Friday, April 23, 2010

Defiance.......I will take you down if it KILLS ME!

Every parent I think reaches a milestone in their parenting journey that puts them at a crossroad. What road do you take...

I am having some issues with all 3 of my children honestly. Its like the trickle down effect, what one does they all do. Unfortunately for me this is the big fat "D" word yeah I said it DEFIANCE! I run my house on a VERY strict policy of "What I say goes and no if, ands, or buts about it! When I tell you to do something don't give me the whole BUT.....WHY......SHE NEVER...HE NEVER...blah blah blah you better just do it. Well these days....that's all I am getting!

I get so angry I scream and yell and feel the overwhelming need to smack them right in the mouth! The attitudes and the eyes rolling and the constant Humpf I get with everything I ask them to do is really about to push me over the edge.

They will ask to play in the back yard I will say sure BUT STAY IN THE BACKYARD...10 minutes later..I see one riding their back down the road OUT FRONT! How do I handle this? I have taken the bikes, I have done restriction, and even taken outdoor privileges away but apparently...they just DON'T CARE! I have always been a advocate of "Appropriate spanking" I sometimes think that kids need a stronger form of discipline then just the soft spoken "That does not make mommy very happy" BULLSHIT talking to your kids. I see parents everyday reasoning with their 3 year old and trying the nice approach and the kids are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE brats who no one can stand to be around and I refuse to have someone feel that way about my kids. I cant wait to see these preschool/toddlers who are running the lives of their parents turn 15! Your child cant over power you at 3 but as they get bigger....they will! One thing I have learned is if you give a 2/3 yr old a INCH those jokers take 100 MILES! Kids need discipline and they need rules and boundaries.

I just don't know what to do about this anymore....I refuse to be one of those pushover parents!

The other night Bri was getting really nasty with her siblings and I don't allow disrespect in my house on any level and that goes for my kids to. I told her if I heard it again she would write 500 times...I will not disrespect my brother and sister

Well I don't think she thought I was serious....

I caught her being horrible to her brother and guess what...

She lost ALL household privledges until she completed her writing (500) I will not disrespect my brother and sister.

She was non to happy but it didnt work so do I up it to 750, 1000, 1250, 1500...when is enough enough...

I have tried to talk to her and all she says is they get on her nerves ugh I have to figure this all out!

I am so tired of the rule breaking, arguing, screaming, crying, whining etc etc etc going on in this house...I will win this...I hate losing!

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  1. Hey, Shannon. Have you heard of 1-2-3 Magic? It's a system of gentle, but firm discipline that I use with Oscar and I've found it pretty effective. You can buy it on Amazon. I really like it because it has helped me not to lose my temper while disciplining Oscar, and it has really helped cut down on the whining and brother hitting. And, the method is so easy!

    Good luck!