Monday, January 25, 2010

Bad Mommy!

Okay I like wine! Actually I love this one type of wine Moscato Di Asti made by Umberto Fiore! Its so sweet and delicious! Well yesterday I was enjoying a bottle! Het it was Sunday and the men were watching football while I was cooking and cleaning why not? Right??? Well after I realized I need to slow my roll I left my galss and about a inch worth of wine in bottom on the counter. As I cleaned up I realized it was gone..the whole and all! Well now I know why here is what I found!Typed in her documents on the computer!

Courtesy of my Science freak 9 yr old! (This is a copy and paste no way my words or my corrections. Pretty good if I do say so myself)!

What happens when you put salt in wine

Its January 25th 5:45pm and I just found an old wine glass and there was still wine in it. Then I found some salt. So I decided I was going to do an experiment. First, I got three pinches of salt then I grabbed the wine glass. Next I took one pinch of salt and put it in the wine glass. It made it look like an expolsion inside! Then I put the last two pinches of salt in the wine and it made and hissing noise like a snake! It looked like an explosion inside again What and experiment

The End

I guess I should be more concerned when my wine disappears but atleast she conducted a cience experiment...documented it...and no where did she say she drank it...phew!


  1. Glad she didn't drink. Sounds like a great experiment.

  2. Your posts always have me laughing! She sounds like such a bright, inquisitive girl! I LOVE wine, too...and I was thinking how lucky you where that she didn't put the wine glass back where you left it...could you imagine how nasty that probably tasted! LOL