Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sports Superstition and the Playoff Beard!

What is it with sports and superstition that I am actually a believer?! So anyone who knows me know that my B and I are HUGE Caps fans! Not the bandwagon...Hey a DC team worth a shit kinda fan but rel actually before they were good fans! B took me to my first hockey game in 2000 I was never really a fan of hockey actually I had never even watched a game. We took my brother Brandon and my sister Melissa and I have never had such a rush or surge of adrenaline during a spot in my whole life! At that moment I was HOOKED! I saw Peter Bondra score a Hat Trick....Olie Kolzig was one of the hottest sports players I had ever seen and the game itself was AMAZING!

Well 10 years later the Caps are in the Playoffs for the 3rd time and this is it! This should be the year for the Stanley Cup! Everyone is doing the whole...not washing the underwear and wearing them during the game, Put my hat on inside out and the famous....beardathon!!! Well anyone who knows my husband he is VERY facial hair challenged!! It grows not thick and sporadic and sometime a reddish color but he ALWAYS shaves it off because its funny looking!

Right before the first game of the playoffs B shaved......WE LOST! Well then this happened which brings me to my initial question....

We go to game 2 on Saturday......Brian had not shaved because i said lets see what happens....

The first 2 periods were HORRIBLE!!! We were down 4-1 Montreal was kicking our ass!! B and I always have this thing we "DO" of the Caps are losing it started last yar during the playoffs...If the Caps were down before the 3rd during the 20 minute intermission we would........Well.......Have sex! This has worked in the Caps favor MANY TIMES we have to! Well here we are at the Verizon Center and the Caps were being beat and we cant
1. Get to the Car (trashy I know but hey were married it brings excitement to the table LOL) It was to far away.
2. No storage closets LOL You guys may think I am joking but I am really not!

Were screwed (not literally unfortunately) and so are the Caps or so we thought!

The third period rolls around and the annoying guy who has sat in front of us all year (we have season tickets) gets up to get a beer. While he was gone the CAPS SCORED!! Our whole section wouldn't let him back up to his seat...they made him stay out in the food section to watch the game! One of my daycare parents text me that her hubby had NEVER watched hockey before and the past 2 games he had watch the Caps LOST! I asked her to tell him to turn the game off and no longer watch LOL Hysterical but superstition is superstition right!

Next, the other guy in front goes down to get a beer....Caps score again! So now we have 2 fans now NOT allowed to sit in their seats!! B and I are laughing at this whole situation...B has no idea that I remember that he hasn't shaved! I get a text message from a (Boooooooooooooo) Penguins fan and he is tonting my about the score and I have this thing I CANT TALK SHIT BEFORE OR DURING A the past I have and they lost.... so this is a no go on the trash talk! I text my daycare parent and asked her if her hubby turned off the game she said YES! I said good we were winning!

Finally, one of the players scores a game tieing goal with just over a minute left in the game! (intense sport hence why I love it) All in all we went to overtime and one of the player 30seconds into the OT round scores a goal...not just any goal the game winning goal that was also his 3rd of the game which is a....HAT TRICK! It was crazy exciting!

Well we had another game on Monday and B asked me if he could shave...I said HELL NO! What happened we kicked ass yet again this time it was a blow out pretty much and now Brian is NOT allowed to shave.....We will see how funny looking he is by the time
we go to the Finals
I cant say that cause I will curse them......

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