Monday, January 11, 2010

Ghost or No Ghost....

Okay I am not the type of person who thinks that ghost will haunt or sought after you...I always said I was never really sure but I really needed to see to believe. Well I am really tired of putting my foot into my mouth my toes dont taste very good.

Does anyone else have "the mom ears" you know the ears that we get the moment we give birth that allows us to hear every foot step on the carpet coming down the hall to your room? Well if not I some how ended up with super sonic hearing...Well this morning I heard "my son" (I quote this because that what I thought) come into my room this morning literally right before my alarm goes off. I looked at the clock it says 625am...I look at "Nic" (again with the quote) and he is just standing beside my bed but close to the foot of the bed but it was still dark it was really his sillouette that I see I cant see his face...

Me- Nic whats wrong buddy do you want to sleep with mommy?

Nic-No answer (please know I am using the term Nic very loosly)

Me-Dude really if you want to get in bed with me then come on..My alarm is about to go off and I will hit the snooze and cuddle for a minute if you hurry up!

Nic-No answer

Me- thinking to myself wait a minute B put Nic in Briannas bed last night he NEVER gets out of bed with his sisters to sleep with me. Also the whole damn time Zoe our dog is bopping around her cage. Trying to make since of it all I then ( this freaks me the FUCK OUT)

I sat up in the bed and situated myself to pick Nic up I said come here Buddy I will pick you up..

As I lean over the fucker VANISHED!!! Swear to God FUCKING VANISHED!!!!

So I am thinking to myself did I really just try to coax a ghost into my fucking bed....WHAT THE FUCK!

Right then my alarm goes off granted I am sitting up so I just reached back and turned it off and realized I was fully awake so this was not a dream or weird half awake half asleep kinda deal...

So my question is do I have a spirit of a small child that needs me somehow??

Brian and I lost a baby the first time I was pregnant..late first trimester one week shy of second trimester....could it be that child? But he/she would be 10 years old? This child like figure is the same size as Nic.

But then I thought to myelf...This is not the first time I have had this happen to me when it came to a childlike size figure near or around me.

I told Brian a few months ago about how I saw one of the kids behind me in my side vision (I am not even going to attempt to spell it) But when I turned they were gone??

I was so freaked out I turned my TV on a watched the news for a bit scared to take a shower for the pure fact that I felt like a pedophile taking a shower with a spirit of a child around me!!

I heard Bri's alarm go off so I then felt like "it" was gone so I took my shower all while thinking to myself did this morning really fucking happen?? This shit is to weird for me?

I think I need medication LOL

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  1. Wicked creepy. I believe in spirits. I think most child spirits are friendly but I would still be creeped out.