Monday, November 16, 2009

part of childhood or should I be concerned?....Nic has a tick

Ok, for real this time I need some advice....

I am slightly concerned about Nic. Nic is the calm mellow child who sits back and takes it all in but on the rare occasion he actually gets in trouble when I would try to talk to him he would constently blink his eyes. NO big deal he was anxious and doesnt like direct eye contact while in a situation where he is getting corrected. Well it seems to be getting worse.

We took Nic to the aquarium for his birthday (he just turned 5) and while we were watching the dolphin show I noticed he was blinking rapidly and hard along with a facial twing?? I asked him if he was ok or if his eyes were burning he said he was fine and his eyes didnt hurt. I just wrote it off for the moment but I then noticed he kept doing all day. I said something to B and he noticed it to and said he didnt know why he was doing it either.

I guess I didnt think much more about it and let it go til this past Saturday. Iwas at work when my mother in law called me at work and them immediately text me PLEASE CALL ME which was a red flag. I called her back when I finished up my appointment and the first thing she said after hey was "WHATS WRONG WITH NICS EYES??" I said what do you mean? She replied, He keeps blinking them and squishing up his face like he cant control it he has been doing it all day FIL noticed it to. I told her I wasnt sure what it was but I had noticed it the weekend prior and just thought maybe he had dry eyes or something. She then says....Whats WRONG with him? I dont know I am not a doctor MIL all I can do is call one on Monday. When my boss asked me what was wrong I told her about Nic and some of my co workers said ...."Is it a tick?" is he ticking like tourettes. This SCARED ME! Could my son have the starts of tourettes?

Well I got off work and B was in the kitchen and said we need to take Nic to the doctors I noticed what mom and dad were saying he is doing it ALOT! We all sat down to watch the hockey game and I noticed the whole time he was watching TV he was doing it. I asked him again....Buddy whats wrong with your eyes...he replied, I dont know it just keeps doing it I cant help it. This made me feel bad.I started researching childhood facial ticks and tourettes does in fact start in childhood through adolesent and usually starts withthe facial ticks. BUT it also said it usually is accompanied by ADD/ADHD, learning disabilites and behavioral issues..NIc had NONE of those. He sits for long periods of time, and he will sit and do lessons doing preschool time during the day. I dont know I am just having a moment of being scared for my son. All weekend we noticed it was really bad. He was doing it in all situations playing with his dad, watching TV, when I was reading him a book, and when he was eating dinner.

I guess what I need to know is this normal childhood behavior or should I be concerned. I did make him an appointment with a pediatric neurologist but he cant be seen until january 18th. This is going to be the longest 2 months ever!! Here is the video of him doing it....


  1. Is he having trouble seeing? If it is just something that is happening when he is watching TV or focusing on something, it might just be his eyes reacting and trying to focus so he can see better. Just a thought.

  2. Thanks Shelia...I am taking him to the eye doctor next MOnday then the Neurologist on Jan 18th. I thought it was his eyes but then he was doing it the table when we were eating and when he was wrestling his dad. I dont know I am just really worried.

  3. I don't blame you. But you are being a great mom and not putting off taking him to the doctors. With everything, early detection is best. We will be praying for him and the family and keep me posted with what you find out.