panic attack worried I missed the bus...I call my MIL cause I still cant find my keys and honestly didnt have time to look. She runs out and starts her car meanwhile I am trying to get 6 kids to mive faster than they do and run to my MIL's to get her car and go get C. Well they choose to look at the trees, pick up acorns, notice a squirrel all while I am losing my ond that C was gonna be takin back to the school cause I didnt get out there in time. I finally get all 6 onto the porch and I jump in the car and RACE to the bus stop! LITERALLY going WAY faster than I should have on my road! I get to the bus stop and THANKFULLY the bus passes my street TWICE! So I did actually miss it but caught her on the flip side. I crossed the street to get C and told the driver i was SO SORRY she said it was fine she turns around anyway and it was all good. I get C and head back to get the other 6 waiting for him to arrive.

Now, I start preparing lunch and 3 of the 7 are tired at this point and are crying and whinning and fighting and hitting all over again while I am ttrying to prepare lunch....At this point I have very little patience hanging on for dear life! I turn on a movie and said for all of them to sit and not move! It was miracle...THEY DID! Well I get lunch made and start to set the table. I am currently tranitioning a 15motnh old to the big kid side and set him a place at the table not the high chair (Its a preschool table very low) After everyone potties and washed hands they one by one gather at the table. I go to lift said 15mth old to the table and put him in his chair he puts his foot into his food plate and before I get him up...he spills it ALL OVER HIS CHAIR!!! I think I this point I maybe have raised and octive or 2 and said Son of a GUN! I think I wanted to cry because that was just the day I had been having...I get him out of the way clean up him and the mess and then I make him a new plate and sit him back down watching his feet. They eat quiet;y and I prepare for naptime!

NAPTIME!!!! I cleaned up from lunch and thankfully they were all exhausted and fell right to sleep. i started working on my Relay for Life stuff and was happy to report I had booked our Bowlathon and confirmed more stuff for our bakesale this weekend and i felt like all was right with the world.

NAPTIME IS OVER! Now this is usually another hectic time..putting awaythe cots getting everyone snacks and doing afternonn circle time! It went well the kids were singing "5 little pumpkins and one eyed one horn flying purple people eater" and I was enjoying the moment! Well then its free play till pick up and i was trying to get everyone packed up making sure cups, blankets, everything is good to go....then we go outside...Well before we can go outside I have a 2yr old and a 15mth old battle for the play kitchen and D shoves G down and as he falls he smacks his head on the table my turtle tank sits on! I freak out and say a quick "please dont let there be blood prayer" and grab G up and make sure he is ok....I fussed at D and ut him in time out for shoving and hurting and then I proceeded to the bathroom to check out G and make sure he is okay....I hear D talking I look out the door and he is out of time out and running around again. I caught his attention and tell him to get back in time out his 2 minutes were not up yet....He then at that moment LOSES HIS MIND! CRYING CRYING CRYING....G is still crying from the head bump and now I have 2 crying children and guess what it is....YUP PICK UP TIME! I have 3 parents walk in to get the kids and I have 2 crying kids and 3 VERY excited to see thier parents kids so there is now crying, squealing, mommy mommy mommy look look look....Ddaddy daddy daddy are we leaving...OMG CRAZINESS!!!! All while D is crying of course the parents are looking he sees them and amplifies his cry....My rule with Timeout is its a place to think and collec yourself you cant get up till you calm down. You cant explain the behavior if the child is upset. So I finally look at him and say D...if you just stop crying you can get out....HE STOPS stands up and walks to me. I told him to keep his hands to his self and he hugged G and kissed his boo....about that time MY KIDS come home from school and Shay walks in BAWLING her eyes out! She had been picked on on the bus!!! OMFG...I need a drink! I finally get Shay calmed down and I get the remainder f the kids outside and it was pretty okay after that.

One of my best friends whom is also a daycare provider (who I called earlier) is moving tomorrow to Arizona. I had plans to drink sime wine and spend time with her before she leaves...I arrived proceeded to give her the run down of the day and telling her how bad I need this night! about that time her daughter comes in and says "Mommy that big girl is crying in the sandbox" I look ITS BRI....Shay accidentally hit her with a shovel in the face and got sand in her eye....I decided she would live and DRANK.....Whats 4 bottles of wine among 3 friends :) Hoping today is a better day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Romance and the Puffer Fish!

The story of a married couple seeking some romantic alone time watching a sunset...and having a moment interrupted by a Johnny Crain and a Puffer Fish!

So B and I had my mom keep the kids and we went down to the beach at the campgrounds to watch the sunset and maybe sneak in a quick little crazy make out session :) Well it started like this....


Awwwwww cute right! Who wouldnt want to kiss with a skyline like this..


Well....its must also be feeding time for the Johnny Crains as well....B and I saw one land on the rocks off the shoreline. We watched it for a minute hopping around and thought for a minute about how cool they are and B did his King of the Hill....I can heal you Wooolllooooo looooo loooooo thing he always does when he sees one. Well my photography brain kicked into overdrive and all I had was my stupid cell phone but wanted a cute picture of our intertwinded feet and the sunset in the background! Apparently even B's feet are not photogenic...he was being ridiculous and laying in the sand not cooperating and as I laughed at him and punched him around in the sand (playfully of course) I noticed the crain was flying with something in its mouth. I told B to "Look the crain has something in its mouth!!!" He looks up about the time what was hanging out of the mouth of the crain drops to the ground! It made this hollowed out 'THUD" sound, I looked at B and said "What the hell is that" it looked like a ball bouncing on the ground and rolling...The crain landing right beside it. B says lets go check it out. So we get up and run down the beach like playfull teenagers racing to get there first and I was the FIRST to arrive. I see it and it looks like a white textured ball so I leaned over it closer to get a better look I told B "It looks like a ball of some sort??? and then it happened...It made a like spitting/hissing sound I screamed and Ran Like Megan in a clown house! Yelling as I ran down the beach squealing and jumping around ...IT HISSED AT ME AHHHHHHHHH OMG ( insert heebie jeebies dance) and B laughs and walks up to it and says...What the Hell is it?? Meanwhile I am still in the background doing the heebie jeebie dance and Brian is grabing a stick to inspect the alien that fell from the sky. Me (from a safer distance says..What is it?) B turns and says "ITS A PUFFER FISH!" A puffer WHAT I said....he says a Puffer Fish! I now walk closer and look at it with B. and here we are poking it...


And then B picked it up with one of the contraptions he always has in his pocket so I could get a better look at it!


It was a real live puffer fish! It was kinda cool minus the whole hissing and spitting thing. But it was trying to deflat...so we saved it and B threw it back into the water where it floated for a minute still hissing and spitting like a balloon with the end squeezed open and then all of a sudden...it deflated and swam away! So we marveled in the weirdness that our romantic evening had turned into the rescue of a strange fish. But then again how can you let a moment like this go to waste...so we watched the sun set melt in to the river and we snuggled and played around like teenagers (fun stuff not dirty you crazy people). Took in the moment and enjoyed each other and the amazing view in front of us....









Friday, October 1, 2010

Marriage Counceling........Negotiated Time Out!

So B and I attend Marriage Counseling......What of it? I am talking every tuesday, couch, therapist, a easel where she writes ladders and scales about behavior, she had a clipboard (that i wish I could see how crazy she really thinks I am LOL) and crazy crazy moments where she makes us look at each other and talk....That is alittle rough but TOTALLY WORTH IT! What is so Tabooo about counceling?? I see it as a sign of how much we love each other...we hit a really rough patch, divorce was SERIOUSLY considered but you know what.........I LOVE HIM.....and what is SO wrong about taking steps to secure a stronger, healthier, and (I can say this now) HAPPIER marriage. I really think 90% of my friends would benefit from what we are learning! BUT I had to share this ONE of the many steps we have taken because honestly I FREAKIN LOVE THIS!!!!!!


The point of this tool to avoid the unnecessary and HURTFUL things we as humans do to hurt our partner in the heat of an argument. Its a way to become rational in a irrational moment. As soon as you feel that your situation is escalating here is what you do........


One person calls a timeout. The other has to honor this request!! (if your man or yourself are a follower, there is always one. Mine is Brian this is a somewhat hard part)


Both AGREE to separate for 30 minutes to 3 hours. During this separation, each agrees to calm down about the situation. This can include going for a walk, journaling, taking a hot bath etc...(In my case call my BFF Sarah Lynn and scream till I feel better about how much I dislike him at the moment) Each is to tell the other where they will be during the break.

I like this part...I feel like I can reassess the fight and consider myself as the one who is over reacting. 99% of the time I am LOL!


At the end of time, both check in with each other to make sure both feel calm enough to be together. If not.....wait longer!

If it takes the full 3 hours to cool down and your anything like us....busy busy busy that its even hard to have a fight you need to find time to set aside to figure out the solution. If you have time to do it right then and there and YOU ARE CALM AND RATIONAL then do it then if not......

STEP FOUR (This is another hard step if your one of those dont let the sun go down on your anger people)

Agreement is reached that both will sit down and discuss the issue/s within the next few days....NO LONGER THAN 7 days for the sit down. If you have to out it on your calendar then DO IT.

If you let it go to long then you will never fix it and then problem will just compound on top of older problems and this creates more problem because you resentment builds on top of that. Not to mention if you are not dealing with the problems and making your spouse aware of what is happening then the problem will NEVER get fixed.....BELIEVE ME! I KNOW THIS..........


You sit down and talk about what happened. This can suck but I have found when I am no longer angry I can see his point or make mine easier than yelling it at him.

Can I just say this ONE tool is helping my family so MUCH. My kids even notice and say..Mommy and Daddy hardly fight anymore...I am not saying that we dont but I am saying that we fight better and its usually just a disagreement that turns to quiet time and then a discussion! Who doesnt want to raise their children in a household where they see you resolve your conflict and the RIGHT way to do it. Our thereapist brought up a good point one night she asked if we ever apologize in front of our kids when they see us fight....We answered NOPE! She said now ask your self.....When you saw your parents fighting or heard them, Did you ever hear them apologize to each other.... I will also leave you with that thought..........

Monday, September 27, 2010

I have a confession and a BIG CHALLENGE ahead of me...

SO I am a SMOKER.....There I said it....A nasty filthy SMOKER....Mostly a closet, yet social smoker. I have had friends say...I had no idea you are a smoker? I often answer "Well its usually at night after my kids are in bed or sometimes at the end of the day when my daycare kids leave,or Mostly if I am out drinking! What started as a casual, social bad habit has turned into a full fledged ADDICTION! Its weird I can go four or five days and not smoke then all of a sudden I need one...But then I will smoke a WHOLE pack in a day! Its a very confusing crazy addiction. Most smoker friends say that if I can go even a day I can quit..its also my vice on how I deal with stress. I get angry, frustrated, sad, happy, honestly its become apart of my phone conversations how do I stop???? Well now I am being faced with a bet....

Last June I formed a Relay for Life American Cancer Society Team in honor of my sister who was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. As I walked around and celebrated, remembered, and honored those who won the battle against cancer, those who lost and the current warriors and it was a very humbling day! I decided in that moment that this coming year...June 2011 I was gonna ROCK the event! Since June 2010 I have been planning and brainstorming all kinds of ideas..I already have my tent set up planned and all the activities and supplies I need have been written down and lists are made and a BIG fundraiser is in the works! I am also excited the Brian can join this year and not have to work! Brian has been riding this ride with since June and laughs at my crazy ideas and gives my ideas on how to raise lots and lots of money towards our team but MORE IMPORTANTLY to raise money towards Relay for Life. Well he decided to other night he was going to do his OWN fundraiser. We were 266 days away from Relay 2011 and he hit me with......How about I will donate 1.00 a DAY for everyday that you don't smoke! It has to be continuous and if you start...ITS DONE! If you last 2 day its 2 bucks you last 10 is 10 dollars but if you make it to relay its 266 dollars for your team! Well I had to finish my pack I had just bought so I did just that...I finished it on day 265!

Its been 2 days since I have smoked and I am consuming MASSIVE amounts of chocolate!! Then this morning Brian sweetened to the pot and said he would DOUBLE the amount if I stay not smoking... That is $530.00!!!! I need to do this....I don't want cancer........But I just may become a huge FAT COW with a bad attitude whom may hurt my husband when my FULL FLEDGED Nicotine withdraw kicks in......Does anyone have any ideas NOT using gum or patches to help cure my itch of smoking...I hate to be challenged..Oh and I HATE to Lose!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ahhhhhh just another one of those memories you will carry forever and laugh at HYSTERICALLY for the rest of your life!

Last night we were doing what we always do...running the roads. Brianna has Soccer and Shailyn had Cheerleading (thankfully at the same park just different fields). B had taken Nic to the park to play with another little boy who is around the same age. Nic was running around running around and more running around when he came to a sudden STOP! He look at B with this crazy look and yelled "Daddy I have to Poop REAL BAD" B said "okay buddy lets go" Nic yells again..."Daddy I gotta go REEEEEEEAL BAAAAAAD" and takes off running across the parking lot. B said when he looked up Nic was literally running with his hand clasping his butt cheeks together. B said at that point he lost it!! He laughed so hard and then a lady in the parking lot looked up and saw Nic hauling ass all while holding his but cheeks together. She looked at B who was laughing uncontrollably! She said " Oh my some one needs to go potty really bad!" This caused B to lose his mind in laughter.

Nic finally arrrives at the bathroom and pulls the door open and runs inside. B also takes the oppurtunity to go into the bathroom beside Nic and also potty. B is using the facilities and he hears Ni yelling from the next bathroom.."DADDY....I NEED HELP!!!" B yells back "Alright I am going pee to buddy I will be right there"....

B gets in to the bathroom and finds Nic standing in the bathroom with a look of HORROR and he said "Daddy I dont know what to do about this?" B looked and realized Nic never made it to the bathroom in time. All his effort and he had a opps!

B said all he could do was laugh and Nic was horrified he had to go commando the remainder of the night!

I really wish I could have seen thesight that it was of Nic holding his butt running for his little life...........

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy needs a time out!

Are we even allowed to take those?

Sometimes I feel like the stress of 3 kids, house, full time job, and husband are to much to bare. I tend to let the little things flip me over the border of rational to not so rational in a matter of seconds! So I have decided that when I act like my kids and have a temper tantrum (which I do rather well if I do say so myself) I need to put myself in "time out".

As a mother/wife are we allowed to take ourselves out of a situation and have a time out? I find that if I can walk away from a situation a breathe I can sometimes handle the situation better. I just need to negotiate the terms of my time out I think a glass of wine while sitting there would be pure torture! But a necessary punishment!

Okay, being serious now. Can we as parents do this? Would our children learn more self control by mimicking our behaviors if they see us removing ourselves from a situation that could escalate into a free for all word throwing rampage! I believe that teaching the children to walk away and collect their thoughts inside their head and have a more calm approach to the situation. I know when I get super angry I tend to say things I don't mean (only to my husband of course) if I get a time out...that wont happen!

I guess we will just have to see if this works and I an ashamed to say...I hope I get time outs alot...because I could totally use a break!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Happy Birthday Birth Story!

Today is my middle child's 8th Birthday! Anyone who knows me (which most of my readers don't) knows that Shailyn was the labor of all labors...I SERIOUSLY think she wanted to kill me from the inside out! A quick back story...I was in a car accident at 15wks with Shay, 9 weeks later I had a whole day with no movement...I went to the hospital..they find her heartbeat (thank god) but hook me up for a bit to monitor her only to find I was contracting...this started a long stint of pre term labor and many weeks of BED REST! At 32 weeks I had just a normal day of preterm contractions and irritability only to find by night time it was worse...I went to the hospital I was contracting 2-3 minutes and they managed to stop it with the Trabutiline shots in my arms....The next morning I went down for a sono to make sure she was ok...I started contracting every 2 minutes....get back to my room...I WAS DIALATED...cervical change at 32 weeks not good....2 days hospitalized on magnesium sulfate....BLOWS...But no baby so that was a BIGGER BLESSING! at 37 weeks...they took me off all medications and said....have at it....have your baby when you want!

May 3, 2002- I had lost my mucus plug 2 days earlier and the doctor said...24-48hrs till I could possibly go into labor and I was already 3cm dialated. Well all day I had this horrible pressure feeling. It was almost like there was something in there...she had descended to the birth canal is all it was. Well Brian and I were suppose to go pick up a pool table in LaPlata which is a hour away and it was the weekend after the horrible F5 Tornado had ripped through the small town and I wasn't necessarily ready to see my hometown torn to shreds plus I was scared to go that far away from the hospital! I decided to stay with my mom and go shopping 5 minutes from the hospital. We went to the furniture store and I kept telling her I thought my water was going to break my pressure was getting worse...she said "DO NOT SIT ON ANYTHING"...real nice huh? Well nothing happened....We went home and then met up with Brian and my step dad at my house later....I looked at my mom and said you better go home and get some sleep I will be calling you later!! She said okay we will see!

Brian and I finally got to bed about 11....I looked at him and said "I think I am going to go into labor! Wanna get the ball rolling seeing as it will be six weeks...you better take it now why you can get it!" well bow chicka wow wow.....

A fell asleep around 12..

1:52am.....I sat straight up in bed with that Oh My GOD breathe breathe breathe....
swatting at Brian....Ummmmmmmmmm Holy Shit.......Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me....it worked and ummmmmmmmm......this is not good!!!

Brian wakes up and see's I am in PAIN.... he kinda freaks....2 minutes later....HOLY FUCK! here comes another one....OMG OMG OMG I hit my knees laying my head on the bed, breathe breathe breathe.....

It passes....I look at Brian...WE NEED TO GO! Like an hour ago...maybe doing that was not such a good idea! this is WAY different then with Bri....I am hurting...like I was at 8cm with Bri.....We NEED TO GO! He calls his parents and tells them we are on our way to drop off Bri and head to the hospital!

We get in the car to go to the in laws and thankfully just down the street in the neighborhood because I didn't even put Bri in her car seat I put her on my lap to lesson the time...We arrive at his parents and for some strange reason I thought it would be okay to carry Bri into the house...Apparently Labor Brain....is not the common sense part of the brain...Half way up the sidewalk....I get another contraction...this one worse than before...My knees buckle and Brians dad walks out...I am yelling.......I AM GOING DOWN OMG GRAB BRI GRAB BRI.....He runs grabs her right before I hit the ground here I am on all fours rocking and breathing through the contraction right on the sidewalk in front of his house...NICE!

We leave quickly because I honestly thought she was going to come out in the car I laid on my side grabbing Brians arm with EVERY painful contraction that was hitting me every 2 minutes! I cried (which I did not once with Bri all natural) the pain was way different and much more worse than I remembered with Bri...we get to the hospital and I couldn't even walk to L&D...I needed a stupid wheelchair....

We arrive in Labor and Delivery about 4am....getting out of the house was longer than I wrote....I had to work through ALOT of contractions at home...They check me and the nurse says ok honey your about 3-4cm....I looked at her and I said WHAT?!?!?!? She said yeah your probably not going anywhere but its gonna be a while....DUMB BITCH was all I could think...she is lying to me....this pain is crazy...

I got up out of the bed because I don't labor well laying down in a bed..I like to be up and walking and moving plus my BACK was KILLING ME! Little did I know Shay was turned wrong...

I needed to go to the bathroom and the nurse walked in to get some more information and I was in the bathroom...I sat down and the all you heard was the sound of me peeing...but....I wasn't peeing....I yelled out to the nurse...Ummmmmmm My water just broke....she said....Are you sure? Yes....cant your hear it I cant pee that long......she says well you are staying....that was 5:15am....and my pain got even more worse than it was!

I am laboring pretty good at this point the pain is still horrific...I felt like I needed brian to punch my tail bone....I kept leaning over the bed asking Brian to take his fist and PUSH really hard on my tail bone and lower back...that seemed to be the only thing that helped my pain! He was scared to push...I was at this point losing my patience with him and I asked him again....PUSH HARDER BRIAN JESUS...Then I got frustrated and said Fuck it! I will labor on my own. A few minutes later I am dying literally or so I felt anyways and I look over at Brian and he was....you would never believe.....SLEEEEEEEEPING! I LOST IT! I yelled at him.....Brian what do you think you are doing? He said What? and then the words you NEVER say to a women in labor......I AM TIRED!!!...Those were words for murder! Seriously! If I didn't need the fluids I would have wrapped my IV tube around his neck and choked the life out of him! If looks could have killed,....he would have been dead! I looked at him and I said (very nasty) How the FUCK do you think I feel!!" This was not a good situation thank GOD my doctor walked in....I was crying....losing my focus because Brian was pissing me off I couldn't manage my pain and this...totally sucked!

its now 6:30am and my doctor decided he would check me to see if I was making any progress....He checks and I was ONLY 5cm......at this point I LOST IT! My doctor GOD LOVE HIM....sat down on my bed as I was sobbing uncontrollably because the pain was more intense than I had experienced before..he took my hand..looked me in my eyes and said "Shannon, I think over the course of the last 16 weeks we have developed a relationship...more so than just doctor/patient...I would like to consider myself your friend, and as your friend I CANT STAND to see you in this much pain, I know you are a all natural no pain medication person but I cant stand to see you like this and technically Can you do this for another 5 minutes?" through my crying I said no I cant but if I get the epidural I am SUCH A FAILURE! I looked at Brian because he knows my belief and he put his hands up and said "Oh hell no I am out of this because I am not going to make that decision, it is for you to make..I will not be blamed either way" I looked at my doctor and I mummered ok...I will do it!

He leaves the room only to return and say "We have a problem" The anesthesiologist is in Hughesville and it will take him about 20 minutes" I said Ummmm NO I want this epidural and I want it NOW...I had already let myself believe that I was going to have some relief what else can I do? Can I get in the shower I heard that helps with back labor? He said "Go for it!"

Brian helped my up and helped my into the shower. Something changed in me chanded when I got up...Once again little did I know Shay Flipped to face down position....

I am sitting in the shower and I put my head back on the wall and was taking in the calming feeling of the shower. Then all of a sudden out of NOWHERE I felt the urge to push....I was JUST told I was 5cm....there was no way I was ready to have her...But I really felt like I needed to just bare down...you moms know that I have to take a shit feeling...Brian looked at me and he said...Are you pushing? (grunting) NO, Yes you are what are you doing? Brian shut up I just feel like I need to push a little! He said..GET OUT OF THE SHOWER SHANNON this isn't funny. I looked at him and I said (grunting again..another contraction) Brian SHUT UP....about that time the floor of the shower filled up with blood Brian Freaked and said Ok you are getting out.....get out NOW!!!

Apparently my doctor could hear all of this and he looked at the nurse and said, "we are going to have a baby by shift change (7am) the nurse said you just checked her and she was 5 NO WAY I don't believe you...he replied "Listen to her...when she is talking and crying she is grunting....listen...."

Meanwhile, I am climbing out of the shower when I get hit with a big wave of PAIN..I buried my face in Brians chest grabbing skin in my clutches (which is painful for Brian but honestly the tittie twisting feeling was nothing on the crotch burning I was feeling) I started this yelling type moaning thing not screaming just more like a roar into Brians chest...Shay was right on the verge of coming out...I was at this point standing so the gravity pull was fueling the pain. It passes I walk to the bed and the nurse is standing there she says "I need to explain the risks of an epidural" I looked at her and in my pain I said.....You can tell me I will FUCKING DIE and I will sign that paper! When is the doctor going to get here...I cant take this anymore....(ha ha ha to me) I signed the paper and it looked like a ghost because I was shaking UNCONTROLLABLY (Transitioning anyone)

I sat down on the bed and I looked at the nurse and all I could yell was "OMG....I CANT GET THE EPIDURAL!!!!!!!" She said Why? I said SHE IS COMING NOOOOOOOW!! I had done this before so I knew what to do I grabbed my legs pulled those jokers back and I PUSHED like I had never pushed before....The nurse lifted my gown and started YELLING STOP STOP STOP STOP....DON'T PUSH SHE IS CROWNING...STOP STOP STOP....DR SBROCCO....GET IN HERE NOW!!!!!
She put her hands over me....that was not a good idea....I looked at her and I said...(God I am bitch)...IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS FROM OFF MY CROTCH I AM GOING TO KICK YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE!!!!!! She had her hand on me HOLDING Shay in....REALLY??? Has anyone else given birth Naturally?? You know you CANNOT control that urge to PUSH..and this bitch is HOLDING HER IN!!! She told me to blow...Again...Natural...this DOES NOT WORK on someone who had already lost all control over her emotions and focus..

The doctor comes in..I said TELL HER TO GET OFF ME OR I AM GOING TO PHYSICALLY HURT HER...Dr Sbrocce (god love him again) said Shannon calm down breath I need to get set up...Just blow blow blow and I will go as fast as I can...Meanwhile....I am on FIRE....Again, with the all natural child birth....the ring of fire is NO joke!!! Your stuff is on FIRE LITERALLY and the nurse is holding Shay's head right at the point of FIRE...I could feel my self almost to the point of tearing..but not tearing...PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN....I looked at my doctor and cried out...PLEASE YOUR GONNA KILL ME...I NEED TO GET HER OUT!!!! YOU KNOW I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING..JUST GET HER OUT!!!! He said okay let me get my gloves on...That was all I gave him..his gloves....and I pushed....

At 6:52am 22minutes past being told I had 5 hours to go and was only 5 cm dilated my baby girl entered this world in all her beauty and calmness (she wasn't breathing) The next few minutes are a blur....I was EXHAUSTED and TRAUMATIZED by this fast delivery..I laid there...almost passing out vaguely remembering saying...Why isn't she crying? Is she ok? Finally after a few minutes (thank god for shift change she had about 7 nurses working on her) she cried! Her apgars we low but she finally let out her big huge cry and all I could do was cry! They wrapped her up and Oh my was she tiny...but the most Beautiful thing I had ever SEEN! All 6lb 15oz of her!

Today 8 yrs later Shailyn Alicia is the most vivacious child...who loves everyone, the most caring child I have, and absolutely beautiful inside and out! Happy Birthday Shailyn! I would do you birth a million times over...just to make sure I had you in my life every day!




Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Things I learned camping in the backyard with my kids...

So Saturday Brian and I decided that we would have a free mini vacation right in out own backyard! We had it all...Blankets, Tent, Books, Lantern and SMORES! While we were laying down and it was dark was when the real fun began...

10. Nic can speak frog! The bullfrogs were on a rampage and Nic so nice wanted them to be quiet and said he could tell them to be quiet...Goes to the screen and says....Ribibibibibib It.....(pause) the frogs still croaking......They cant hear me through the screen!

9. Mommy did you know that spider monkeys can shoot webs from their mouth.....Ummmmm Nope sure didn't but I do now!

8. Daddy our Guinea Pig is pregnant....Oh yeah how do you know? She has nipples....and babies come from nipples....(ummmmmm?????)

This opened a can of worms...

7. Mommy did you know that when Tigers have babies....they come out of their butt and hang from umbilical cords...(Me) I don't think they come out of the butt?? Yes they do I saw it on Animal Channel and it was definitely from the butt what else is under the tail?...


6. The big dipper is not as easy to explain as most people think.

5. Nic is a monster to sleep beside...I think I lost more than one handful of hair!

4. The sounds that you hear in your backyard can lead your imagination to a whole new world that can actually freak you out a bit!

3. My kids know all the words by heart to the Phineaus and Ferb disney cartoon theme song..(that was my lullaby)

2. Even though it seems like a good idea to leave the rain cover off so you can stare up at th stars through screened in roof of the tent....When it rains at 5:30am.....It really wasn't such a good idea!

and the most fascinating.....

1. I love my family so much! They are my heart and soul and the only reason why I breathe...You don't have to spend any money just pitch and tent in the back yard and let the good times and laughter roll!! L.O.V.E = T.I.M.E not money!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a fantastic weekend....Concured some things..

I had a great weekend with the kids this weekend everyone behavior was on par! The girls had a birthday party at a location that is a HUGE patience tester..Its where "A kid can be a kid" and Parents want to hang themselves! Oh yeah, I am talking about Chuck E Cheese! WOW is all I can say do parents just walk in the door and say "RUN WILD MY CHILDREN AND RESPECT NO ONE GO HAVE FUN MOM IS DRINKING BEER IN THE CORNER!" I just don't think manners is a word that is used there. My kids did great though Nic got lost briefly in the hamster tubes (that's what I call them) The girls stayed together in the arcade getting those stupid paper tickets to get a 1 dollar junk toy for 80 tickets! But I have to say it was fun! I took Nic to the arcade and let him play skee ball....I probably should have explained the idea of the game...Nic grabbed the ball and OVER hand through the ball to the end...Although he made it in the 30,000 it wasn't appropriate!

The prize counter.....

JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK.....Really???? One person with 100 kids all saying I want the snake worth 20 tickets...BUT...I want the purple snake with PINK polka dots...UGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Finally after about 40 minutes my kids got what they wanted or what they could get with the tickets and we were off to Build A Bear!

We get to the mall and it wasn't to bad...We had to wait outside of Build A Bear for the party time and Nic was really the tag a long that day so I got the girls situated and I left them in the hands of the party throwers and I took Nic shopping! Well not really....

I took him to the indoor play area and let him run around and I watched him and his imagination soar....He got in the canoe and pretended to row it...That was funny to watch and I was a little shocked that he knew what "rowing"was! After a while I told him it was time to go and he had 5 more minutes..he ran around and did all the final things he wanted to do and when I out my "time is up" hand in the air he came running! Put his shoes on and sanitized his hands and we were off...We held hands and walked the mall he NEVER complained...I took him to the Lego store and bought him a little 10 dollar lego set for being SO FREAKIN GOOD! He hugged that thing like it was going to run away and that made me smile :)

We walked back to the store to get his sisters and had to wait briefly why they finished up. When they were done we took Bri to Borders to use a gift card she got for her birthday (her birthday was in February, tells you how often we go to the mall) Taking Bri into a bookstore is like taking a drug addict to pharmacy and saying take your pick! That was a frustrating ordeal! She wants so many books but had 25 dollars to spend! I am thinking a Kindle is in her future! Then she had 68 dollars to spend on clothes...of course it had to be at Justice..

We walk into the store and Nic has to pee...Brianna is steady shopping and I had a major decision to make..she is 10 and wants some freedom but I am a paranoid overbearing even more overprotective mother! Nic is now bouncing and holding himself and Brianna is in the ZONE! What do I do.....

Well......I left Brianna in the store...took Shay and Nic and bolted for the bathroom 3 stores down! I think I had lost my mind briefly....But I gave her super strict instructions...DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS, STAY IN THE STORE, and the most important DO NOT BUY ANYTHING TILL I LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE!! She laughed at me...I mean she really laughed at me and told me to go she was FINE! OYE! So I do and I run....literally...... Shay and Nic potty and we run back to the store..

She was fine of course even though her mouth is insane she really is a super smart super good kid! She had 2 t shirts and a jean skirt in her hand...I looked at the prices and I said "Um Bri this comes to like 66, 67 dollars are you sure you only want these 3 things for this much money...she said yes can I afford it?? I said well I am not good with math in my head but I think you just may make it...we hit the register and her total came to...remember she only had 68...TOTAL...$67.51!!! Phhhhhew! She just made it, had change and still left with a dollar in her wallet! Smart girl!

After that we headed home and I was happy with how good the kids were and how everyone listened and it was a good day! I just wish everyday was this good!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Defiance.......I will take you down if it KILLS ME!

Every parent I think reaches a milestone in their parenting journey that puts them at a crossroad. What road do you take...

I am having some issues with all 3 of my children honestly. Its like the trickle down effect, what one does they all do. Unfortunately for me this is the big fat "D" word yeah I said it DEFIANCE! I run my house on a VERY strict policy of "What I say goes and no if, ands, or buts about it! When I tell you to do something don't give me the whole BUT.....WHY......SHE NEVER...HE NEVER...blah blah blah you better just do it. Well these days....that's all I am getting!

I get so angry I scream and yell and feel the overwhelming need to smack them right in the mouth! The attitudes and the eyes rolling and the constant Humpf I get with everything I ask them to do is really about to push me over the edge.

They will ask to play in the back yard I will say sure BUT STAY IN THE BACKYARD...10 minutes later..I see one riding their back down the road OUT FRONT! How do I handle this? I have taken the bikes, I have done restriction, and even taken outdoor privileges away but apparently...they just DON'T CARE! I have always been a advocate of "Appropriate spanking" I sometimes think that kids need a stronger form of discipline then just the soft spoken "That does not make mommy very happy" BULLSHIT talking to your kids. I see parents everyday reasoning with their 3 year old and trying the nice approach and the kids are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE brats who no one can stand to be around and I refuse to have someone feel that way about my kids. I cant wait to see these preschool/toddlers who are running the lives of their parents turn 15! Your child cant over power you at 3 but as they get bigger....they will! One thing I have learned is if you give a 2/3 yr old a INCH those jokers take 100 MILES! Kids need discipline and they need rules and boundaries.

I just don't know what to do about this anymore....I refuse to be one of those pushover parents!

The other night Bri was getting really nasty with her siblings and I don't allow disrespect in my house on any level and that goes for my kids to. I told her if I heard it again she would write 500 times...I will not disrespect my brother and sister

Well I don't think she thought I was serious....

I caught her being horrible to her brother and guess what...

She lost ALL household privledges until she completed her writing (500) I will not disrespect my brother and sister.

She was non to happy but it didnt work so do I up it to 750, 1000, 1250, 1500...when is enough enough...

I have tried to talk to her and all she says is they get on her nerves ugh I have to figure this all out!

I am so tired of the rule breaking, arguing, screaming, crying, whining etc etc etc going on in this house...I will win this...I hate losing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sports Superstition and the Playoff Beard!

What is it with sports and superstition that I am actually a believer?! So anyone who knows me know that my B and I are HUGE Caps fans! Not the bandwagon...Hey a DC team worth a shit kinda fan but rel actually before they were good fans! B took me to my first hockey game in 2000 I was never really a fan of hockey actually I had never even watched a game. We took my brother Brandon and my sister Melissa and I have never had such a rush or surge of adrenaline during a spot in my whole life! At that moment I was HOOKED! I saw Peter Bondra score a Hat Trick....Olie Kolzig was one of the hottest sports players I had ever seen and the game itself was AMAZING!

Well 10 years later the Caps are in the Playoffs for the 3rd time and this is it! This should be the year for the Stanley Cup! Everyone is doing the whole...not washing the underwear and wearing them during the game, Put my hat on inside out and the famous....beardathon!!! Well anyone who knows my husband he is VERY facial hair challenged!! It grows not thick and sporadic and sometime a reddish color but he ALWAYS shaves it off because its funny looking!

Right before the first game of the playoffs B shaved......WE LOST! Well then this happened which brings me to my initial question....

We go to game 2 on Saturday......Brian had not shaved because i said lets see what happens....

The first 2 periods were HORRIBLE!!! We were down 4-1 Montreal was kicking our ass!! B and I always have this thing we "DO" of the Caps are losing it started last yar during the playoffs...If the Caps were down before the 3rd during the 20 minute intermission we would........Well.......Have sex! This has worked in the Caps favor MANY TIMES lol...now we have to! Well here we are at the Verizon Center and the Caps were being beat and we cant
1. Get to the Car (trashy I know but hey were married it brings excitement to the table LOL) It was to far away.
2. No storage closets LOL You guys may think I am joking but I am really not!

Were screwed (not literally unfortunately) and so are the Caps or so we thought!

The third period rolls around and the annoying guy who has sat in front of us all year (we have season tickets) gets up to get a beer. While he was gone the CAPS SCORED!! Our whole section wouldn't let him back up to his seat...they made him stay out in the food section to watch the game! One of my daycare parents text me that her hubby had NEVER watched hockey before and the past 2 games he had watch the Caps LOST! I asked her to tell him to turn the game off and no longer watch LOL Hysterical but superstition is superstition right!

Next, the other guy in front goes down to get a beer....Caps score again! So now we have 2 fans now NOT allowed to sit in their seats!! B and I are laughing at this whole situation...B has no idea that I remember that he hasn't shaved! I get a text message from a (Boooooooooooooo) Penguins fan and he is tonting my about the score and I have this thing I CANT TALK SHIT BEFORE OR DURING A GAME...in the past I have and they lost.... so this is a no go on the trash talk! I text my daycare parent and asked her if her hubby turned off the game she said YES! I said good we were winning!

Finally, one of the players scores a game tieing goal with just over a minute left in the game! (intense sport hence why I love it) All in all we went to overtime and one of the player 30seconds into the OT round scores a goal...not just any goal the game winning goal that was also his 3rd of the game which is a....HAT TRICK! It was crazy exciting!

Well we had another game on Monday and B asked me if he could shave...I said HELL NO! What happened we kicked ass yet again this time it was a blow out pretty much and now Brian is NOT allowed to shave.....We will see how funny looking he is by the time
we go to the Finals
I cant say that cause I will curse them......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Challenge....

So Sunday night after working in the garden all day I decided to take a nice long quiet hot bath (no laughing at me I know its only half true...quiet with 3 kids YEAH RIGHT). Well right as I shut the water off and I close my eyes to imagine that warm sun, white sandy beach, fruity drink with lots of alcohol and that sexy sun kissed body building waiter offering to rub lotion on my back...B walks in...I open my eyes...Cold bathroom with my hamper getting full, dirt on the floor from my feet cause I gardened in flip flops (note to self..don't do that your toes stay black and gross for days), My Dr Pepper on the side of the tub and B wearing work out clothes standing in the door way. Not exactly what I had going on with the eyes closed but hey THATS LIFE! B says "Hey I'm gonna go work out for a bit" I replied "I want a crab cake" where that came from I am not sure but i was sure that my long hot bath was over before it began if he was downstairs the kids would soon find the way up the steps and into my private fantasy! Damn the luck! B laughed and said I have a deal if you come downstairs and run a mile on the treadmill in UNDER 10 minutes I will go get you a crab cake but I am sure you cant so.....I will see you in a bit...

Wait did he just challenge me? REALLY??? Oh buddy those are some fighting words...I said oh yeah under 10...I get a crab cake? He said YUP! (He is smart I hate working out bribing is the only way to do that) The next thing I know I am out of the tub like a hair dryer was about to fall in it and I and looking for my workout clothes! B laughed because my running shoes that I have had for years are still clean! I get dressed and i look at him and say "Your going down fool" and I hit the workout room! On the treadmill I go and were off......

The first few minutes weren't bad I walked to warm my muscles I am walking at like 3 miles and hour...this is not going to get me in under 10 so I up to 4.5

I am now jogging at 4.5 mph...the damn clock says 17 minutes for a mile DAMN....

Up it to 5 mph now I am running...I mean running...The damn clock says 13 minutes for a mile....DAMN IT!! my legs are starting to burn and I look at B who is going to town on the bowflex I smile I will WIN! He glances over at me and laughs a bit cause he runs this thing everyday he knows I will NEVER make it in under 10! I keep pushing and pushing and pushing through the pain and lack of OXYGEN I was receiving and some how I completed the mile in 13.30minutes....Not 10 and no crab cake but I felt great for doing it that fast! I will win my damn crab cake......I will conquer this thing....I hate to lose at anything so its ON!

On a old person point of view.....I HURT!!! OMG the pain in my legs and hips are ridiculous I was a cheerleader for Gods sakes why do I hurt?? Oh yeah I'M OLD! apparently 30 isn't as bouncebackable as a say 18-29 year old!! I should have known! My knees crack and my hip pops...WTF....I am not ready for this...I will not age gracefully...B and I had some alone time with no kids one weekend...tried marathon sex ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ANOTHER YEAH RIGHT.....I got a cramp in my hip so severe I thought I broke it...Then B got a Charlie Horse to say the least we did laugh about it and decided we are not as young as we use to be...Maybe this working out stuff will resurface our younger days buried underneath the old joints that are currently winning the battle!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It only took 10 years.....

Well I finally did it!!!! I left my kids with a teenager!!! But I have to say she was a VERY good one! She sent me text messages to "check-in" and was very good with my kids!! This makes me very happy and I feel so much better about choosing to have her as a babysitter for my kids. I had never at that point left my kids with anyone except grandparents or a close ADULT friend. I guess I always had this fear that a teenager would not be responsible or neglegent I am not really sure what it was exactly but it scared me. B and I really wanted to go to the Hockey game and watch our favorite team in the playoffs but all family had been exhausted and no one was able to keep them which prompted me to put out a SOS on Facebook. I got a hit from a friend who called the teenager and she totally ROCKED! I guess it is worth it sometimes to take a chance and step out of your security box and live.....just a little...and I will definitly be calling her again!

Organic Garden......DONE! Well we spent all day Sunday planting our all organic vegetable garden! I am super happy and I really really really hope it grows! The location of the garden is in the back left corner of our yard and I thought it had more sun than it did...OOPS Apparently it doesnt get sun till about 3pm. All the plants required full sun....so I am hoping it works but I am a little scared now...That will be TO BE CONTINUED...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, Why am I not happy about this!

So just a quick Rabies update...

The state nurse did alot of clarification for me this morning..

1. Shailyn at this point does not need to undergo Rabies shots. The puppy is in quarentine where it will stay for the next 10 days and like I said yesterday if it lives we are golden...if not Shay is screwed! 5 shot in 28 days UGH!!!

2. Why my well taken care of dog is locked up for 45 days and not 10?

~~How Rabies is spread is through the Saliva (duh), when my dog exposed himself to the bat and if the bat even bite my dog (there was no way to tell)and if the bat had rabies it takes approxamately 45 days - 6 months past exposure to present itself in the saliva. Therefore my dog has to be locked up for the 45 days. How she explained it was if the bat did in fact bite my dog it doesnt automatically give my dog rabies. The rabies virus has to leave the entry site (bite sight) and work its way through the nerves~~~~~to the brain~~~~~~~and THEN to the saliva. Until that happens the dog CANNOT pass the virus in a bite because the virus is not present in the saliva..Makes since right??

~~This is why the new dog was quarentined for only 10 days..when it grazed (literally Shay showed no visible signs of a bite when she got home) Shays arm and "broke the surface of her skin" if Shay was going to contract the Rabies virus herself the dog would have had to been infact carrying the FULL BLOWN Rabies virus (hence the 10 days) and from what I witnessed yesterday she was just a hyper little puppy who wanted to play so I am not concerned.

On a different note...

Todays is Friday and a BIG day for the locals...its TIKI BAR OPENING! 30,000 people flock to our tiny little island to over induldge in 10 dollar drinks they had to wait in line 2 hours for. The cops are in full effect! This is our local area Mardi Gra complete with boobie flashing for beads and MASSIVE amounts of public drunkeness.. and oh yeah...I will be there Sober laughing at the crazied idiots who are puking all over themselves...I am helping a friend serve food (I think) or just keeping her company. I have to rise and shine super early to partake in a public awarness for early literacy for young and under priviledge children and I am actually excited about this..Then home to prepare for the Washington Capitols Playoff game that night with the hubby! Who doesnt love a "Date Night"...


For this date night....we are hiring a teenager to watch the kids and I am not sure how I feel about it! I know she is responsible and LOVES LOVES LOVES kids...but still nervous...this should be interesting....Will update on Monday,,,Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Rabies.....LEAVE ME ALONE....

So sorry I havent posted in awhile I have had alot of stuff going on...

On March 16th at about 9pm I had told my daughter to let the dogs in and put them away for the night. I was chit chatting with a really good friend from High School...We were catching up and laughing and having some good conversation which was exactly what I needed. As I cleaned up the remainder of the kitchen I had the window open and I heard...

squeak, squeak, squuuueeeeeak squuuuueeeeaak....

WTF is that sound ( I start opening the cabinets) I better not have a fucking MOUSE...I HATE a mouse...

Squeak, Squeak, SQQUUUUEEEAAAAAKKK....Bark Bark Bark...

Still looking for the source the squeaking....

(In the background)(I am still in the kitchen on the phone) PRINCE LEAVE THAT ALONE....PRINCE STOP THAT..PRRIIIIIINNNNCE STOOOOOOPPPP!!


Then it happens....(what hear through the window I am still in the kitchen trying to find the source of the squeak)

MOOOOOOOOOOOMY Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Wtf really a fucking bat WHAT....I run outside into the backyard and YUP my pomeranian has a BAT!!!!!!

You have to be kidding me! I think I want a mouse...I HATE a BAT more than a mouse!! Oh and did I forget to mention that I am ALONE with the kids no man was in my house and was unreachable at that moment. The bat was still alive I get the dog in the house and proceed to try to get the bat with a shovel..The fucker kept squeaking at me...I would scream and run.....Oh yeah and I am still on the phone which my girlfriend was LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY she then says "OMG i havent heard you scream like that since high school! I laughed for the moment but I had the WORSE case of heebie jeebies EVER! I would touch it with the shovel and it would flap his wings and squeak again I wuld scream and run...I would come back....all i could say was...I cant do it...I REALLY cant do it...(poke with the shovel) SQUEAK flap flap flap....Me-RUNNING AGAIN (this went on for 45 minutes) ....Oh and yes my children were witnessing their mother being a big fat sissy! It is now approaching 10pm the kids are not in bed and it is in my backyard right by my steps to the daycare it has to go but REALLY I CANT DO IT! Thankfully I have a male friend that lives around the corner. I call him...

Brent: Hello
Me:Hey are you working?
Me:You have your kids?
Me: I need a man?
Brent: You need WHAT???
Me: ha ha ha I have a bat in my yard and I cant get it out?
Brent: You have a WHAT??
Me: A bat a FUCKING bat and its still alive!!
Brent: Are you serious or are you kidding?
Me: I am so serious
Brent: Kill it
Me: Hell NO
Brent: FINE...How do I get to your house?

He showed up about 15 minutes later and grabbed my shovel as he touched it I ran AGAIN...It flapped its wings and sqeaked and my kids still hovering (from a safe distance away) and thought it was Cuuute (yeah right)!! I fussed at the kids to go inside and so did my friend....He had to kill it and didnt want to do it in front of the kids. They went inside and he cut the flippin thing in half (God, it was gross) he put it away from where the dogs and kids could get it and so animal control could get it if they needed it.

The next morning I called my vet out of concern for my dog (he did have his vaccinations THANK GOD) They informed me that he had to get ANOTHER rabies booster even though it had been less than a year since his last and then they said I had to call animal control. WTF???

Animal Control comes to my house and tells me that I have to get the next vaccination and then I have to quarentine my dog for 45 DAYS!!!! Really 45 days!!!! I lost it....I cried he is our favorite dog! I asked him about having the bat tested..Our system sucks! Because the bat had NO HUMAN CONTACT they would not test it due to funding issues..so my dog is locked up and it just sucks...

TODAY April 15th, 2010

Shailyn goes to the bus stop as normal. Well apparently there was a stray puppy at the bus stop and apparently my kid has no fear of a strange dog no matter how much I have said DONT GO NEAR them. The puppy was friendly and running around and playing with all the kids and was doing the puppy nibble/bite. Well in that process it either jumped and scratched or her teeth scratched the surface of her skin. NICE....Shay goes to school and some how ends up in the nurses office. The school nurse called my MIL because she saw what happened and said Animal Control needed to be contacted. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) She calls me I call Animal Control and guess what.....You got it! Shay has to have a bite report filed in her name and may have to find this stray puppy and give it to Animal Control or my daughter will have to undergo rabie shots!!!!!! I am so FUCKING done!! Now I am getting upset...I get my MIL to sit with the daycare kids and I go hunting for this DOG! Thank the GOOD LORD ABOVE I found the dog tied up at a house down the street. I stopped and asked her if she owned the dog or if it was indeed a stray. She said, it wasnt hers but it almost got hit and she was worried and hoped to hear about a possible owner. I asked her if I could take it and she said yes I could and I did just that...I took it! I put it in my backyard and waited for animal control. The officer took the dog and said he was being quarentined for 10 days and if it lives....Shay doesnt need rabie shots...if it dies...My daughter is screwed! I did ask why a stray with no rabie vaccine (possibly) only gets 10 days but my well taken care of fully vaccinated dog gets 45 days and the officer said if he hadnt had a rabies shot it would have to be a 6 month quarentine!??? He didnt really have an answer So needless to say I now in less than a month have 2 bite reports on my desk....Hopefully this is the end of it I cant take much more....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cupid Shuffle!


Dancing with the 10 year old at Brianna's party!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catch up!

I cant believe its been a month and so much has happened!

*Nic continues to love hockey and I continue to love to watch him learn!

*The BEST....Nic can finally wipe his own butt...skid mark free so far!

*We were blizzarded in for 2 weeks....I lost my mind and did not enjoy on single bit of it...truthfully I think I cried everyday I saw schools were closed...You can only play referee for so long before you want to say...Go ahead beat the shit out of each other I just dont care anymore!

*Brianna turned 10....I still cant believe my first born is 10! She had a
"Rockin 10th Birthday" all the kids came dressed like rock stars and they danced and sang and well.....had a blast! Oh and did I mention they spen the night 9 pre teen girls...I know...IM CRAZY! Here are some of the pics!




* Father Daughter Dance 2010...Brian and the girl have been going to this Valentines Dance since Brianna was in Kindergarten! Bri and Brian went the first year alone (Shay was to young) and they have made this a yearly thing...except last year they sold out and we were unable to go :( he took them to dinner instead. Here are some of the pics from that!







Well I think that covers it....Until next time....hope its not a month again! and I am in some serious need of funny stories!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A challenge....LOVE THIS ONE!

52 weeks of shoot me! I came across this on another blog and I think it is a fantastic idea! I am tired of never being in the pictures that are takin of my family because I am always behind the camera. So once a week for the next 52 weeks I will post a picture of me doing something with my kids!


Here is the 1st of 52 posts!


Nics Neurology update..He Definatley has Tick!

So we finally got our appointment with the Neurologist for Nic. If you are new to this please read my Nic has a Tick . Well the Doctor actually saw him Tick so that was a good thing (if you can call it that)and said that he was concerned about it. He told me that viruses inside the human body can cause this but given Nics healthy history he quickly dismissed that theory. I went completely unprepared for what to ask him about. I had let go of the Tourettes aspect and thought that maybe it wasn't true so I therefore did no research on the subject and figured of he had it the doctors would see it. This was a mistake I later found out. The doctor said that right now Nic has a "Simple Tick" meaning he isn't combining it with any other motor ticks. No legs jumping, finger snapping, shoulder shrugging type behavior. He then asked if Nic has any OCD type tendencies I said No! Not realizing OCD can present in many form with Tourettes. It doesn't have to be a cleaning obsession, or hand washing, or the other classic common OCD type behavior. He informed me that we are in the "watching" phase right now and I was to document all the things I would be worried about and see hin again in August. He said Nic wasn't exhibiting the classic Tourettes characteristic of the "Vocal Tick". He did sayt that it could take up to a year or more for that to surface considering Nic is only 5. But if it did I needed to come back before August. When I got home I put it on my facebook for my friends that were all worried about him to know it was a ok visit. Someone then asked me why and I reposted the video and I am sure glad I did! I got a phone call that evening from a friend/mom who had seen the video and she informed me that her son has Tourettes and if I had any question to please call her! I loved this!! I FINALLY had someone to talk to about this disorder and get some questions answered! But in talking to her I realized Nic had more Characteristics that I has just written off as NORMAL childhood behavior. This upset me but made all the things FINALLY come together. Here are some of the traits he has been exhibiting over the last few years.

Sleeping in his own room

Around the age of three Nic started not sleeping in his own bed. I would go months without properly putting his laundry away and leaving it on his bed because he never slept in there any way. Well one night I forced him (kicking and screaming) to sleep in there. He lost his mind!!! He kept telling me he had bee's in his room he would here them Buzzing. I told him he was being silly there was no bees in his room. I would turn on the lights, I would sit on his bed with him, I even went out and bought Lysol and put a "Bee Be Gone" label onto he stupid thing and sprayed it in his room telling him I killed the bee's. He insisted I did not and he could still hear them. I finally gave into the battle and let him sleep with me or his sisters and he was always fine. I also moved his older sister into his room that was not being used and let him share the room with his younger sister and he started actually sleeping MORE not all the time but MORE in his own bed.

After talking to my friend...She said her some did the same thing he just heard a ticking sound but an almost Identical story to Nics. She informed my with Tourette's kids exhibit anxiety that triggers a sensory disorder and that they can have heightened hearing.

Well four months ago his little sister moved out of his room and moved to her own room and the anxiety started all over again. This time it was he could here the sounds of the outside whether it was the dogs barking across the lake, leaves rustling, the wind lightly blowing etc....To help him I gave him my bedside fan and turned it on high so he couldn't hear ANYTHING outside of his bedroom. It worked for a day or so but I can honestly say that 9 times out of 10 he wakes up in the middle of the night to either sleeps with me or he climbs in bed with one of his sisters. Yesterday, he slept in his room all night, Last night, I awoke this morning to him in my bed.

My friend said this to was all part of the hearing sensory issue.


Since Nic was young I have always had to put him in the cart at the stores because he cant keep his hands to himself. When I walk down a isle at the grocery store he HAS to walk his fingers down the shelves. I have always been funny about my kids touching stuff in a store. If they cant keep their hands off the stuff in the store they have to put their hands in their pockets. Well Nic seems to NEVER be able to do that. A year ago my Mom took him to the store and called me after saying "I WILL NEVER TAKE HIM TO A STORE WITH ME AGAIN" "He couldn't keep his hands off the shelves" You need to control him. I said FINE don't take him anymore I don't care you have to put him in the cart! I guess because I know this about him as a part of his personality I didn't realize that was a OCD type behavior. I do now! B and I walked in to Crate and Barrel a couple of weekends ago and I stopped as soon as we entered and looked at B and said "PICK HIM UP" I just foresaw Nic knocking and ENTIRE shelf of 15 dollar wine glasses over with his finger walking. NO THANK YOU! B did and we were successful with NO breaking of any items in the store!

Last night I went to BJ's and I did take note to him walking his fingers down the isles and I picked him up and put him in the cart it was taking FOREVER to get down the aisle's I didn't have time to wait. When I got home I called my friends and she said yes it was a OCD type tick to where he cant help but touch the shelves. He has done it so long that I just stopped paying attention to it being a problem and just always put him in the cart.


Nic has always been a "Mamma's Boy". But around the age of 15 months he got EXTREMELY upset when anyone would touch me. If you walked up to me and put your finger tip on my arm and he saw you. He would fall straight to the ground and grunt until I picked him up. B would get so pissed that I would pick him up and told me he did it because I "spoiled" him. So one night Brian walked in a kissed me and Nic fell like a fainting goat to the floor. B said DO NOT PICK HIM UP!! So I didn't until he scooted across the room to the wall and started banging his head. Then I picked him up! As time went on he lessened his falling but is still obsessed with me. Only I can do things, Make his milk. wipe his butt, give him a bath, etc... I just got accustomed to it and did it. Well now it has transpired yet again. He is not ADAMANT that I Hug and Kiss him before leaving him. This goes for any period of time he wont see me, nap time, bed time, driving 2 seconds down the street to pick up his sisters and a friends house, its HORRIBLE if I don't. Last week I was driving 5 houses down to pick up Bri and Nic was playing in the back yard he heard the car start and came RUNNING to the fence I had the radio on I didn't hear him but all of a sudden B came busting out of the house with his finger in the air to signal for me to wait a minute. He opened the fence and grabbed Nic and brought him to the car. Nic was a MESS. B said he could hear him SCREAMING all the in the house. I looked at Nic and said: Buddy mommy is just going down the street! He said: You CANT LEAVE with out giving me a hug and a kiss. REALLY 2 seconds requires a hug and a kiss" I complied and he was fine! But I cant leave if he is in the bath or shower unless I do this or he has the worst meltdown I have ever seen but as soon as I hug and kiss he's FINE! I don't know what that is all about but my friend said it was another OCD thing where it HAS to be DONE or he cant function! But its only with ME! I am still unsure if this is a tourettes thing or not. But definitely going to be discussed with the doctor.


Well Nic has within the last month developed this idea he CANNOT step on cracks. I have not said anything to him I have just been watching and observing but last night I noticed EVERY single crack he had to step over them. Whether it was a crack in the asphalt or a crack in the concrete, and mainly the cracks in the floors of BJ's. This I know is a OCD type behavior. But I did finally ask him last night why he wasn't stepping on the cracks...he said: I just cant mommy! Hmmmmmmmmm

After talking with my friend and putting all the peices together it all makes since. But now all I am waiting for is his Vocal tick then they can diagnose. I am not sure how I feel about any of this right now. I know the vocal tick could take time even a year or so. I just wish he would do it and get it over wth so we can figure out the next step of things. But a huge part of me hopes like hell he NEVER gets it and this will all be just a glimpse into my past or a blog I wrote about quirky behavior. But after talking with my friend I have a feeling this is my new life..SuperMomof3..one with Tourettes....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bad Mommy!

Okay I like wine! Actually I love this one type of wine Moscato Di Asti made by Umberto Fiore! Its so sweet and delicious! Well yesterday I was enjoying a bottle! Het it was Sunday and the men were watching football while I was cooking and cleaning why not? Right??? Well after I realized I need to slow my roll I left my galss and about a inch worth of wine in bottom on the counter. As I cleaned up I realized it was gone..the whole thing...glass and all! Well now I know why here is what I found!Typed in her documents on the computer!

Courtesy of my Science freak 9 yr old! (This is a copy and paste no way my words or my corrections. Pretty good if I do say so myself)!

What happens when you put salt in wine

Its January 25th 5:45pm and I just found an old wine glass and there was still wine in it. Then I found some salt. So I decided I was going to do an experiment. First, I got three pinches of salt then I grabbed the wine glass. Next I took one pinch of salt and put it in the wine glass. It made it look like an expolsion inside! Then I put the last two pinches of salt in the wine and it made and hissing noise like a snake! It looked like an explosion inside again What and experiment

The End

I guess I should be more concerned when my wine disappears but atleast she conducted a cience experiment...documented it...and no where did she say she drank it...phew!