Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Rabies.....LEAVE ME ALONE....

So sorry I havent posted in awhile I have had alot of stuff going on...

On March 16th at about 9pm I had told my daughter to let the dogs in and put them away for the night. I was chit chatting with a really good friend from High School...We were catching up and laughing and having some good conversation which was exactly what I needed. As I cleaned up the remainder of the kitchen I had the window open and I heard...

squeak, squeak, squuuueeeeeak squuuuueeeeaak....

WTF is that sound ( I start opening the cabinets) I better not have a fucking MOUSE...I HATE a mouse...

Squeak, Squeak, SQQUUUUEEEAAAAAKKK....Bark Bark Bark...

Still looking for the source the squeaking....

(In the background)(I am still in the kitchen on the phone) PRINCE LEAVE THAT ALONE....PRINCE STOP THAT..PRRIIIIIINNNNCE STOOOOOOPPPP!!


Then it happens....(what hear through the window I am still in the kitchen trying to find the source of the squeak)

MOOOOOOOOOOOMY Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Wtf really a fucking bat WHAT....I run outside into the backyard and YUP my pomeranian has a BAT!!!!!!

You have to be kidding me! I think I want a mouse...I HATE a BAT more than a mouse!! Oh and did I forget to mention that I am ALONE with the kids no man was in my house and was unreachable at that moment. The bat was still alive I get the dog in the house and proceed to try to get the bat with a shovel..The fucker kept squeaking at me...I would scream and run.....Oh yeah and I am still on the phone which my girlfriend was LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY she then says "OMG i havent heard you scream like that since high school! I laughed for the moment but I had the WORSE case of heebie jeebies EVER! I would touch it with the shovel and it would flap his wings and squeak again I wuld scream and run...I would come back....all i could say was...I cant do it...I REALLY cant do it...(poke with the shovel) SQUEAK flap flap flap....Me-RUNNING AGAIN (this went on for 45 minutes) ....Oh and yes my children were witnessing their mother being a big fat sissy! It is now approaching 10pm the kids are not in bed and it is in my backyard right by my steps to the daycare it has to go but REALLY I CANT DO IT! Thankfully I have a male friend that lives around the corner. I call him...

Brent: Hello
Me:Hey are you working?
Me:You have your kids?
Me: I need a man?
Brent: You need WHAT???
Me: ha ha ha I have a bat in my yard and I cant get it out?
Brent: You have a WHAT??
Me: A bat a FUCKING bat and its still alive!!
Brent: Are you serious or are you kidding?
Me: I am so serious
Brent: Kill it
Me: Hell NO
Brent: FINE...How do I get to your house?

He showed up about 15 minutes later and grabbed my shovel as he touched it I ran AGAIN...It flapped its wings and sqeaked and my kids still hovering (from a safe distance away) and thought it was Cuuute (yeah right)!! I fussed at the kids to go inside and so did my friend....He had to kill it and didnt want to do it in front of the kids. They went inside and he cut the flippin thing in half (God, it was gross) he put it away from where the dogs and kids could get it and so animal control could get it if they needed it.

The next morning I called my vet out of concern for my dog (he did have his vaccinations THANK GOD) They informed me that he had to get ANOTHER rabies booster even though it had been less than a year since his last and then they said I had to call animal control. WTF???

Animal Control comes to my house and tells me that I have to get the next vaccination and then I have to quarentine my dog for 45 DAYS!!!! Really 45 days!!!! I lost it....I cried he is our favorite dog! I asked him about having the bat tested..Our system sucks! Because the bat had NO HUMAN CONTACT they would not test it due to funding my dog is locked up and it just sucks...

TODAY April 15th, 2010

Shailyn goes to the bus stop as normal. Well apparently there was a stray puppy at the bus stop and apparently my kid has no fear of a strange dog no matter how much I have said DONT GO NEAR them. The puppy was friendly and running around and playing with all the kids and was doing the puppy nibble/bite. Well in that process it either jumped and scratched or her teeth scratched the surface of her skin. NICE....Shay goes to school and some how ends up in the nurses office. The school nurse called my MIL because she saw what happened and said Animal Control needed to be contacted. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) She calls me I call Animal Control and guess what.....You got it! Shay has to have a bite report filed in her name and may have to find this stray puppy and give it to Animal Control or my daughter will have to undergo rabie shots!!!!!! I am so FUCKING done!! Now I am getting upset...I get my MIL to sit with the daycare kids and I go hunting for this DOG! Thank the GOOD LORD ABOVE I found the dog tied up at a house down the street. I stopped and asked her if she owned the dog or if it was indeed a stray. She said, it wasnt hers but it almost got hit and she was worried and hoped to hear about a possible owner. I asked her if I could take it and she said yes I could and I did just that...I took it! I put it in my backyard and waited for animal control. The officer took the dog and said he was being quarentined for 10 days and if it lives....Shay doesnt need rabie shots...if it dies...My daughter is screwed! I did ask why a stray with no rabie vaccine (possibly) only gets 10 days but my well taken care of fully vaccinated dog gets 45 days and the officer said if he hadnt had a rabies shot it would have to be a 6 month quarentine!??? He didnt really have an answer So needless to say I now in less than a month have 2 bite reports on my desk....Hopefully this is the end of it I cant take much more....

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  1. Oh my goodness, your animal control is just as messed up as ours. Hope everything works out and you get your dog back soon.