Thursday, October 14, 2010

....The stars are stacked against you girl...get back in bed!

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. I am not sure what was going on. I thought it was a full moon or something. It went like this. I woke up at 6:30am which is later than I like to get up but I was tired and didnt sleep so well that night. I immediately showered, got dressed, grabbed my coffee that B makes for me every morning now (I love his new job) and I went right down to the daycare to start my day! I am fortunate enough to have 3 great kids who are VERY self sufficiant! They get up at 6:30am as well and start getting ready for school and take care of each other YES that is wonderful :). The daycare kids start to arrive J & T, Then G, and Then C. Well I look at the clock it is 8:15am and we need to leave for the bus stop! I gathered all the kids upstairs in a line at the door and guess what..I FORGOT to pack Nics lunch!!! I run into the kitchen throw together his lunch (thankful for my crazy ass organization that drives my family crazy, but my snacks for lunches are already pre packaged in containers in the cabinets or basket or fridge)! PHEW...lunch done in under a minute! Run to the basket I keep my keys....NO KEYS! Mind you I have to be at the bus stop by 8:27 to make sure we dont miss the bus! I run frantically through my house! I just had then the night before! I call B....he hasnt seen them! I am now flipping out!!! I call my MIL and she offers me her car (One of the moments having you IL's right next door I am glad for) I get the kids outside...Mind you there is 7 of them! We run next door and my MIL kept the 3 non schoolers and I took my three plus C to the bus stop and we JUST made it! Not even there for a whole minute! I go and pick up the 3 I have all day and we head back to my house!

Shortly, after arriving back at the daycare and settling in my new 2 year old twins arrived D & M and then followiing them was T another 2 year old. I am now entertaining and teaching (4yr old, 3-2yr olds, 2-1 yr olds!) Normal Day so not bad. I am thinking the hecticness of the morning was over and now it was time to enjoy the rest of my day. TOTALLY WRONG!!! I am having a battle royale of 2 year olds right now all stacking after the dominate claim to my toys. What one has the other wants and I have a 1 yr old who cannot communicate so he screetches and screams to get what he wants...This is where my job of learning to redirect comes in handy! So for about an hour I redirected all of the kids atleast 3 times!!! I was done redirecting and knowing that I was gonna be rained inside today I took them all outside and my vocabulary became.....Using the names of the children first......GET DOWN, FEET ON THE GROUND PLEASE, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF, DO WE CLIMB OVER THE TOYS?, PLEASE DONT TAKE, SHARE THE CAR, HOW DO WE GO DOWN THE SLIDE, PLEASE USE THE LADDER WE DONT CLIMB UP A SLIDE, OKAY NOW YOU GO TO TIME OUT, PLEASE JOIN SO AND SO IN TIME OUT! I dont think I actually stopped talking the WHOLE time we were outside. GrantedIi work with children under 4 all day every day but this was NOT like them.

Then the drama unfolds yet again. I called another provider for some back up advice and taking a quick moment to get a grasp on the situation and some clarity and cheerleadding (we need that sometimes in this line of work) and when I placed the call it was 11:30.....Well after giving her the OMG I am having a bad day speal...I looked at the clock...11:53!!!! I have to be at the bus stop to get C at 11:50....I am now in a FULL FLEDGED Panic attack worried I missed the bus...I call my MIL cause I still cant find my keys and honestly didnt have time to look. She runs out and starts her car meanwhile I am trying to get 6 kids to mive faster than they do and run to my MIL's to get her car and go get C. Well they choose to look at the trees, pick up acorns, notice a squirrel all while I am losing my ond that C was gonna be takin back to the school cause I didnt get out there in time. I finally get all 6 onto the porch and I jump in the car and RACE to the bus stop! LITERALLY going WAY faster than I should have on my road! I get to the bus stop and THANKFULLY the bus passes my street TWICE! So I did actually miss it but caught her on the flip side. I crossed the street to get C and told the driver i was SO SORRY she said it was fine she turns around anyway and it was all good. I get C and head back to get the other 6 waiting for him to arrive.

Now, I start preparing lunch and 3 of the 7 are tired at this point and are crying and whinning and fighting and hitting all over again while I am ttrying to prepare lunch....At this point I have very little patience hanging on for dear life! I turn on a movie and said for all of them to sit and not move! It was miracle...THEY DID! Well I get lunch made and start to set the table. I am currently tranitioning a 15motnh old to the big kid side and set him a place at the table not the high chair (Its a preschool table very low) After everyone potties and washed hands they one by one gather at the table. I go to lift said 15mth old to the table and put him in his chair he puts his foot into his food plate and before I get him up...he spills it ALL OVER HIS CHAIR!!! I think I this point I maybe have raised and octive or 2 and said Son of a GUN! I think I wanted to cry because that was just the day I had been having...I get him out of the way clean up him and the mess and then I make him a new plate and sit him back down watching his feet. They eat quiet;y and I prepare for naptime!

NAPTIME!!!! I cleaned up from lunch and thankfully they were all exhausted and fell right to sleep. i started working on my Relay for Life stuff and was happy to report I had booked our Bowlathon and confirmed more stuff for our bakesale this weekend and i felt like all was right with the world.

NAPTIME IS OVER! Now this is usually another hectic time..putting awaythe cots getting everyone snacks and doing afternonn circle time! It went well the kids were singing "5 little pumpkins and one eyed one horn flying purple people eater" and I was enjoying the moment! Well then its free play till pick up and i was trying to get everyone packed up making sure cups, blankets, everything is good to go....then we go outside...Well before we can go outside I have a 2yr old and a 15mth old battle for the play kitchen and D shoves G down and as he falls he smacks his head on the table my turtle tank sits on! I freak out and say a quick "please dont let there be blood prayer" and grab G up and make sure he is ok....I fussed at D and ut him in time out for shoving and hurting and then I proceeded to the bathroom to check out G and make sure he is okay....I hear D talking I look out the door and he is out of time out and running around again. I caught his attention and tell him to get back in time out his 2 minutes were not up yet....He then at that moment LOSES HIS MIND! CRYING CRYING CRYING....G is still crying from the head bump and now I have 2 crying children and guess what it is....YUP PICK UP TIME! I have 3 parents walk in to get the kids and I have 2 crying kids and 3 VERY excited to see thier parents kids so there is now crying, squealing, mommy mommy mommy look look look....Ddaddy daddy daddy are we leaving...OMG CRAZINESS!!!! All while D is crying of course the parents are looking he sees them and amplifies his cry....My rule with Timeout is its a place to think and collec yourself you cant get up till you calm down. You cant explain the behavior if the child is upset. So I finally look at him and say D...if you just stop crying you can get out....HE STOPS stands up and walks to me. I told him to keep his hands to his self and he hugged G and kissed his boo....about that time MY KIDS come home from school and Shay walks in BAWLING her eyes out! She had been picked on on the bus!!! OMFG...I need a drink! I finally get Shay calmed down and I get the remainder f the kids outside and it was pretty okay after that.

One of my best friends whom is also a daycare provider (who I called earlier) is moving tomorrow to Arizona. I had plans to drink sime wine and spend time with her before she leaves...I arrived proceeded to give her the run down of the day and telling her how bad I need this night! about that time her daughter comes in and says "Mommy that big girl is crying in the sandbox" I look ITS BRI....Shay accidentally hit her with a shovel in the face and got sand in her eye....I decided she would live and DRANK.....Whats 4 bottles of wine among 3 friends :) Hoping today is a better day!

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