Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nics Neurology update..He Definatley has Tick!

So we finally got our appointment with the Neurologist for Nic. If you are new to this please read my Nic has a Tick . Well the Doctor actually saw him Tick so that was a good thing (if you can call it that)and said that he was concerned about it. He told me that viruses inside the human body can cause this but given Nics healthy history he quickly dismissed that theory. I went completely unprepared for what to ask him about. I had let go of the Tourettes aspect and thought that maybe it wasn't true so I therefore did no research on the subject and figured of he had it the doctors would see it. This was a mistake I later found out. The doctor said that right now Nic has a "Simple Tick" meaning he isn't combining it with any other motor ticks. No legs jumping, finger snapping, shoulder shrugging type behavior. He then asked if Nic has any OCD type tendencies I said No! Not realizing OCD can present in many form with Tourettes. It doesn't have to be a cleaning obsession, or hand washing, or the other classic common OCD type behavior. He informed me that we are in the "watching" phase right now and I was to document all the things I would be worried about and see hin again in August. He said Nic wasn't exhibiting the classic Tourettes characteristic of the "Vocal Tick". He did sayt that it could take up to a year or more for that to surface considering Nic is only 5. But if it did I needed to come back before August. When I got home I put it on my facebook for my friends that were all worried about him to know it was a ok visit. Someone then asked me why and I reposted the video and I am sure glad I did! I got a phone call that evening from a friend/mom who had seen the video and she informed me that her son has Tourettes and if I had any question to please call her! I loved this!! I FINALLY had someone to talk to about this disorder and get some questions answered! But in talking to her I realized Nic had more Characteristics that I has just written off as NORMAL childhood behavior. This upset me but made all the things FINALLY come together. Here are some of the traits he has been exhibiting over the last few years.

Sleeping in his own room

Around the age of three Nic started not sleeping in his own bed. I would go months without properly putting his laundry away and leaving it on his bed because he never slept in there any way. Well one night I forced him (kicking and screaming) to sleep in there. He lost his mind!!! He kept telling me he had bee's in his room he would here them Buzzing. I told him he was being silly there was no bees in his room. I would turn on the lights, I would sit on his bed with him, I even went out and bought Lysol and put a "Bee Be Gone" label onto he stupid thing and sprayed it in his room telling him I killed the bee's. He insisted I did not and he could still hear them. I finally gave into the battle and let him sleep with me or his sisters and he was always fine. I also moved his older sister into his room that was not being used and let him share the room with his younger sister and he started actually sleeping MORE not all the time but MORE in his own bed.

After talking to my friend...She said her some did the same thing he just heard a ticking sound but an almost Identical story to Nics. She informed my with Tourette's kids exhibit anxiety that triggers a sensory disorder and that they can have heightened hearing.

Well four months ago his little sister moved out of his room and moved to her own room and the anxiety started all over again. This time it was he could here the sounds of the outside whether it was the dogs barking across the lake, leaves rustling, the wind lightly blowing etc....To help him I gave him my bedside fan and turned it on high so he couldn't hear ANYTHING outside of his bedroom. It worked for a day or so but I can honestly say that 9 times out of 10 he wakes up in the middle of the night to either sleeps with me or he climbs in bed with one of his sisters. Yesterday, he slept in his room all night, Last night, I awoke this morning to him in my bed.

My friend said this to was all part of the hearing sensory issue.


Since Nic was young I have always had to put him in the cart at the stores because he cant keep his hands to himself. When I walk down a isle at the grocery store he HAS to walk his fingers down the shelves. I have always been funny about my kids touching stuff in a store. If they cant keep their hands off the stuff in the store they have to put their hands in their pockets. Well Nic seems to NEVER be able to do that. A year ago my Mom took him to the store and called me after saying "I WILL NEVER TAKE HIM TO A STORE WITH ME AGAIN" "He couldn't keep his hands off the shelves" You need to control him. I said FINE don't take him anymore I don't care you have to put him in the cart! I guess because I know this about him as a part of his personality I didn't realize that was a OCD type behavior. I do now! B and I walked in to Crate and Barrel a couple of weekends ago and I stopped as soon as we entered and looked at B and said "PICK HIM UP" I just foresaw Nic knocking and ENTIRE shelf of 15 dollar wine glasses over with his finger walking. NO THANK YOU! B did and we were successful with NO breaking of any items in the store!

Last night I went to BJ's and I did take note to him walking his fingers down the isles and I picked him up and put him in the cart it was taking FOREVER to get down the aisle's I didn't have time to wait. When I got home I called my friends and she said yes it was a OCD type tick to where he cant help but touch the shelves. He has done it so long that I just stopped paying attention to it being a problem and just always put him in the cart.


Nic has always been a "Mamma's Boy". But around the age of 15 months he got EXTREMELY upset when anyone would touch me. If you walked up to me and put your finger tip on my arm and he saw you. He would fall straight to the ground and grunt until I picked him up. B would get so pissed that I would pick him up and told me he did it because I "spoiled" him. So one night Brian walked in a kissed me and Nic fell like a fainting goat to the floor. B said DO NOT PICK HIM UP!! So I didn't until he scooted across the room to the wall and started banging his head. Then I picked him up! As time went on he lessened his falling but is still obsessed with me. Only I can do things, Make his milk. wipe his butt, give him a bath, etc... I just got accustomed to it and did it. Well now it has transpired yet again. He is not ADAMANT that I Hug and Kiss him before leaving him. This goes for any period of time he wont see me, nap time, bed time, driving 2 seconds down the street to pick up his sisters and a friends house, its HORRIBLE if I don't. Last week I was driving 5 houses down to pick up Bri and Nic was playing in the back yard he heard the car start and came RUNNING to the fence I had the radio on I didn't hear him but all of a sudden B came busting out of the house with his finger in the air to signal for me to wait a minute. He opened the fence and grabbed Nic and brought him to the car. Nic was a MESS. B said he could hear him SCREAMING all the in the house. I looked at Nic and said: Buddy mommy is just going down the street! He said: You CANT LEAVE with out giving me a hug and a kiss. REALLY 2 seconds requires a hug and a kiss" I complied and he was fine! But I cant leave if he is in the bath or shower unless I do this or he has the worst meltdown I have ever seen but as soon as I hug and kiss he's FINE! I don't know what that is all about but my friend said it was another OCD thing where it HAS to be DONE or he cant function! But its only with ME! I am still unsure if this is a tourettes thing or not. But definitely going to be discussed with the doctor.


Well Nic has within the last month developed this idea he CANNOT step on cracks. I have not said anything to him I have just been watching and observing but last night I noticed EVERY single crack he had to step over them. Whether it was a crack in the asphalt or a crack in the concrete, and mainly the cracks in the floors of BJ's. This I know is a OCD type behavior. But I did finally ask him last night why he wasn't stepping on the cracks...he said: I just cant mommy! Hmmmmmmmmm

After talking with my friend and putting all the peices together it all makes since. But now all I am waiting for is his Vocal tick then they can diagnose. I am not sure how I feel about any of this right now. I know the vocal tick could take time even a year or so. I just wish he would do it and get it over wth so we can figure out the next step of things. But a huge part of me hopes like hell he NEVER gets it and this will all be just a glimpse into my past or a blog I wrote about quirky behavior. But after talking with my friend I have a feeling this is my new with Tourettes....

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  1. I am glad that you found a friend in whom you can confide about this! It is very hard to deal with on your own I am sure.

    I am not big on medicating children, but, if your doctor decides this is the way to go, research all the drugs you can. You want to make the best choice for your son with the least side effects.

    My husband's nephew was pout on liquid pretizone for his OCD at a very young age by his doctor. No one had done the research on the side effects of this drug and they are very serious. I talked with my MIL about it but I don't know what they decided. He is an adult now and seems to function quite well.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for sharing this I am sure others will definitely benefit from your post!