Monday, February 16, 2009

Nicholas Cracks me up!

This morning I see Nicholas is still in bed....'

I run and jump into his bed and snuggle him REALLY tight and kiss him all over and then tickle him to death while shouting "Why are you not out of bed". He is giggling all over his self.

He recently started sharing a room with Shay because he wouldnt sleep in his own room and was always climbing in bed with her and they both agreed they wanted to share a room. This made Brianna very happy because she got her own room (Nic's old room). This worked out great Nic wants Tractors and Shay wants Horses and well.....They go together.

I asked Nic if he liked sleeping in his new bed he replied "Yup" "Shay sleeps behind me in her bed and I sleep in my bed". But mommy I dont like Shays horse picture???? I am puzzled by that it is a great picture of beautiful palaminos grazing in a field so I ask him why not?

He replied...The horses are evil........

I died laughing. I told them they were not evil and he laughed and said They wont eat my carrots for me so they are EVIL!

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  1. I agree I think horses that won't eat my carrots for me are evil too. Carrots are nasty.