Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a fantastic weekend....Concured some things..

I had a great weekend with the kids this weekend everyone behavior was on par! The girls had a birthday party at a location that is a HUGE patience tester..Its where "A kid can be a kid" and Parents want to hang themselves! Oh yeah, I am talking about Chuck E Cheese! WOW is all I can say do parents just walk in the door and say "RUN WILD MY CHILDREN AND RESPECT NO ONE GO HAVE FUN MOM IS DRINKING BEER IN THE CORNER!" I just don't think manners is a word that is used there. My kids did great though Nic got lost briefly in the hamster tubes (that's what I call them) The girls stayed together in the arcade getting those stupid paper tickets to get a 1 dollar junk toy for 80 tickets! But I have to say it was fun! I took Nic to the arcade and let him play skee ball....I probably should have explained the idea of the game...Nic grabbed the ball and OVER hand through the ball to the end...Although he made it in the 30,000 it wasn't appropriate!

The prize counter.....

JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK.....Really???? One person with 100 kids all saying I want the snake worth 20 tickets...BUT...I want the purple snake with PINK polka dots...UGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Finally after about 40 minutes my kids got what they wanted or what they could get with the tickets and we were off to Build A Bear!

We get to the mall and it wasn't to bad...We had to wait outside of Build A Bear for the party time and Nic was really the tag a long that day so I got the girls situated and I left them in the hands of the party throwers and I took Nic shopping! Well not really....

I took him to the indoor play area and let him run around and I watched him and his imagination soar....He got in the canoe and pretended to row it...That was funny to watch and I was a little shocked that he knew what "rowing"was! After a while I told him it was time to go and he had 5 more minutes..he ran around and did all the final things he wanted to do and when I out my "time is up" hand in the air he came running! Put his shoes on and sanitized his hands and we were off...We held hands and walked the mall he NEVER complained...I took him to the Lego store and bought him a little 10 dollar lego set for being SO FREAKIN GOOD! He hugged that thing like it was going to run away and that made me smile :)

We walked back to the store to get his sisters and had to wait briefly why they finished up. When they were done we took Bri to Borders to use a gift card she got for her birthday (her birthday was in February, tells you how often we go to the mall) Taking Bri into a bookstore is like taking a drug addict to pharmacy and saying take your pick! That was a frustrating ordeal! She wants so many books but had 25 dollars to spend! I am thinking a Kindle is in her future! Then she had 68 dollars to spend on clothes...of course it had to be at Justice..

We walk into the store and Nic has to pee...Brianna is steady shopping and I had a major decision to make..she is 10 and wants some freedom but I am a paranoid overbearing even more overprotective mother! Nic is now bouncing and holding himself and Brianna is in the ZONE! What do I do.....

Well......I left Brianna in the store...took Shay and Nic and bolted for the bathroom 3 stores down! I think I had lost my mind briefly....But I gave her super strict instructions...DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS, STAY IN THE STORE, and the most important DO NOT BUY ANYTHING TILL I LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE!! She laughed at me...I mean she really laughed at me and told me to go she was FINE! OYE! So I do and I run....literally...... Shay and Nic potty and we run back to the store..

She was fine of course even though her mouth is insane she really is a super smart super good kid! She had 2 t shirts and a jean skirt in her hand...I looked at the prices and I said "Um Bri this comes to like 66, 67 dollars are you sure you only want these 3 things for this much money...she said yes can I afford it?? I said well I am not good with math in my head but I think you just may make it...we hit the register and her total came to...remember she only had 68...TOTAL...$67.51!!! Phhhhhew! She just made it, had change and still left with a dollar in her wallet! Smart girl!

After that we headed home and I was happy with how good the kids were and how everyone listened and it was a good day! I just wish everyday was this good!

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