Friday, December 11, 2009

TMI but I dont care its HYSTERICAL!

I meant to post this sooner but I have been shit tons of busy lately. Working the 2 jobs and entertaining daycare kids all day is EXHAUSTING but here goes....

Last week I had some shopping to do and I took Nic with me. He INSISTED on going to Chick-Fil-A although I LOVE their food it doesn't sit right in my tummy. We eat in the restaurant and then go hit up Target for some needed items. Of course the store is packed with all these damn Christmas shoppers and I was feeling anxious to begin with (not good for the belly either). then of course the fast food gurgle gut hits right in the middle of the store. You know the kind where you go Shit (no pun intended) I NEED to find a bathroom ASAP! yeah I hate those. Well I have this HUGE anxiety issue 1. #2 in public and 2. #2 in public with people in the bathroom. So I rush to the front of the store like a stupid Imodium commercial you know the song ....gotta go gotta go right now! yeah that was me! I am dragging Nic and we get to the bathroom SHIT its PACKED!! Now the gurgle gut gets worse with the stupid anxiety over the whole EVEN having to go to the bathroom dilemma. So I take Nic into the stall with me and I grab one of those paper toilet covers and think if I flush and go at the same time no one will be the wiser. SO I do this and score no one noticed. Here is the bathroom nice and quiet people just washing their hands and getting out and then it happens........Nic busts out laughing...and I quote...."MOMMY YOU ARE SO COOL YOU JUST FLUSHED THE POTTY AND POOPED AT THE SAME TIME" at the very moment I could have DIED of embarrassment and flushed my son all the SAME TIME.

God I love kids......They can embarrass you faster than anyone else.


  1. Kids rat you out all the time. Too funny.