Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Brianna........

I feel like I never talk about Bri or share any funny stories about her on here, but honestly she is a good kid. She's relatively quiet, reads alot in her room alone, OCD, Type A, very old soul, all around great kid! I am not just saying that about her she really is. Well she is also about to hit that.......well.....we all know its coming...women hood stage UGH!!!!! I am so not ready for that!!! But in the last two days her hormones are on OVERDRIVE and she is very moody and quick to cry for no reason so we have all been feeding her chocolate and leaving her alone. Before anyone says anything I was 10 when I became a women and she will be 10 in a couple of months! Her pediatrician told me 8 months ago to have "the talk" because she was already high up on the Tanner Scale for puberty. Yeah ME! She has had 2 moments that made me crack up the last 2 days.


We were sitting at the dinner table and she was just kinda sitting with her elbow (I know bad table manners)on the table with her head in her hand eating. She was obviously pissed off about something but wasn't trying to share. I kept asking her about her day, we started to discuss some things with her that are a bit life changing and we were asking her opinion on it and she was fine with the decisions we were talking about. I cant go into great detail because there are people who read my blog that I don't want to know just yet what is being discussed because it isn't confirmed that this is what we are doing yet. But in our discussion Brianna was still sitting in the above referenced position and B and I were talking and she starts like talking out loud but I think she was talking to herself not realizing that she was ACTUALLY talking out loud and then she says........"I really don't care what you decided just as long as so and so doesn't BITCH at me like so and so does.". I thought I would die B and I both looked at each other and started giggling with our faces turned away from her. She looks up from her dinner plate and says WHAT B said (LMAO even as I type cause it was hilarious) Brianna I know your opinionated and getting older but can you please just watch you mouth. She looked at us like we were crazy and said WHAT, WHAT DID I SAY.... B told her and she started to cry and we laughed harder....I told her she wasn't in trouble but just keep those kinda of thoughts inside her head not out at the dinner table in front of her siblings! She then said....she hadn't realized that she said it out loud! Freakin hilarious. (At least I think) But gotta loves those hormones.....

Second story

Brianna came home the other day and said she had this really great sandwich at dance the other night that one of her friends shared with her. I said oh yeah what was it? She said it was a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow puff on it. Can you believe I have NEVER given my kids a fluffer nutter. B was standing there when we had the conversation and told her "That's a fluffer nutter" I had a friend in school that ate one EVERYDAY" Bri said, They are really good!! I looked in my cabinet and I had some marshmallow puff left over from rice krispie treats I made with my daycare kids at snack time, and said look we have the stuff if you want to take one in your lunch tomorrow. She said OH YEAH,

This morning I saw her making her sandwich and I asked her how she liked the sandwich yesterday at lunch.....

She replied, It was good but I had to much fluffer and not enough nutter!

I cracked up and helped her put the right amount of both so hopefully today's lunch will be much better!

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