Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ahhhhhh just another one of those memories you will carry forever and laugh at HYSTERICALLY for the rest of your life!

Last night we were doing what we always do...running the roads. Brianna has Soccer and Shailyn had Cheerleading (thankfully at the same park just different fields). B had taken Nic to the park to play with another little boy who is around the same age. Nic was running around running around and more running around when he came to a sudden STOP! He look at B with this crazy look and yelled "Daddy I have to Poop REAL BAD" B said "okay buddy lets go" Nic yells again..."Daddy I gotta go REEEEEEEAL BAAAAAAD" and takes off running across the parking lot. B said when he looked up Nic was literally running with his hand clasping his butt cheeks together. B said at that point he lost it!! He laughed so hard and then a lady in the parking lot looked up and saw Nic hauling ass all while holding his but cheeks together. She looked at B who was laughing uncontrollably! She said " Oh my some one needs to go potty really bad!" This caused B to lose his mind in laughter.

Nic finally arrrives at the bathroom and pulls the door open and runs inside. B also takes the oppurtunity to go into the bathroom beside Nic and also potty. B is using the facilities and he hears Ni yelling from the next bathroom.."DADDY....I NEED HELP!!!" B yells back "Alright I am going pee to buddy I will be right there"....

B gets in to the bathroom and finds Nic standing in the bathroom with a look of HORROR and he said "Daddy I dont know what to do about this?" B looked and realized Nic never made it to the bathroom in time. All his effort and he had a opps!

B said all he could do was laugh and Nic was horrified he had to go commando the remainder of the night!

I really wish I could have seen thesight that it was of Nic holding his butt running for his little life...........

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