Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a fantastic weekend....Concured some things..

I had a great weekend with the kids this weekend everyone behavior was on par! The girls had a birthday party at a location that is a HUGE patience tester..Its where "A kid can be a kid" and Parents want to hang themselves! Oh yeah, I am talking about Chuck E Cheese! WOW is all I can say do parents just walk in the door and say "RUN WILD MY CHILDREN AND RESPECT NO ONE GO HAVE FUN MOM IS DRINKING BEER IN THE CORNER!" I just don't think manners is a word that is used there. My kids did great though Nic got lost briefly in the hamster tubes (that's what I call them) The girls stayed together in the arcade getting those stupid paper tickets to get a 1 dollar junk toy for 80 tickets! But I have to say it was fun! I took Nic to the arcade and let him play skee ball....I probably should have explained the idea of the game...Nic grabbed the ball and OVER hand through the ball to the end...Although he made it in the 30,000 it wasn't appropriate!

The prize counter.....

JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK.....Really???? One person with 100 kids all saying I want the snake worth 20 tickets...BUT...I want the purple snake with PINK polka dots...UGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Finally after about 40 minutes my kids got what they wanted or what they could get with the tickets and we were off to Build A Bear!

We get to the mall and it wasn't to bad...We had to wait outside of Build A Bear for the party time and Nic was really the tag a long that day so I got the girls situated and I left them in the hands of the party throwers and I took Nic shopping! Well not really....

I took him to the indoor play area and let him run around and I watched him and his imagination soar....He got in the canoe and pretended to row it...That was funny to watch and I was a little shocked that he knew what "rowing"was! After a while I told him it was time to go and he had 5 more minutes..he ran around and did all the final things he wanted to do and when I out my "time is up" hand in the air he came running! Put his shoes on and sanitized his hands and we were off...We held hands and walked the mall he NEVER complained...I took him to the Lego store and bought him a little 10 dollar lego set for being SO FREAKIN GOOD! He hugged that thing like it was going to run away and that made me smile :)

We walked back to the store to get his sisters and had to wait briefly why they finished up. When they were done we took Bri to Borders to use a gift card she got for her birthday (her birthday was in February, tells you how often we go to the mall) Taking Bri into a bookstore is like taking a drug addict to pharmacy and saying take your pick! That was a frustrating ordeal! She wants so many books but had 25 dollars to spend! I am thinking a Kindle is in her future! Then she had 68 dollars to spend on clothes...of course it had to be at Justice..

We walk into the store and Nic has to pee...Brianna is steady shopping and I had a major decision to make..she is 10 and wants some freedom but I am a paranoid overbearing even more overprotective mother! Nic is now bouncing and holding himself and Brianna is in the ZONE! What do I do.....

Well......I left Brianna in the store...took Shay and Nic and bolted for the bathroom 3 stores down! I think I had lost my mind briefly....But I gave her super strict instructions...DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS, STAY IN THE STORE, and the most important DO NOT BUY ANYTHING TILL I LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE!! She laughed at me...I mean she really laughed at me and told me to go she was FINE! OYE! So I do and I run....literally...... Shay and Nic potty and we run back to the store..

She was fine of course even though her mouth is insane she really is a super smart super good kid! She had 2 t shirts and a jean skirt in her hand...I looked at the prices and I said "Um Bri this comes to like 66, 67 dollars are you sure you only want these 3 things for this much money...she said yes can I afford it?? I said well I am not good with math in my head but I think you just may make it...we hit the register and her total came to...remember she only had 68...TOTAL...$67.51!!! Phhhhhew! She just made it, had change and still left with a dollar in her wallet! Smart girl!

After that we headed home and I was happy with how good the kids were and how everyone listened and it was a good day! I just wish everyday was this good!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Defiance.......I will take you down if it KILLS ME!

Every parent I think reaches a milestone in their parenting journey that puts them at a crossroad. What road do you take...

I am having some issues with all 3 of my children honestly. Its like the trickle down effect, what one does they all do. Unfortunately for me this is the big fat "D" word yeah I said it DEFIANCE! I run my house on a VERY strict policy of "What I say goes and no if, ands, or buts about it! When I tell you to do something don't give me the whole BUT.....WHY......SHE NEVER...HE NEVER...blah blah blah you better just do it. Well these days....that's all I am getting!

I get so angry I scream and yell and feel the overwhelming need to smack them right in the mouth! The attitudes and the eyes rolling and the constant Humpf I get with everything I ask them to do is really about to push me over the edge.

They will ask to play in the back yard I will say sure BUT STAY IN THE BACKYARD...10 minutes later..I see one riding their back down the road OUT FRONT! How do I handle this? I have taken the bikes, I have done restriction, and even taken outdoor privileges away but apparently...they just DON'T CARE! I have always been a advocate of "Appropriate spanking" I sometimes think that kids need a stronger form of discipline then just the soft spoken "That does not make mommy very happy" BULLSHIT talking to your kids. I see parents everyday reasoning with their 3 year old and trying the nice approach and the kids are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE brats who no one can stand to be around and I refuse to have someone feel that way about my kids. I cant wait to see these preschool/toddlers who are running the lives of their parents turn 15! Your child cant over power you at 3 but as they get bigger....they will! One thing I have learned is if you give a 2/3 yr old a INCH those jokers take 100 MILES! Kids need discipline and they need rules and boundaries.

I just don't know what to do about this anymore....I refuse to be one of those pushover parents!

The other night Bri was getting really nasty with her siblings and I don't allow disrespect in my house on any level and that goes for my kids to. I told her if I heard it again she would write 500 times...I will not disrespect my brother and sister

Well I don't think she thought I was serious....

I caught her being horrible to her brother and guess what...

She lost ALL household privledges until she completed her writing (500) I will not disrespect my brother and sister.

She was non to happy but it didnt work so do I up it to 750, 1000, 1250, 1500...when is enough enough...

I have tried to talk to her and all she says is they get on her nerves ugh I have to figure this all out!

I am so tired of the rule breaking, arguing, screaming, crying, whining etc etc etc going on in this house...I will win this...I hate losing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sports Superstition and the Playoff Beard!

What is it with sports and superstition that I am actually a believer?! So anyone who knows me know that my B and I are HUGE Caps fans! Not the bandwagon...Hey a DC team worth a shit kinda fan but rel actually before they were good fans! B took me to my first hockey game in 2000 I was never really a fan of hockey actually I had never even watched a game. We took my brother Brandon and my sister Melissa and I have never had such a rush or surge of adrenaline during a spot in my whole life! At that moment I was HOOKED! I saw Peter Bondra score a Hat Trick....Olie Kolzig was one of the hottest sports players I had ever seen and the game itself was AMAZING!

Well 10 years later the Caps are in the Playoffs for the 3rd time and this is it! This should be the year for the Stanley Cup! Everyone is doing the whole...not washing the underwear and wearing them during the game, Put my hat on inside out and the famous....beardathon!!! Well anyone who knows my husband he is VERY facial hair challenged!! It grows not thick and sporadic and sometime a reddish color but he ALWAYS shaves it off because its funny looking!

Right before the first game of the playoffs B shaved......WE LOST! Well then this happened which brings me to my initial question....

We go to game 2 on Saturday......Brian had not shaved because i said lets see what happens....

The first 2 periods were HORRIBLE!!! We were down 4-1 Montreal was kicking our ass!! B and I always have this thing we "DO" of the Caps are losing it started last yar during the playoffs...If the Caps were down before the 3rd during the 20 minute intermission we would........Well.......Have sex! This has worked in the Caps favor MANY TIMES lol...now we have to! Well here we are at the Verizon Center and the Caps were being beat and we cant
1. Get to the Car (trashy I know but hey were married it brings excitement to the table LOL) It was to far away.
2. No storage closets LOL You guys may think I am joking but I am really not!

Were screwed (not literally unfortunately) and so are the Caps or so we thought!

The third period rolls around and the annoying guy who has sat in front of us all year (we have season tickets) gets up to get a beer. While he was gone the CAPS SCORED!! Our whole section wouldn't let him back up to his seat...they made him stay out in the food section to watch the game! One of my daycare parents text me that her hubby had NEVER watched hockey before and the past 2 games he had watch the Caps LOST! I asked her to tell him to turn the game off and no longer watch LOL Hysterical but superstition is superstition right!

Next, the other guy in front goes down to get a beer....Caps score again! So now we have 2 fans now NOT allowed to sit in their seats!! B and I are laughing at this whole situation...B has no idea that I remember that he hasn't shaved! I get a text message from a (Boooooooooooooo) Penguins fan and he is tonting my about the score and I have this thing I CANT TALK SHIT BEFORE OR DURING A GAME...in the past I have and they lost.... so this is a no go on the trash talk! I text my daycare parent and asked her if her hubby turned off the game she said YES! I said good we were winning!

Finally, one of the players scores a game tieing goal with just over a minute left in the game! (intense sport hence why I love it) All in all we went to overtime and one of the player 30seconds into the OT round scores a goal...not just any goal the game winning goal that was also his 3rd of the game which is a....HAT TRICK! It was crazy exciting!

Well we had another game on Monday and B asked me if he could shave...I said HELL NO! What happened we kicked ass yet again this time it was a blow out pretty much and now Brian is NOT allowed to shave.....We will see how funny looking he is by the time
we go to the Finals
I cant say that cause I will curse them......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Challenge....

So Sunday night after working in the garden all day I decided to take a nice long quiet hot bath (no laughing at me I know its only half true...quiet with 3 kids YEAH RIGHT). Well right as I shut the water off and I close my eyes to imagine that warm sun, white sandy beach, fruity drink with lots of alcohol and that sexy sun kissed body building waiter offering to rub lotion on my back...B walks in...I open my eyes...Cold bathroom with my hamper getting full, dirt on the floor from my feet cause I gardened in flip flops (note to self..don't do that your toes stay black and gross for days), My Dr Pepper on the side of the tub and B wearing work out clothes standing in the door way. Not exactly what I had going on with the eyes closed but hey THATS LIFE! B says "Hey I'm gonna go work out for a bit" I replied "I want a crab cake" where that came from I am not sure but i was sure that my long hot bath was over before it began if he was downstairs the kids would soon find the way up the steps and into my private fantasy! Damn the luck! B laughed and said I have a deal if you come downstairs and run a mile on the treadmill in UNDER 10 minutes I will go get you a crab cake but I am sure you cant so.....I will see you in a bit...

Wait did he just challenge me? REALLY??? Oh buddy those are some fighting words...I said oh yeah under 10...I get a crab cake? He said YUP! (He is smart I hate working out bribing is the only way to do that) The next thing I know I am out of the tub like a hair dryer was about to fall in it and I and looking for my workout clothes! B laughed because my running shoes that I have had for years are still clean! I get dressed and i look at him and say "Your going down fool" and I hit the workout room! On the treadmill I go and were off......

The first few minutes weren't bad I walked to warm my muscles I am walking at like 3 miles and hour...this is not going to get me in under 10 so I up to 4.5

I am now jogging at 4.5 mph...the damn clock says 17 minutes for a mile DAMN....

Up it to 5 mph now I am running...I mean running...The damn clock says 13 minutes for a mile....DAMN IT!! my legs are starting to burn and I look at B who is going to town on the bowflex I smile I will WIN! He glances over at me and laughs a bit cause he runs this thing everyday he knows I will NEVER make it in under 10! I keep pushing and pushing and pushing through the pain and lack of OXYGEN I was receiving and some how I completed the mile in 13.30minutes....Not 10 and no crab cake but I felt great for doing it that fast! I will win my damn crab cake......I will conquer this thing....I hate to lose at anything so its ON!

On a old person point of view.....I HURT!!! OMG the pain in my legs and hips are ridiculous I was a cheerleader for Gods sakes why do I hurt?? Oh yeah I'M OLD! apparently 30 isn't as bouncebackable as a say 18-29 year old!! I should have known! My knees crack and my hip pops...WTF....I am not ready for this...I will not age gracefully...B and I had some alone time with no kids one weekend...tried marathon sex ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ANOTHER YEAH RIGHT.....I got a cramp in my hip so severe I thought I broke it...Then B got a Charlie Horse to say the least we did laugh about it and decided we are not as young as we use to be...Maybe this working out stuff will resurface our younger days buried underneath the old joints that are currently winning the battle!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It only took 10 years.....

Well I finally did it!!!! I left my kids with a teenager!!! But I have to say she was a VERY good one! She sent me text messages to "check-in" and was very good with my kids!! This makes me very happy and I feel so much better about choosing to have her as a babysitter for my kids. I had never at that point left my kids with anyone except grandparents or a close ADULT friend. I guess I always had this fear that a teenager would not be responsible or neglegent I am not really sure what it was exactly but it scared me. B and I really wanted to go to the Hockey game and watch our favorite team in the playoffs but all family had been exhausted and no one was able to keep them which prompted me to put out a SOS on Facebook. I got a hit from a friend who called the teenager and she totally ROCKED! I guess it is worth it sometimes to take a chance and step out of your security box and live.....just a little...and I will definitly be calling her again!

Organic Garden......DONE! Well we spent all day Sunday planting our all organic vegetable garden! I am super happy and I really really really hope it grows! The location of the garden is in the back left corner of our yard and I thought it had more sun than it did...OOPS Apparently it doesnt get sun till about 3pm. All the plants required full sun....so I am hoping it works but I am a little scared now...That will be TO BE CONTINUED...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, Why am I not happy about this!

So just a quick Rabies update...

The state nurse did alot of clarification for me this morning..

1. Shailyn at this point does not need to undergo Rabies shots. The puppy is in quarentine where it will stay for the next 10 days and like I said yesterday if it lives we are golden...if not Shay is screwed! 5 shot in 28 days UGH!!!

2. Why my well taken care of dog is locked up for 45 days and not 10?

~~How Rabies is spread is through the Saliva (duh), when my dog exposed himself to the bat and if the bat even bite my dog (there was no way to tell)and if the bat had rabies it takes approxamately 45 days - 6 months past exposure to present itself in the saliva. Therefore my dog has to be locked up for the 45 days. How she explained it was if the bat did in fact bite my dog it doesnt automatically give my dog rabies. The rabies virus has to leave the entry site (bite sight) and work its way through the nerves~~~~~to the brain~~~~~~~and THEN to the saliva. Until that happens the dog CANNOT pass the virus in a bite because the virus is not present in the saliva..Makes since right??

~~This is why the new dog was quarentined for only 10 days..when it grazed (literally Shay showed no visible signs of a bite when she got home) Shays arm and "broke the surface of her skin" if Shay was going to contract the Rabies virus herself the dog would have had to been infact carrying the FULL BLOWN Rabies virus (hence the 10 days) and from what I witnessed yesterday she was just a hyper little puppy who wanted to play so I am not concerned.

On a different note...

Todays is Friday and a BIG day for the locals...its TIKI BAR OPENING! 30,000 people flock to our tiny little island to over induldge in 10 dollar drinks they had to wait in line 2 hours for. The cops are in full effect! This is our local area Mardi Gra complete with boobie flashing for beads and MASSIVE amounts of public drunkeness.. and oh yeah...I will be there Sober laughing at the crazied idiots who are puking all over themselves...I am helping a friend serve food (I think) or just keeping her company. I have to rise and shine super early to partake in a public awarness for early literacy for young and under priviledge children and I am actually excited about this..Then home to prepare for the Washington Capitols Playoff game that night with the hubby! Who doesnt love a "Date Night"...


For this date night....we are hiring a teenager to watch the kids and I am not sure how I feel about it! I know she is responsible and LOVES LOVES LOVES kids...but still nervous...this should be interesting....Will update on Monday,,,Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Rabies.....LEAVE ME ALONE....

So sorry I havent posted in awhile I have had alot of stuff going on...

On March 16th at about 9pm I had told my daughter to let the dogs in and put them away for the night. I was chit chatting with a really good friend from High School...We were catching up and laughing and having some good conversation which was exactly what I needed. As I cleaned up the remainder of the kitchen I had the window open and I heard...

squeak, squeak, squuuueeeeeak squuuuueeeeaak....

WTF is that sound ( I start opening the cabinets) I better not have a fucking MOUSE...I HATE a mouse...

Squeak, Squeak, SQQUUUUEEEAAAAAKKK....Bark Bark Bark...

Still looking for the source the squeaking....

(In the background)(I am still in the kitchen on the phone) PRINCE LEAVE THAT ALONE....PRINCE STOP THAT..PRRIIIIIINNNNCE STOOOOOOPPPP!!


Then it happens....(what hear through the window I am still in the kitchen trying to find the source of the squeak)

MOOOOOOOOOOOMY Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Wtf really a fucking bat WHAT....I run outside into the backyard and YUP my pomeranian has a BAT!!!!!!

You have to be kidding me! I think I want a mouse...I HATE a BAT more than a mouse!! Oh and did I forget to mention that I am ALONE with the kids no man was in my house and was unreachable at that moment. The bat was still alive I get the dog in the house and proceed to try to get the bat with a shovel..The fucker kept squeaking at me...I would scream and run.....Oh yeah and I am still on the phone which my girlfriend was LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY she then says "OMG i havent heard you scream like that since high school! I laughed for the moment but I had the WORSE case of heebie jeebies EVER! I would touch it with the shovel and it would flap his wings and squeak again I wuld scream and run...I would come back....all i could say was...I cant do it...I REALLY cant do it...(poke with the shovel) SQUEAK flap flap flap....Me-RUNNING AGAIN (this went on for 45 minutes) ....Oh and yes my children were witnessing their mother being a big fat sissy! It is now approaching 10pm the kids are not in bed and it is in my backyard right by my steps to the daycare it has to go but REALLY I CANT DO IT! Thankfully I have a male friend that lives around the corner. I call him...

Brent: Hello
Me:Hey are you working?
Me:You have your kids?
Me: I need a man?
Brent: You need WHAT???
Me: ha ha ha I have a bat in my yard and I cant get it out?
Brent: You have a WHAT??
Me: A bat a FUCKING bat and its still alive!!
Brent: Are you serious or are you kidding?
Me: I am so serious
Brent: Kill it
Me: Hell NO
Brent: FINE...How do I get to your house?

He showed up about 15 minutes later and grabbed my shovel as he touched it I ran AGAIN...It flapped its wings and sqeaked and my kids still hovering (from a safe distance away) and thought it was Cuuute (yeah right)!! I fussed at the kids to go inside and so did my friend....He had to kill it and didnt want to do it in front of the kids. They went inside and he cut the flippin thing in half (God, it was gross) he put it away from where the dogs and kids could get it and so animal control could get it if they needed it.

The next morning I called my vet out of concern for my dog (he did have his vaccinations THANK GOD) They informed me that he had to get ANOTHER rabies booster even though it had been less than a year since his last and then they said I had to call animal control. WTF???

Animal Control comes to my house and tells me that I have to get the next vaccination and then I have to quarentine my dog for 45 DAYS!!!! Really 45 days!!!! I lost it....I cried he is our favorite dog! I asked him about having the bat tested..Our system sucks! Because the bat had NO HUMAN CONTACT they would not test it due to funding issues..so my dog is locked up and it just sucks...

TODAY April 15th, 2010

Shailyn goes to the bus stop as normal. Well apparently there was a stray puppy at the bus stop and apparently my kid has no fear of a strange dog no matter how much I have said DONT GO NEAR them. The puppy was friendly and running around and playing with all the kids and was doing the puppy nibble/bite. Well in that process it either jumped and scratched or her teeth scratched the surface of her skin. NICE....Shay goes to school and some how ends up in the nurses office. The school nurse called my MIL because she saw what happened and said Animal Control needed to be contacted. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) She calls me I call Animal Control and guess what.....You got it! Shay has to have a bite report filed in her name and may have to find this stray puppy and give it to Animal Control or my daughter will have to undergo rabie shots!!!!!! I am so FUCKING done!! Now I am getting upset...I get my MIL to sit with the daycare kids and I go hunting for this DOG! Thank the GOOD LORD ABOVE I found the dog tied up at a house down the street. I stopped and asked her if she owned the dog or if it was indeed a stray. She said, it wasnt hers but it almost got hit and she was worried and hoped to hear about a possible owner. I asked her if I could take it and she said yes I could and I did just that...I took it! I put it in my backyard and waited for animal control. The officer took the dog and said he was being quarentined for 10 days and if it lives....Shay doesnt need rabie shots...if it dies...My daughter is screwed! I did ask why a stray with no rabie vaccine (possibly) only gets 10 days but my well taken care of fully vaccinated dog gets 45 days and the officer said if he hadnt had a rabies shot it would have to be a 6 month quarentine!??? He didnt really have an answer So needless to say I now in less than a month have 2 bite reports on my desk....Hopefully this is the end of it I cant take much more....