Monday, June 18, 2012

Vlog....First cycle TTC

As I said in my last blog I was thinking of Vloging......This will be a test! Here is video 1.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Preteens: When did they become ungrateful?

So, Last week was crazy. We had all 3 kids trying out for Rec Plus soccer teams. I wasn't feeling my best, and we just weren't home.  The kids really slacked off on chores and the house was AWFUL. So on Sunday after church I told the kids they could swim but that evening everyone would get 2 rooms to clean and we were gonna get ready for the week with a clean house. 

All the kids were doing the rooms assigned and Brianna was doing the dishes in the kitchen (Which was her assigned chore for the week, the girls switch weeks) I was upstairs doing laundry and cleaning the hallway when Brianna comes upstairs and says "Why do I have to do the dishes?" I looked at her and said "What?" she looked me right in the face and said---"Why do we have to always do the dishes and chores. We never have time to play with our friends we are always cleaning the house!" I actually kirked my neck sideways and said "Excuse ME!!!!"  ---

Monday and Tuesday you were on the soccer field.
Wednesday I had a migraine and was in bed and you had a friend HERE.
Thursday you were out playing with your American Girl dolls and man hunt with your friends
Friday...You were out swimming and you had a friend SPEND THE NIGHT
Saturday you were swimming and then went to a cookout and HAD A FRIEND SPEND THE NIGHT! 
Today is Sunday we went to church, you went swimming ALL DAY and its now 8:30 PM and you are doing chores!  Am I mistaken or did all these things happen little miss I NEVER GET TO PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS!! 

She sat there quiet for a moment....I think she realized she just messed up BIG TIME!

I asked her again....Am I mistaken or did I just list all the things you did this week with FRIENDS!

She answered quietly...No, I did all those things. 

I am not sure why this struck such a strong cord with me. Maybe, Brian and I had just discussed her mouth and how awful she had been treating everyone in the house. I was so MAD! All I could say was "You need to leave me alone right now because I may not be able to control my anger.....I cannot believe how SELFISH you just sounded! She walked away....

Later, after I calmed down I found her in the kitchen cleaning with tears in her eyes and I stopped her. The anger did show and the hurt as well when I went on to set this situation straight. 

--EVERYONE in this house has chores and that's the general house rule. You have the dishes every OTHER week. You have to keep your room clean and you ALL share in the responsibility of the animals you INSIST we have and you will care for! If you would like to live a life where you don't have chores and I do it ALL....then guess what sister....NO soccer for you! NO more animals I will get rid of them ALL! Anything you will need from me will be NO MORE....I will have to be here cleaning the house and I wont have time for all of that! Your father and I break our backs to work everyday to provide the best life for you and to provide you all the opportunities in the world and all we ask of you is to help us around the house!  You have minimal chores....and if you just picked up after yourself it would be less amount of work! I am SO hurt that you could even say that to me about the dishes....would you like me to add dusting, windexing, floors, vacuuming the steps, doing the laundry, creating the shopping list, making dinner, grocery shopping, coupon clipping...etc to your TO DO list because I can. I work 12 hours a day and I still manage to make sure you are at soccer practice and at the fields for your games regardless of the LACK of time I have to BREATH! As far as how you have been treating your siblings its OVER as of right NOW! We are done with it! You will not disrespect anyone in this are NOT their mother. 

For the next week you are grounded! You will stay in your room staring at the walls....the only book you will  read is the Bible.....and while you are reading it I want you to find me 2 verses....
1. How God says you are to treat you parents.
2, How God expects you to treat others.
Then, you will write those verses 25 times EACH. Then I want a apology letter written to me and to your siblings apologizing for how you have been acting! You will be grounded for a week but at the end of the week if you have not found the said verses you will remain on restriction till its done. 

So far she had found a verse in John about how to treat others. She hasn't found the parent verse yet. I do not believe that you need to spank your kids into submission or even smack them (although I can say I was so angry it was close.) I am hoping this works.....How do you handle your preteens? Did I handle this correctly? Does her punishment fit the crime? 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just to catch everyone up. The surgery trip!

Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.

On May 24th B and I boarded a plane at BWI and flew 3 and half hours to Dallas where we waited 2 and half hours to catch a hour flight to Tulsa! We were flying to an event that would change our lives. Finally, it was our day for the vasectomy reversal!  It was pushing 10 o'clock at night so we got our rental car and headed for the Tulsa hotel to sleep. We woke early Friday morning and started our hour drive to Muskogee, OK.

About 10 miles from the hotel we were stuck in gridlock traffic due to an accident and apparently in Oklahoma they don't like you turning around because every intersection and side road was BLOCKED. We sat for an hour not moving. I have to say I panicked! We were a few hours from surgery and I was worried we were not going to make it! Once traffic started moving I felt better and a short time later we checked into the hotel. We were staying at the Laquinta Hotel a short drive from Dr. Wilson's office. He recommends them I am assuming for their hospitality. When we checked in the desk manager saw we were staying there with the Dr. Wilson rate and immediately started looking for an "easy" room. She placed us in a SUITE right next to the elevator and then handed me a bag full of hotel Dove body wash, Herbal Essence shampoo, Crest toothpaste...just loads of it. Once we were in the room we realized it was HUGE. Microwave, refrigerator, big desk, Nice clean room. Bathroom had a shower seat and a big shower. I am guessing Dr. Wilson and them have a deal going on LOL. B went to prep for surgery and shower and I was unpacking all our "supplies." The phone rings??? I was the desk manager to make sure we had EVERYTHING we needed and if we were satisfied with the room. I have never had any hotel I have stayed in do that!

Finally 2:30pm rolls around and its time to leave. Brian now has his moment of second guessing his decision. He even joked and said he wanted to look into Donor Sperm LOL. We laughed and snuggled for a minute and  then we left. Once we arrived at Dr. Wilson's office I immediately realized this was where we were meant to go. His office was beautiful and we walked into him playing Christian music through the speakers throughout the whole building. That was very comforting. We waited for a while as Dr W. was prepping the room returning phone calls and answering emails. In order to offer such low rates he has NO office staff it is just him. He then came to get us and took us to another room with a recliner, couch and loveseat. He gave us a file to sign our pre-op paperwork and then sat down and did his pre-op talk. He went over the risks and the surgery and then he asked if he could pray with us. His prayer was BEAUTIFUL. He asked God for the wisdom to do the surgery, the eyes to see to correct, the hands to heal and asked God to allow him to be the instrument in the Lords greater plan. Ultimatly the Lord is the great physician he was just his instrument.
               I almost cried at this moment!
As Dr. W. went to set the room up and prep B for surgery I left and went to the pharmacy to fill B's prescription. I came back and sat in the room and waited.......About 10 minutes later Dr. W. came and got me and told me I could come back and be with B. I walked in and Dr. W was at a microscope and Brian was on the table. I couldn't see anything just that his "area" had something going on.....I just sat with my back to his groin right beside B's head.  I would rub his head and held his hand and he fell asleep and was in and out of sleep for the remainder of the surgery. We didn't speak, I just read my book and touched him. It was comforting to share those moments with him.

After about 2 hours Dr. W. informed us he was finishing up and that everything looked GREAT! He didn't see any reason that Brian and I couldn't conceive. He found heads and partial tails on the right side and clear fluid on the left.  B and I teared up. When B starts getting emotional I cant help but be emotional as well. B thanked Dr. W for everything and Dr. W. stopped him and said to not give him thanks but give the Lord all the thanks for he was the reason he does what he does. It was all very emotional.

We arrived back at the hotel and B laid in bed. He stayed there the remainder of the the trip. I spoiled him with Buffalo Wild Wings, Junk food galore, and all my attention!! We rested all day Saturday and then left on Sunday to fly home. It was a long day we finally arrived home around midnight Sunday night and we were so happy to see our babies! B stayed out of work for a week to rest I only took Monday (Memorial Day) off. B had lots of swelling, bruising and discomfort but after a week he was good to go.

We are now in the final healing stages and I have already been prepping my body for conception. Taking vitamins, Folic Acid, Had blood work done to make sure all my levels were good and B has been doing his coconut juice Ginger and Turmeric for inflammation. Taking his multivitamin and eating healthy.

Hoping to conceive in the next 3 months! Wish us luck and baby dust! Here are some picture from our trip.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Homemade Laundry Detergent.

Hello World!

Sorry this has taken me so long, but I have not had a moment to sit and type! First, let me tell you how much I LOVE this laundry detergent! It smells so good and I have noticed a change in my clothes. I think when we use the same stuff over and over again our clothes just become use to it. Maybe its my imagination but they just seem cleaner.

First you will need to gather your supplies.

The Fels-Naptha soap bar I bought at Walmart for .97c
The Borax-Walmart $2.97
Arm and Hammer Washing Soda-$2.98

Less than 7 dollars and I am about to make 5 GALLONS of laundry detergent.

First, Grate the soap bar using a cheese grater.

Second add 4 cups of HOT water to a pot and add soap. Cook on Med/low heat STIR CONSTANTLY till soap is dissolved I think it took us about 10 minutes or so! Let me tell you this....My hubby was in the shower and when he got out he yelled down to me "What is that smell?" I yelled back up..."The soap is cooking"  He was came down stairs and said...."OH MY GOD THAT SMELLS GOOD" So just will have your house smelling AMAZING! 

Fill your 5 gallon bucket up with HOT water from the tap.  Add 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and 1/2 cup of Borax and stir. 

 Add Soap to bucket and Stir some more to blend all the soaps together.  Continue to add water, fill to top and Stir. 

I used my broom handle but for the future I used a paint stirrer that goes on the end of drill to make sure I am stirring evenly. Trial and Error. 

After it is stirred evenly place lid on and allow to sit overnight. 

When you wake up there will be a SUPER thick layer of gel on the top it separates. You will need to stir again this is when I used my arm as the broom handle did not work well enough to ensure that we were mixing evenly. This is another reason we will be using the paint mixer on the drill. You will use a funnel and container to place your detergent and remember to SHAKE WELL before every use and it does separate when it sits. I unfortunately do not have any pictures as we rushed off to the soccer field early the next morning. 

TRIAL AND ERROR!! (What I learned) 
1. BE PREPARED. I did not have enough jugs to place the detergent in.....I LOVE the simply orange juice containers they work PERFECT! So, drink plenty of orange juice and save the containers prior to making the laundry soap. use the handle jugs for detergent and the none handle jugs for homemade fabric softener.(Coming soon) 
2. It really only took about 20 minutes to make. 
3. This will save us A LOT of money. I do atleast 3-4 loads a DAY!

Thanks for reading and I promise to keep it up. I may switch to Vloging I think its easier and less time consuming then typing! Have a Blessed day!