Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 1 of the Daily Schedules.

Well today was the first day of the Daily Schedules for the kids to help make mornings smoother. I am happy to report there was no yelling or screaming, no fighting or crying and the after bus sweep of the house turned out to be successful!

Brianna's room (Not really surprised she does this without being reminded) 

Shailyn's room (Not perfect but done) 

Nic's Room. (Yes he is on a air mattress his room is under construction will post pictures when its done cause its gonna be SUPER cool!) 

Now for the lunches Thanks to Pinterest I have found better compact healthy lunch ideas in my BPA free containers. This has made my morning so much easier. Although I dont usually pack the kids lunches for them I wanted to try out this idea. This lunch is for Shay so no veggies....I forgot carrots at the store! Bad mommy! :) The only thing missing was her bottle of water with her no sugar sweetener and her Gogurt. Those items were placed in her lunch bag.

Nothing fell out upside down either! Love this! No more Giant lunch bags overtaking my fridge!

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