Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My big strong husband is a wimp!

Every Sunday night B and I make sure the kids are in bed by 8 so they are good and asleep so at 9 o'clock we can safely watch Dexter. That is are time and we enjoy it LOL. Well this past Sunday things got very interesting and I found out my husband will be no good if I ever encounter a serial killer LOL.

When the show went off B decided to stay up to check his fantasty football and the scores of the games on Sunday. I told him I was going to bed that 6am comes really early. I proceeded to walk up the steps and half way up I noticed my front door was unlocked, so instead of yelling to B to lock it when he came to bed and risking waking the kids I just decided to lock it myself. i walked down my steps a rounded the corner to lock my door and then ............HOLY F8&K ME......AHHHHHHHHHHH I screamed like a little girl who just had a spider fall in her hair. B was still in the livingroom had no idea what was going on also screamed like a girl and yelled WHAT!!! Hellllloooo arent you suppose to be my knight in shining armour? Arent you suppose to come running to my rescue? Instead you stay where you are and "ask" what happened!!!!

Apparently, my son was never asleep and was being a little ninja in the shadows of the stairway. When I came around the corner he was standing there flush against the wall. He scared me so bad that when I screamed he started crying I scared him just as bad!

All in all I cant rely on my husband and my heart is healthier than I thought and maybe no more serial killer shows before bed!!!

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