Monday, November 2, 2009

Touchdowns and Reses Penis...What a weekend!

What a weekend! I am sure there are plenty of you thinking the same thing. We spend a fortune on costumes, candy, decorations, all for one night of 2 hours of trick or treating. It is not one of my favorite holiday I prefer food over candy...(Apparently I am geting old) But this also so happens to be the anniversary of my fathers death. Last year on halloween morning I was with my father when he passed away. There was something very symbolic about me leaning over him in a panic over what was happening with my god father by my side helping through my dads last transition from his world to the next. All the while all I could think was he was there the moment I took my very first breath and I was with him when he took his very last. I thought being there would bring me peice but there is nothing about being with a loved one while they die that I will EVER do again. Enough with the sad stuff let me move on to the happier stuff.....Yes I am deflecting thanks for noticing!

It all started Saturday morning with my little mans LAST football game of the season. He ran a play and actually made it more that -3 yards...he is a very little guy! But he ran about 10 with his coasch running beside him yelling GO NIC GOOOO!!! It was great! Well then the last play of the gam came and they gave Nic the ball again and this time he ran it in for his FIRST EVER TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! I was so happy yet so sad that Brian was working and missed his sons first ever touchdown. I had to laugh because Nic came off the feild and said "Mommy that boy pulled my pants down trying to get my flag!" I looked and his spongebob undies were showing! All I could do was laugh! But then here comes the best part......

Walking to the car I was telling him how so very proud I was of him and he replied to me..."I did it to make you happy mommy" I almost cried right there in the parking lot. I squatted down and I hugged him and looked him in the eyes and said.."Baby I dont need you to score me a touchdown to make me happy you all by yourself being you is ALL I need to make me happy!" I need that right when he did it. His coach was standing there when it all took place and he laughed and said "Nic that was awfully nice for you to say to your mom" Nic replied, I know......He is the best!

Well apparently my running running running and lack of sleep has finally caught up with me! When we got home from the game at 915am on Saturday I told the girls I needed to lay down for a minute I was hurting My eyes were throbbing, I felt awful, just SHEAR EXHAUSTION. Brianna told me she had Nic and I could go lay down...I fell right to sleep and didnt wake up till 1230...MAN I was TIRED...Worse part I could have stayed in bed and slept the remainder of the day. I got up took a shower, cleaned the kitchen, and then Brian got home from work and I sat down on the couch and to my surprise fell asleep for another hour. I told Brian I thought something was wrong with me! I shouldnt be that tired then a friend told me about how the human body can only take so much before it will shut down well I had my final countdown and my body shut down! Then it was time to get ready for halloween! Off I was yet again!

The kids were so excited about trick or treating this year! Shay was a zombie hip hopper, Nic was Superman, and Brianna was a Can Can showgirl dancer (big surprise). Well then here comes the funniest thing I have ever heard. If you have ever read any of my other bolgs I had mentioned that Shay has a sppech disabilty it is alot better but the lateral lisp that she has may never go away...Well ontop of that she has NO front teeth. She know that I have 2 favorite candies...Kit Kats and Reses Peanut Butter Cups...Well we get to a house to trick or treat and the kids get there candy and Shay comes RUNNING down the drive way yelling Mommy Mommy I got you favorite candy I GOT YOU YOUR RESES PENIS!!!! I almost fell over laughing! I think she was trying to callthem reses peices instead of penut butter cups and it came out as Reses Penis. I was embarrassed for a minute but them laughed hysterically and corrected her speech. My kids helped me through a very painful day but makeing me laugh! They really are a gift from God.

Here are their cosutmes...

Brianna..Can can show girl dancer


Shailyn...Zombie Hip Hopper




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