Friday, April 10, 2009

Girls Day Out!!!

I had the BEST DAY today. I took my 2 baby girls to the mall and we spent the whole day together. I took them to the salon and got their hair cut. Brianna's looks amazing they thinned it out and OH MY she looks like a completely different kid! Shays was just cut to below her shoulders and straight across. After I cut all her hair off two years ago she wont let anyone touch her hair. She was not happy about it today.

We arrived at the mall and headed for Claires. The girls had (what I thought was $20 gift cards, apparently they were $30 dollar cards) Gift Cards from Christmas 2 years ago. Can you tell this was a BIG DEAL we NEVER go to the mall. Well once the girls realized that they only had $20 dollars to spend (like I said I was wrong) we were in there FOREVER! Every time they picked something out I told them the price it was and how much they had left. Well Shailyn got frustrated half way through the store and says..."Why is everything so expensive" I laughed, Shay everything has always been expensive but you have always spent mommy and daddy's money but now you are having to spend yours its not much fun is it. But I was proud of them they did use their money wisely. Then we headed out for lunch.

We hopped into Children's Place after lunch and hopped into some really great sales. I got a WHOLE BAG of clothes for $117.00 It was awesome....Then off the Journeys Kids where we found shoes for $4.99. We picked a great day to shop there were some good sales a clearance stuff too!

After we left the mall we hit Old Navy for matching flip flops and then target for some shorts for Bri (I still wasn't paying $24.50 for shorts) On the drive home the girls were talking about all the GREAT clothes they got and how nice it was to spend the day with mom.

These are the days that I LOVE BEING A MOTHER!!!

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