Monday, February 7, 2011

Were not in Kansas anymore...Lexi's story

Some time last year I recieved a phone call from one of the teachers from my daughters school. She was inquiring about daycare and for a minute I thought to myself "I didnt think she had any children?". As she was telling me her needs I asked her when she was going to need this care for the child. She relpied "I have no idea yet we are waiting on the military to decide when she will be coming here. Coming here??? I was confused and then she clarified. Lexi is my high school best friends daughter. They live in Kansas and currently her dad is deployed to Kuwait and her mother has been given orders to report to Texas for training I will be here in Maryland caring for Lexi. We are not sure when she will need care because the military hasnt decided yet when her mom is to report for training they are giving her time to find adequate care of Lexi. I told her that I would take her if I had any openings but I couldnt hold a spot for her if she didnt even have a idea when she was coming or for how long. I guess a part of me thought if its meant to be it will be.

Well all the cards fell into the proper places I had a mom on maternity leave and spots open on the days she needed.I was hesitant at first about taking on this little girl. Although I feel like I have a good amount of patience I was worried about how she would adjust to a strange state and new person she is living with and then a new daycare with another stranger! I consulted with some other daycare providers about what I should look for or worry about or any problems I may have due to fear or anxiety and how I may be able to help her transition. I knew that I would probably have a battle on my hands but I felt prepared! January 10th Alexis "Lexi" walked through my door! She was freshly 2 years old (she turned 2 in September) She was potty trained, could speak full sentences, and was just adorable!!

Lexi walked right into my daycare like it was her daycare all along! She had 2 days (about 2 weeks into coming here) where she was a little clingy to her "Aunt" Jessie but other then that she was fine! I was worried about regression on her potty training, although there was no regression there were a few accidents! Mostly nap time accidents. Lexi loves to color and draw, she loves to dance, the tootie ta is her favorite, she loves to count, her favorite song was itsy bitsy spider oh and ring around the rosies to. She is funny and articulate, VERY mature in her speaking yet still had that 2 yr old...MINE personality LOL. She made me laugh almost everyday. She is sweet and sassy all at the same time and I love that she let me play with her hair almost everyday!

All good things must come to an end I guess because today is her last day. I am sad to see her go. I recieved a bottle of wine from Jessie this morning as a gift for taking care of Lexi and then this afternnon I recieved a Edible Arrangement from Lexi's mom! I have never met her or spoken to her. After reading her card I had to stand there for a moment and think to myself...This mother is giving her life to our country along with her husband who is currently deployed and she has been away from her daughter for a entire month! Being a mom myself I couldnt imagine being away from my child for that long. I also think I was slighlty shocked that she thought of me enough to send me a gift Thanking me for the great care I gave her daughter.

There is a huge part of me that wishes I was getting on the plane with Lexi tomorrow to see that moment when this amazing, adorable little girl walks down the terminal at the airport and sees her Mommy!! The mommy she tells me she misses, the mommy who misses her, the mommy who I am sure is suffering from that horrible I need my child feeling. Can you just imagine the sight that will be....tears of joy I am sure will be streaming in the Kansas airport tomorrow! I am very thankful I got to take care of Lexi while she was here. This was a experience I will never forget!

This is Lexi....

The card...

My gift....although just being a part of this scenario was my gift.....


  1. Shannon, thank you for sharing. Sitting here reading your story crying would love to be in Kansas airport to watch also. Please tell this awesome couple thank you very much for their service from a Military Mom. As I read, I selfishly think of Peyton possibly being in the same situation. Thank you for taking such good care of Lexi.

    Jackie Slayback