Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Homemade Laundry Detergent.

Hello World!

Sorry this has taken me so long, but I have not had a moment to sit and type! First, let me tell you how much I LOVE this laundry detergent! It smells so good and I have noticed a change in my clothes. I think when we use the same stuff over and over again our clothes just become use to it. Maybe its my imagination but they just seem cleaner.

First you will need to gather your supplies.

The Fels-Naptha soap bar I bought at Walmart for .97c
The Borax-Walmart $2.97
Arm and Hammer Washing Soda-$2.98

Less than 7 dollars and I am about to make 5 GALLONS of laundry detergent.

First, Grate the soap bar using a cheese grater.

Second add 4 cups of HOT water to a pot and add soap. Cook on Med/low heat STIR CONSTANTLY till soap is dissolved I think it took us about 10 minutes or so! Let me tell you this....My hubby was in the shower and when he got out he yelled down to me "What is that smell?" I yelled back up..."The soap is cooking"  He was came down stairs and said...."OH MY GOD THAT SMELLS GOOD" So just know.....it will have your house smelling AMAZING! 

Fill your 5 gallon bucket up with HOT water from the tap.  Add 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and 1/2 cup of Borax and stir. 

 Add Soap to bucket and Stir some more to blend all the soaps together.  Continue to add water, fill to top and Stir. 

I used my broom handle but for the future I used a paint stirrer that goes on the end of drill to make sure I am stirring evenly. Trial and Error. 

After it is stirred evenly place lid on and allow to sit overnight. 

When you wake up there will be a SUPER thick layer of gel on the top it separates. You will need to stir again this is when I used my arm as the broom handle did not work well enough to ensure that we were mixing evenly. This is another reason we will be using the paint mixer on the drill. You will use a funnel and container to place your detergent and remember to SHAKE WELL before every use and it does separate when it sits. I unfortunately do not have any pictures as we rushed off to the soccer field early the next morning. 

TRIAL AND ERROR!! (What I learned) 
1. BE PREPARED. I did not have enough jugs to place the detergent in.....I LOVE the simply orange juice containers they work PERFECT! So, drink plenty of orange juice and save the containers prior to making the laundry soap. use the handle jugs for detergent and the none handle jugs for homemade fabric softener.(Coming soon) 
2. It really only took about 20 minutes to make. 
3. This will save us A LOT of money. I do atleast 3-4 loads a DAY!

Thanks for reading and I promise to keep it up. I may switch to Vloging I think its easier and less time consuming then typing! Have a Blessed day! 

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