Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I know I know I suck at this but TODAY I AM A PROUD MAMMA!!!!

Well as most of you know I am a mom to two beautiful dancers!!!

This pas t weekend we had a dance competition and Brianna performed her SOLO for the first time! Well She danced on Saturday at which time we realized they put her in the WRONG CATAGORY!! They had her in the "Future Stars" (which means they have little to no competiton experience and is meant to be a steping stone for the kids) age range 9-11. Well Brianna is technically nine but JUST turned nine and was suppose to be in the 8 and under catagory. Well we fixed that and asked the judges to place her in the right catasgory and they did. Brianna did her solo her song is concrete angel by martina mcbride. She NAILED it!!! I cried like a two year old who just had a lollipop snatched from them. I was very proud of her to have enough courage to get on that stage and dance as if noone was watching. She looked like she owned that stage. After she was done the judges informed her choreographer that we would not recieve her scores until SUNDAY!!! ugh Saturday night was a LONG night.

Sunday morning we had to report back at 1230 for the awards because the other 8 and unders all performed Sunday morning. Well they announced her name and she won.......


For her first time out on a stage alone I was in shock and on a emotional high!!!! My babygirl has made my day!

These are the moments as a mother that I live for. She was so happy and just seeing her facelight up and carry her trophy and her metals was pure bliss.

Shailyn also danced this weekend and did fantastic as well she is so dang cute coming up behind her sister. She wants to be just like her ( I just wish she could clean up after herself like Brianna does LOL).

Shailyn has the cute factor going for her. She could stand there and win trophys just for being cute LOL.


All and all it was a very good weekend!

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