Thursday, April 9, 2009

To protect you must also sacrafice!!!!


Well last Friday I found out that Shailyn has been being bullied on the school bus and let me tell you something "Dont piss off a momma"!!!! Apparently the girl Shailyn was sitting with was forcing Shay to sit by the window and not allowing her to talk and when Shailyn did she shoved her against the window. Well that was all I needed to hear....

When we got out to the bus stop I waitied patiently for the bus to come and when it did I flew out of the van. I climbed right up on that bus and told the bus driver what was going and demanded that Shays seat be changed. He told me his bus was full and that he would have to figure something out. I said "Oh HELL NO! I am not getting off this bus until you change my daughters seat.....and he did! I informed him that I was also calling the school to handle this situation.

When I got off of the bus my new neighbor was looking at me like I was NUTS!! LOL Well if you mess with my babies you will definately see the nasty side of me. She said "Are you okay?" I laughed and said yes and just gave her a brief synopsis of what I had learned about what was happening to Shay. She said WOW you are always so neat and nice and put together and then this morning I saw a whole new light around you and I was scared LOL!!! I just laughed it off and said as long as she was not hurting one of my children she would never have to worry about encountering that Shannon ever again!!!

I called the Vice Principle and thankfully I volunteer alot and he knows me. He sprung into action and handled the situation. He called Shailyn down to the office got her side of the story and then talked to the other BRAT and told her bullying was not tolerated and if he heard of it happening again he would take further action. He also made sure that the bus driver permantely moved Shays seat.


Sometimes I dont understand parenting.

Shailyn has now been moved to the back of the bus with her sister. Which I thought would work out better. I was wrong....

While at competition this past weekend one of Shays dance mate informed me that Shailyn told her a story of another little boy and girl at her school were caught taking their clothes off and kissing!!!!!!

I was mortified that my daughter told this story. When we got home my husband and I sat her down and asked her what was going on. Brianna also confirmed that Shay overheard other kids in the back of the bus talking about this situation. Brian and I told her she was never to repeat the things she hers to other kids and that she needs to tell a grown up what she hears.

I dont know what to do I can drive them to school everyday but picking them up is a problem both Brian and i are working at 330pm. So to save my 6 yr old from a bully I feel like I am sacraficing her innocence! I am at a loss and I just figure I will come up with a way to stop her from riding the bus and protect her a little longer!!

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  1. Get'em Mama!!! LOL I am 100% terrified for Jase to ride the bus now. It sound to me that they need to have an adult bus monitor on every bus since the drivers can't drive and pay attention to what's going on their buses. Since you are involved in the school, maybe you can talk to the PTA about getting parent volunteers to ride along on the buses or something. And hopefully those kids were just the one time I'll show you mine if you show me yours thing and they saw what they needed to see and it won't happen again. Hopefully anyways!