Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breastfeeding baby doll...Controversial....REALLY??? I say GENIOUS!

So this morning was like any other morning minus my son puking, I always scroll through facebook Im and admitted addict. Well as I scrolled through I came across a status that read..."What is your opinion on the breast milk baby doll that is going to be released soon?" I looked at the comments and immediatly I was discouraged...there was comments like, Disqusting, disturbing, NO WAY, shouldnt happen....REALLY FOLKS. A society that doesnt believe in discipline or actual family time anymore is scared of a doll they dont have to purchase! Before I get any further in this I will admit I HAVE BREASTFEEDING ENVY!!! I wanted to breastfeed my babies SO BAD but for me it was not possible. Good thing I wasn't alive when it was the only choice becuase my babies would have died. I am VERY pro breastfeeding. I think if you can do rock. So why is this doll such a controversy? Why is a society thet says "fuck" as every other word in front of there kids (Guilty but learning to watch my mouth) or smoke and drink (also guilty although almost one year smoke free) so scared of a baby doll....I will post the video at the end so you can comment your thoughts.

I have a TON of breastfeeding parents as friends they have more than one kid and my best friend is one of them. She has 5 kids and breastfed all of them till a year or more. When she had her third child she had a daughter who was about 2-3yrs old. EVERYTIME she breastfed the baby her daughter would grab a doll and shove it up her shirt and say "Look Mommy I can feed my baby to!" So why not have a handy doll to provide her with the same maternal instincts as you? We as Mothers teach our children how to mother, how to nuture, and care for a baby. They sell strollers and diaper bags, and changing tables, and baby dolls that poop and pee why not babies that breastfeed? Children emulate adults and if we provide them with adult style toys anyway BARBIE prime example or the horrid BRAT dolls that have linguire on why not a adult behavior such as breastfeeding! Go to youtube and watch the 100's of videos parents posted of thier children pretending to breastfeed and burp baby dolls. You have a choice to buy it or not....they arent shipping them out to every child in america and for goodness sakes I am pretty sure they will only be available online and if not then what is so wrong here people?? Society need to be more concerned with how these non nurtured children are turning out! not fussing about a baby doll they dont have to give to their child!

I hate to say this is a controversy but it is. Parents are freaking out about this doll and how they dont think its neccesary that they have a doll that "breastfeeds" Well I bet breastfeeding moms dont find it neccesary to have bottle fed baby dolls. I got in a tuffy once before when someone posted on facebook about eating dinner at a resaurant with her 6 year old son and his friend when a women beside them started breastfeeding and then she had to explain that the baby was eating to. Someone commented "They do make bathrooms" and my blood boiled. I commented back and said how about you go eat in a bathroom! REALLY??? I dont even want to use a public bathroom more or less feed my baby in one!! I was appalled! Of course I fired back and the person who posted the status came back and said whoa...she was for breastfeeding just felt it more appropriate for a blanket to be used in a public restaurant. So for all you breastfeeding moms who are reading this...cover your breastfeeding baby up with a blanket so you dont freak out the people who have never seen a baby eat from a breast before it makes them squirmy!! (I am being sarcastic)

So to end this here is the youtube video of the Breastfeeding baby let me know how you feel about it!


  1. That is too funny!!! I want one!!!

  2. I wonder how realistic looking the "nipples" are because that would be a little weird. I also wonder do the need the nipple apron at all, because kids already have nipples. Do keep them from exposing themselves, I guess? I don't know.

    I think the doll is fine, but Oscar used to pretend to breastfeed his bunny all the time - kids that see that behavior will automatically parrot that behavior. So, whatever. Who cares? Don't like it? Don't buy it.

  3. It has flowers on the apron to simulate a breast. something in the flower activates the mouth to move.

  4. LOL Jenni, my son BF'd his bunny too. But only once. usually I had to feed the bunny. I wonder why boys pick bunnies?

    Supermom, have I told you lately that I love you? So many moms who weren't able to BF for whatever reason can't be adult enough to know BF is better/best and support the people who can. Everything you write here is RIGHT ON! I like to think that if I hadn't had 2nd (nursed to 15 months) and 3rd (still nursing @ 18 mo) babies, so that my only Bf experience was with #1 (lost milk at 4 mo), I would still be as smart as you, able to put my own problems aside, and support those who manage to BF long term.

    I've always looked up to you. Your blog makes that grow all the time. :-)