Friday, January 22, 2010

"Mommy when I die" ......Oye!

Quick insight!

Saturday was a day of many first for the Supermom Family!

Nic Started Ice Hockey..Never being on the ice resulted in major meltdown and the line..I WANNA PLAY FOOTBALL!!, of course that is not the truth. This really should be a blog all on its own but I dont have time! So quickly, Nic practically slept in his hockey gear so excited he couldnt stand it...A quick slip and assplant on the ice ended his excitement abruptly.


We took the kids to Kettler Ice Rink for the Caps Kids Club event where we got to watch the Washington Capitols practice, I stood in line for 1hour and 45minutes for my kids so they could get Mike Green and Jason Chimera's autograph, then on to Ice skating. Nic had ANOTHER meltdown refused to let Brian put the skates on. I told him I was disappointed I had never been ice skating and neither had his sisters but we were all trying something new! I told him NO ICE CREAM (bribing), 40 minutes later watching me and his sisters have blast he said he wanted ice cream, put on his skates and I continued to bribe, "If you let go of the wall I will put chocolate syrup on your ice cream!", Once he got the hang of that "If you let go of my hand and skate to daddy all by yourself you can have sprinkles on your ice cream!" After a few minutes he was skating alone and super excited for his next hockey class!!!!




Shay loves loves loves Nickolas Backstrom and she bought his jersey while at Kettler and she was stoked!

On the way home Shay says "Mommy when I die will you bury me in my Backstrom Jersey??!! WHAT!!! I was horrified by this statement and I wrongfully said..
Shay I hope that one your jersey doesnt fit you by the time you die and 2 I hope mommy is buried long before you! Its just not natural for a mom to bury their child.

She replies,

Granny Goose had to bury Grandpop (True my dad died at the young age of 46 a year and a half ago)

I said yes but Grandpop was a fluke, its just not the natural order of things although it could happen I just hope it never happpens to me!

Nic pipes up in the background and says..

"Mommy if you die I will miss you!"

I said Buddy I am not planning on dying anytime soon!

He replies

If someone shoots you you will die

Nice buddy but I hope I am nowhere near anyone trying to shoot me! (Stupid news I really have to turn it off when the kids are around)

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