Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Little Man is 5 yrs OLD TODAY!!!

I remember this day is it was yesterday. I was scheduled for a induction and told to arrive at the hospital at 630am. As I was outside putting my bags in the car Brian yelled out the door..."The hospital just called they said you cant come in today for your induction!!" I yelled WHAT!!!! I had been in preterm labor and on bed rest for 10 weeks, I had just been to the hospital 3 days earlier and given pain meds in my IV and sent home with contractions every 3 minutes but no cervical change and I stayed that way till the delivery! All I could do was cry I called my best friend Carla bawling my eyes out telling her I physically could not continue with the pregnancy I was worn out!!!

Well at 7am the shift change nurses came in a discussed the high risk pregnancy that was stalling my induction, when nurse Valerie saw my name on the roster she said OH NO we HAVE to let Mrs C. come in and deliver her baby that poor girl has been through hell the last 2 and a half months. She was my nurse on more than one occasion! She gladly called me around 710am and told me to come have my baby!

I ran my pregnant butt to the car and told Brian LETS GO BEFORE THEY CHANGE THEIR MINDS AGAIN!!!

WE arrived at the hospital a little before 8am. The started my IV did all the neccessary paper work and hooked my up to the fetal monitor! She was quite surprised at my contraction pattern all on my own. She said wow good strong rhythem your in?? I replied, Yup been doing this for the last three weeks! She said OH GOD poor thing lets get this ball rolling! They started the induction meds at 9am!

My contractions were building and I was laboring pretty good all natural until around 12 when my Doctor came in. I was 5cm dialated and right before he walked in I felt a little gush I told him I wasnt sure what I felt but I felt something....either my water broke or I was leaking all the nice lub they used to check me with. Well he said I am going to break your water any way. Well he started to get a good postiion to insert the crochet hook looking thing when all of a SUDDEN WHOOOOOOOOOOOSH All I saw was a fountain of fliud like some one stuck their finger over a hose and the look on my doctors face was PRICELESS!!!! My water broke and the fountain I saw was so high I soaked him from the shoulder down!!! He was sitting with the hook still in the other hand and said....."That would be the Gush we always talk about! I started to laugh in embarasment and apologized! The worse part he was still in his office suit! The next time I saw him......He was in scrubs!

After my water broke the contractions got really bad!! I remember my labor with Shay ( The labor that tried to kill me) after my water broke at 5cm I dialated to 10 in 15 minutes and I remember that excruciating pain I had with her. She just came to fast to quick! I looked at my doctor and said this is when things went from bad to worse with Shay should I expect the same thing? He replied, this one is alot bigger and I think it may be painful just while pushing but not laboring its all the same. I looked at Brian and said "I think I want drugs this time" he replied "Thats your decision not mine" I looked at the doctor and said bring it on! He called the anestesiologist and in he came.

I had NEVER has an epidural before because I as deathly afraid of needles! So as they were prepareing I had a hundred in one questions....Is it gonna hurt? Is it gonna help?, etc.....

AS they prepared me for it they let Brian sit in front of me and hold me over I had my feet on his legs. He was rubbing my legs and reassuring me everything was going to be fine. My contractions were RIDICULOUSLY painful at this point and I was trying to maintain my composure all while being bent over like a pretzel around a beach ball! Brian kept repeating..
Its just a bee sting....
Its just a bee sting....

and then I snapped....

IF ITS JUST A BEE STING THEN YOU REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU ARE GETTING IT IN YOUR BALLS!!!!! (we had predetermined he was getting the vasectomy)

I thought my nurse would die!!!! She said in her 20 years as a L & D nurse she had NEVER heard such a thing...leave it to me!

The epidural was in and I was beginning to feel better when Nic's heart rate dropped they came in put the O2 on my face and rolled me to my left side. It helped only briefly, but whil on that side I los all my cervix on my left side, so they rolled me to my right....Epidural started to wear off and the pain was getting really bad, My breathing inside my mask sounded like darth vader! As I layed there in pain I uttered not one sound....It hurt to think about what to say!

Around 215pm I looked at Brian and said you need to get the nurse something is happening! He ran out and she came in and looked at me and she knew.....it was TIME!

She checked and I was complete and ready to go for the gold! She yelled out to call the dotor got everything ready and told me to do what my body was telling me! So as she set up and waited for the doctor I was giving little oushes with Brian by my side! When the doctor came in he said are you ready!! Ithink the look I gave him he knew the answer....

After pushing for a few minutes I asked the doctor..."What is that?" he said "What" I said What is that I feel down there and I just reached and he replied "You are touching the top of your sons head" I started to cry alittle he asked if I wanted a mirror I told him yes! I knew Nic was my last and I wanted to see what it looked like on the other end of things!

The mirror was the best thing I ever did! As I pushed I could see him coming out!!! I was the first person to see his big head and little face!!! The mirror was angled just perfectly! I watching him entered into this world in all his glory and crying before he got all they way out!

It was the MOST beautiful thing I had ever seen!! They cleaned him up and put him in my arms and I cried!!

Everyday since then Nic has blessed us with a beautiful personality, killer smile, and amazing dimples! One day if you read this son know one thing if nothing else....You are the most amazing little man I have ever come to know, your generosity and your personality are enough to make my heart sing! Your will always be mamma's man and I love you to the moon and back!

Here is the video I made in honor of his 5th birthday!

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  1. What a great story of his birth! Isn't it amazing how as we get older our memories of past events get fuzzy. We start forgetting little details, then we barely remember the big details...but I don't know a single mommy who has forgotten a single detail in the birth of their children. The video you made was precious! He is a handsome little man!