Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy needs a time out!

Are we even allowed to take those?

Sometimes I feel like the stress of 3 kids, house, full time job, and husband are to much to bare. I tend to let the little things flip me over the border of rational to not so rational in a matter of seconds! So I have decided that when I act like my kids and have a temper tantrum (which I do rather well if I do say so myself) I need to put myself in "time out".

As a mother/wife are we allowed to take ourselves out of a situation and have a time out? I find that if I can walk away from a situation a breathe I can sometimes handle the situation better. I just need to negotiate the terms of my time out I think a glass of wine while sitting there would be pure torture! But a necessary punishment!

Okay, being serious now. Can we as parents do this? Would our children learn more self control by mimicking our behaviors if they see us removing ourselves from a situation that could escalate into a free for all word throwing rampage! I believe that teaching the children to walk away and collect their thoughts inside their head and have a more calm approach to the situation. I know when I get super angry I tend to say things I don't mean (only to my husband of course) if I get a time out...that wont happen!

I guess we will just have to see if this works and I an ashamed to say...I hope I get time outs alot...because I could totally use a break!

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