Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Things I learned camping in the backyard with my kids...

So Saturday Brian and I decided that we would have a free mini vacation right in out own backyard! We had it all...Blankets, Tent, Books, Lantern and SMORES! While we were laying down and it was dark was when the real fun began...

10. Nic can speak frog! The bullfrogs were on a rampage and Nic so nice wanted them to be quiet and said he could tell them to be quiet...Goes to the screen and says....Ribibibibibib It.....(pause) the frogs still croaking......They cant hear me through the screen!

9. Mommy did you know that spider monkeys can shoot webs from their mouth.....Ummmmm Nope sure didn't but I do now!

8. Daddy our Guinea Pig is pregnant....Oh yeah how do you know? She has nipples....and babies come from nipples....(ummmmmm?????)

This opened a can of worms...

7. Mommy did you know that when Tigers have babies....they come out of their butt and hang from umbilical cords...(Me) I don't think they come out of the butt?? Yes they do I saw it on Animal Channel and it was definitely from the butt what else is under the tail?...


6. The big dipper is not as easy to explain as most people think.

5. Nic is a monster to sleep beside...I think I lost more than one handful of hair!

4. The sounds that you hear in your backyard can lead your imagination to a whole new world that can actually freak you out a bit!

3. My kids know all the words by heart to the Phineaus and Ferb disney cartoon theme song..(that was my lullaby)

2. Even though it seems like a good idea to leave the rain cover off so you can stare up at th stars through screened in roof of the tent....When it rains at 5:30am.....It really wasn't such a good idea!

and the most fascinating.....

1. I love my family so much! They are my heart and soul and the only reason why I breathe...You don't have to spend any money just pitch and tent in the back yard and let the good times and laughter roll!! L.O.V.E = T.I.M.E not money!

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