Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well here I am!

Hello All,
I have never tried this blog thing before besides my facebook or myspace. I have decided to enter this fabulous world of blogging! I am a young mother of 3 unbelievable children Brianna is 8 (9 next week) Shailyn is 6 and Nicholas is 4. I can promise there is never a dull moment in my house! While I do love them they can drive me nuts! My friends say I spread myself way to thin but I cant help it! They are all only this age once and I cant stand the thought of missing anything!!!!! I think I am raising my children to be very well rounded children. just yesterday I felt horrible I could barely get out of bed Brianna sprung into action like the worldest best daughter she took care of everything!!!! She made her brother and sister breakfast lunch and 2 snacks. She even made me lunch and brought it to me in bed! They are sheltered from alot of what goes on in this world but i can say I dont lie to them I just tell them the truth in a age appropriate way. My husband and I try to see eye to eye when it comes to parenting but i am sure we will all see in this blogging journey just how different we are! Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully this will get better for me any suggestions I am ready!

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  1. Welcome! I loved starting our blog for Jase. My parents are, as they say "Way to old for Myspace" but get mad when everyone else in the family sees what's going on with us. Now, all my dad has to do is type in the address to Jase's blog and he can keep up with his favorite little buddy! My friend also told me about a website were they turn your blog into bound books; photos and all!