Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mommy is Santa real?

So this years Christmas season had been extra challenging with the whole is Santa real dilemma! Brianna is in fourth grade and has been told since Kindergarten by class room brats that Santa isn't real. PARENTS can you please control you need to tell kids earlier and earlier that Santa isn't real!!! I mean at least teach your kids Santa respect ex. If you chose to tell your child the truth can you please tell them that they should keep it to their selves and NOT ruin it for other children! Yes I already know that I am probably scarring my children for life by telling them they always have to tell me the truth when all year I lie to them...Easter bunny, Tooth fairy etc... But its all for the magic and excitement of childhood. My brother has opted to NOT do Santa in his house with my nieces instead of Santa bringing the gifts its Mommy and Daddy. He claims he was devastated to find out our parents lied to him. I think frankly that's a CROCK OF SHIT but who am I to say how he felt.

Brianna came home the other day with a really good and very difficult question.

Mommy if Santa brings all kids who are good presents on Christmas Eve then why do we donate toys to Toys for Tots for kids who don't get anything from Santa?

Well damn....How do I answer this?

I then sat her down and how I managed to pull this out of my ass I will NEVER know how!!

I said....

Brianna remember last year when we were following Santa Blog and the elves were on strike and they demanded higher pay and better health care! (the writer of this blog is genius)Well Santa did give in and this is how all this came about... Well you need to understand something when Santa started this whole bringing toys to kids stuff toys use to be Wooden trains and Rag baby dolls and the elves could make these things in the toy shop. Well since then kids and toys have evolved and now its Xbox, DSI, Nintendo's, Mechanical toys, etc... Well those things cant be made in the toy shop Santa has to go out and buy those things so along time ago Santa started talking with the parents and based off the children's Christmas list of wants Santa started charging a certain amount of the cost to the parents. Every year when you have you Christmas list ready mommy and daddy talk to Santa and come up with a payment plan of sorts and we have to give him a certain amount of money to cover the cost. Well some parents don't have the money to even give Santa so he started the Toys for Tots as a way to get families to donate toys to the organization and then he picks them up and takes them to all the kids who don't get anything. WHEW that was alot and some serious quick thinking on my part!

She said she understood and was no longer confused but then she said well so and so told me his parents told him Santa wasn't real! WTF people hurdle after hurdle maybe I should just tell them but that would ruin my Christmas I LOVE SANTA and the MAGIC of Christmas. I replied

He was probably REALLY naughty and when his parents met with Santa he probably told them they didn't have enough money to pay Santa to bring a naughty kid presents! I don't know what to say......

I just hope that I can at least get this year out of her but she will know that if I find out she ruins it for her younger siblings she will get NOTHING for Christmas LOL!!


  1. Great quick thinking, Momma! I love how you keep mentioning the "Magic" of Santa. That is what my mom always said. When we would start questioning the realness of Santa all the unrealistic things about Santa she would tell us it was magic. Then she would ask us if we believe in magic. ANd of couse what kid doesn't! So then she would say, then you have to believe in Santa. She felt this way she was never lying. Thank goodness Jase is just 3 and I pray it is a real long time before I start getting quetions like those!

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