Monday, April 19, 2010

It only took 10 years.....

Well I finally did it!!!! I left my kids with a teenager!!! But I have to say she was a VERY good one! She sent me text messages to "check-in" and was very good with my kids!! This makes me very happy and I feel so much better about choosing to have her as a babysitter for my kids. I had never at that point left my kids with anyone except grandparents or a close ADULT friend. I guess I always had this fear that a teenager would not be responsible or neglegent I am not really sure what it was exactly but it scared me. B and I really wanted to go to the Hockey game and watch our favorite team in the playoffs but all family had been exhausted and no one was able to keep them which prompted me to put out a SOS on Facebook. I got a hit from a friend who called the teenager and she totally ROCKED! I guess it is worth it sometimes to take a chance and step out of your security box and live.....just a little...and I will definitly be calling her again!

Organic Garden......DONE! Well we spent all day Sunday planting our all organic vegetable garden! I am super happy and I really really really hope it grows! The location of the garden is in the back left corner of our yard and I thought it had more sun than it did...OOPS Apparently it doesnt get sun till about 3pm. All the plants required full I am hoping it works but I am a little scared now...That will be TO BE CONTINUED...

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  1. I've never let the kids with anyone but grandparents either. Glad it worked out so well for you.