Thursday, April 14, 2011

WINNING! Never had a doubt I wouldn't be!

Just to start this off I wanted to say this not yelling thing is totally Rocking the Supermom house! Our attitudes are better and everyone is getting along and the over all atmosphere.....FABULOUS! I cant say enough how this is such a POSITIVE thing for us. Funny the kids are testing my patience level but I think by the shear strength in God....I'm doing this and doing this succesfully!

Test #1

Sunday night was night 2 of the no yelling. B and I talked to the kids and explained the new rules. At the time they asked what the punishment would be I said I am not sure yet guess we will figure it out. We discussed how much better it would be if we didn't yell and they agreed that mommy and daddy yelling at them or at each other is not how they want to live. To be honest neither do I. Well that night Brianna I guess just forgot or was testing the theory. I was cleaning the floors and both girls were outside cleaning the guinea pig cage out together. Well I just happened by the window when I saw the look of aggravation on Briannas face and I could see her mouth and her body language and then I heard it.......her raised voice. In normal circumstances I would have walked outside and yelled at Brianna. Instead I walked out side and I just looked at her and I calmly said....What did you just do wrong? Brianna immediately looked down at the ground and said....I just disrespected my sister. I said yup (and this is where my praying came into play because this doesnt even sound like me) "For every act of disrepect you need to repay with a act of kindness".......Go clean your sisters room. She was not to happy about this. My middle tornando daughter has horder tendancies....and Brianna...OCD...The room looked WORSE when Brianna got in there....But 3 hours later when she surfaced with a bag of trash and dust pan of stuff she swept up....She said...I dont think I will ever yell at her again....her room is to much of a mess!




Last night was a crazy night B was at the Hockey game and I had the kids and we were rushing as always..Shay had soccer 6-7 and we have church play rehearsal from 7-well last night was late! 10:30ish when I got home. Anyway, after I dropped Shay off at practice I ran to Burger King for the Bag O Obesity but I didnt have time to cook with the daycare closing not till 5. When we got back to the soccer feild it was 6:45 and there was only 15 minutes left and I needed to get something from the coaches wife. I asked Brianna and Nic to stay in the car and eat because we had to book it to church play starts at 7 soccer ends at see where I am going with this.
Well I got what I needed and turned around and there was Brianna running down the feild with her soccer ball....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She DELIBERATLY DISOBEYED ME! I was none to happy! Again the Grace of God and his need to help us when we need him and everytime I pray I ask for help with this challenge. I sat back and watched her enjoy her last few minutes of Freedom. When practice was over and was I rushing to get everyone strapped in I looked at Brianna and said WOW! She looked at me like...OH CRAP! I said in my normal talking voice....

SM: What did I ask you to do?
Bri: Stay in the car.
SM: What did you do?
Bri: I got out of the car.
SM: is that what I asked you to do?
Bri: No, but I didnt want to sit in the car!
SM: But I asked you to stay in the car so we wouldnt be to late and now I have to wait for you, Shay and Nic to strap in....and your in Act 1 the FIRST better hope we dont get there and you miss your scene. PLUS you DELIBERATLY disobeyed me and that my friend gets you punished.

After sitting in church and thinking about it...I told her her punishment is her chores and then some! That is she wanted to spend the night with her best friend then she needed to pay me back for the disrepect. Well this morning she brought me this so I guess she know she did wrong and prepared for what she is to do to fix it.

Dont you LOVE the sad face! Oh and dont judge me on my feather pen! So what should i put on this list and should I stop at 5???? :)



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